What "human" foods can i give my puppy?

What "human" foods can i give my puppy? Topic: What "human" foods can i give my puppy?
January 18, 2020 / By Gid
Question: Okay I have this Carin Terrier. She is about 8-9 months old. She loves table food, but im worried about what table food i can and can not give her. What table food can I NOT give her.
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Dominick Dominick | 9 days ago
-Alcoholic beverages -Baby food -Bones from fish, poultry, or other meat sources -Cat food -Chocolate, coffee, tea, and other caffeine -Citrus oil extracts -Fat trimmings -Grapes and raisins -Human vitamin supplements containing iron -Large amounts of liver -Macadamia nuts -Milk and other dairy products -Mushrooms -Onions and garlic (raw, cooked, or powder) -Persimmons -Pits from peaches and plums -Potato, rhubarb, and tomato leaves; potato and tomato stems -Raw eggs -Raw fish -Salt -Sugary foods -Yeast dough
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Bradley Bradley
"Human foods" that my dog gets on occasion are baby carrots, apple slices, oranges, peanut butter, romaine lettuce, yogurt (1 tablespoon), cottage cheese (1 tablespoon), and dried seaweed (like used in sushi). (Note: fruits and veggies should always be fresh, not cooked.) This website lists things that you should avoid giving her because they are toxic to dogs: http://www.acreaturecomfort.com/toxic.ht...
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Adeno Adeno
chocolate, raisins, grapes... but its best for her not to eat any... just because it causes begging, which is not a good behavior for her to learn. also if you feed her table scraps she is eating more.. so you might want to cut down on her regular food so she doesn't get over weight..
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Stella Stella
The other answers have given good advice on what NOT to feed. Whatever you do feed, make sure you put in in her dog bowl and feed her after you have eaten. Never feed from the table itself, as this will produce begging behaviour. BTW, for teething puppies, a carrot nicely cooled in the fridge usually goes down well.
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Queen Queen
Do NOT give your dog chocolate, onions, grapes, or raisins - they're toxic to dogs. High-fat foods should only be given in very small quantities, if at all - too much fat can cause pancreatitis. The ASPCA poison control site says you should also avoid macadamia nuts, avocados, alcohol, garlic and chives, and uncooked yeast dough. Cow's milk should be avoided (lactose intolerance), but a little bit of plain yogurt occasionally is OK (the lactose in yogurt has been converted to a digestible form). Veggies such as green beans, carrots, squash, and pumpkin are fine in moderate quantities, as long as they're unsalted. Broccoli is OK if you only give a little, but too much can cause gas & bloating. My dog gets unsalted green beans with her supper to keep her waistline trim, and she loves them. We also give her bits of other safe veggies occasionally, and sometimes a spoonful of plain yogurt.
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Meadow Meadow
Human is food is no good for dogs. The only thing that should ever be fed is plain chicken & rice for dogs with stomach aches. Dog's become hooked on human food & won't eat their own food if its continued. Human food is fattening & full of sugar. There is TONS that are toxic, such as onions, grapes or raisens, chocolate, garlic, nuts, potato peelings, ruhbarb, spoiled foods, alcohol, tea & coffee, tomato leaves, brocolli, mushrooms, salt & yeast dough. Please discontinue or you will have a very fat dog.
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Lavena Lavena
No choc, raisins, grapes or onions, they can kill or seriously make the dog sick. Otherwise nothing spicy, greasy, or highly seasoned. Give tablefood in small amounts to prevent upset digestive systems. Cooked veggies or chopped up fine are good, most fruits preferably overripe and cooked meat w/o fat are all OK. Rice or plain pasta too. Do not give too much as it will throw off the nutrition in her dog food.
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Jocelin Jocelin
If you are feeding a breed such as a Great Dane then absolutely NO puppy food of any kind including large breed..the protein and calcium levels are way to high and can cause serious growth issues.
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Dog shampoo is preferable (the oatmeal kinds seem to work best for sensitive dogs) but some human shampoos work well. If you don't mind risking some itching and skin irritation, go ahead. It may be fine, but sensitive dogs may experience drying of the skin or excessive itching. Organic ingredients doesn't mean hypoallergenic or gentle.

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