Help with eating healthy food!?

Help with eating healthy food!? Topic: Help with eating healthy food!?
November 21, 2019 / By Franklin
Question: Ok so i want to start eating healthy food in my diet but im not sure what i should have for my three meals and a snack. So can someone please tell what the best thing to eat and that type of stuff. That would help a lot Thanks! =)
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Dean Dean | 7 days ago
Chinese food: Lightly stir-fried or steamed vegetable dishes. Steamed rice. Lightly Stir-fried or broiled chicken or fish dishes, Tofu items(not fried) Avoid: Egg rolls, fried rice,fried noodles, Breaded and deep-fried meats, High sodium soups, Dishes with Lobster sauce. Italian: Pasta or chicken dishes with tomato, clam or garlic sauce, Minestrone soup, Plain Italian bread, Salad with olive oil and vinegar, Ices, fresh fruit for dessert. Avoid : Dishes with cheese or cream sauces, Heavily buttered garlic bread, Cheesecake , Ice cream or Pastries. Mexican : Lean Chicken or Beef fajitas with salsa, Soft of baked tortillas, Gazpacho, Plain chicken toasted or plain chicken enchiladas. Avoid: Fried tortillas or tortilla chips, Cheese,sour cream, and guacamole, re fried beans and fried rice. Fast food: Salad Bars( avoid high fat toppings,such as cheese, ham, eggs, bacon bits, croutons, salad dressings, high fat potato or macaroni salads) Skim milk , Juice or diet soda,Plain hamburger without mayonnaise based sauces( catsup and Mustard OK) , Plain Roast Beef sandwich without high fat sauces, Baked chicken sandwich without high fat sauces, Avoid: High fat milk shakes, Double cheese-burgers french fries , apple pies fried fish or chicken sandwiches. Frome the "Eating Right Food Pyramid: Fats, Oils, Sweets, Use sparingly, MIlk ,Yogurt and cheese group: 2 to 3 servings a day. Meat, Poultry, Fish Dry Beans, Egg's and Nuts Group: 2 to 3 servings. Vegetable Group :3 to 5 servings. Fruit Group: 2 to 4 servings, Bread ,Cerial, Rice and pasta Group :6 to 11 servings. Eat three meals a day . If you have to snack make sure its a low-calorie snack, Eat slowly : It takes 20 minutes before you will feal full, so you can eat small portions, Lay down your utensil or take a drink of water between bites. Listen To Your Stomach ! Forget about cleaning your plate no matter what your parents told you! When eating out split a meal and add a side dish. Leftoverd can be saved for another meal.Never go grocery shopping when hungry! Make a shopping list and stick to it. Avoid Buying high calorie , rich foods that may be tempting to snack on at home ( cookies, Ice-cream) there for when you have an urge to snack they will not be in the house to grab.be your own watch dog. Although family and friends can give you moral support dont expect them to supervise your eating.All of the different food groups offer different vitamins and minerals, therefore, to be healthy you should eat a large variety of foods.I was able to loose and keep off more than 100 pounds over the last 8 years following these guide lines.
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Dean Originally Answered: Is it ok to treat yourself with bad food when eating healthy?
absolutely! even when i'm dieting , even though i usually eat healthy foods, i treat myself to ice cream, mcdonalds, anything i really want! i just make sure that i count those calories and make sure i dont go over my daily caloric limit( which is usually 1200 when i'm dieting). so dont worry about eating junk food every once in a while because if you dont overeat junk food, you wont gain weight.

Barrie Barrie
You can still gain eating healthy foods you have to count calories no matter what it is. Get a calorie chart and write down all you eat and drink. Then you will be familiar with what you can eat and how much. Low cal low fat foods, veggies, fruit, lean white meat and fish not fried, whole grains and lots of water to keep you full. Exercise doing a form of activity you enjoy so that you will do it often at least 3-5 days a week preferably cardio it burns fat and raises metabolism. Build intensity week by week to lose faster.
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Yvette Yvette
The reason he isn't liking it is because cheap brands like beneful have lots of fat and yumminess to dogs but healthy foods have lots of veggies and ingredients that are wonderful for them. If we had the choice of pizza or celery we would go for pizza. I have been going through this with my dogs for a long time. One of my dogs will eat anything while the other only likes the crappy brands. I never buy the low quality food but she sneaks and gets it at my mother Inlaws house. Anyways we have tried it all and she ate taste of the wild but wasn't thrilled with it so we went back on the hunt to find one she loved. This past few weeks we have tried several and I didn't even mix it in to try and ween her because if she doesn't like it she won't even taste it. After about 5 bags in the last few weeks we tried a brand called Acana and when I brought it home she seemed to enjoy it. We also got a sample of ziwi peak and she went crazy for that. I would feed her the ziwi peak but its $140 for 11lbs which is more then I am willing to spend. If I were you I would try Acana and make sure she/he has no access to the beneful at home and completely eliminate that. Keep hunting until you find the one they love!!! Good luck!
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Sheila Sheila
For breakast u can eat a normal cereal u like n0t a sugary fatening one ! For lunch just eat a small plate of f00d dat ur family is having with salad or a healthy side. For a snack a fruit. dey tasteee reall G0OD ! Especialy pineapple strawberies n oranges n yea just dont eat greasy foods like pizza n fried chicken. If u eat n0rmal foods n u dnt dat like crazyy lik a obese person ull be fine
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Paulene Paulene
Try to stick to your 3 main meals and 3 smaller healthy snacks throughout the day. so 5-6 meals total. Eating less but more often helps your metabolism. Try to get some protein in every single meal.
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Marianne Marianne
its proven your best have 6 light meals rather than 3 big ones if you wish to lose weight, try having smaller portions and eating healthy snacks such as fruit, if theres something you dont wanna live without, try diet versions such as low fat crisps.
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Marianne Originally Answered: is this a healthy day of eating? im 14 and my moms a health nut and buys only organic food?
Bagel bites: overrefined grain which turns into sugar + some overprocessed toppings. Replace with a whole grain item with fresh veggies diced up. What is pineapple sausage? Eggs sound good but I am not sure why you'd throw away the yolk and replace it with another protein? Why not just eat the egg? Granola bars usually have a lot of sugar in them. Check the box. If it says "high fructose corn syrup" or "sugar", get rid of them. Overall it's a good start, but I see ZERO vegetables. The only fruit I see is maybe the pineapple sausage but I am not even sure what that is -- it may just such small amounts of pineapple it doesn't count as a fruit. It seems awfully high in protein (meats), also. But it's a good start in a world where most people eat garbage like Mc Donalds food. :-)

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