how to restock kitchen for overweight brother?

how to restock kitchen for overweight brother? Topic: how to restock kitchen for overweight brother?
September 18, 2019 / By Ebenezer
Question: my brother is 12 years old, 5'8 or so, & 195 lbs. he eats a lot of unhealthy foods like hot chocolate powder w/whipped cream & chocolate syrup mixed with milk & handfulls of cheese or whatever looks "good" to him at the time. im going shopping with my mom sometime this week & would like to restart our kitchen. what are some healthy picks to keep in the fridge that could lure in a 12 year old? we know to toss the desserts & cheese & whatnot but we need new snack alternatives as well. thank you very much! :)
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Cairo Cairo | 6 days ago
Salad dressing. I know that sounds bad but it might give him the courage to mix a bunch of stuff together to make something that tastes really good. also SALAD STUFF: spinach, lettuce, (chopped) tomatoes, dried almonds, craisons (dried cranberries) celemtines (squeeze juice on salad yummy), pine nuts, onions, pineapple (don't buy from can) also red or green peppers (I don't like peppers personally) Which brings me to the next essential: FRUIT. When you think to it, fruit is really, really good. Who doesn't want a bowl of raspberries? Well basically, make it a treat. Bring home a mango, a small container of black berries, a whole pineapple to cut it up. Small oranges (celemtines), pomegranates are amazing and very good for you. Since banana's get too rich to eat the whole thing, I take a banana in a bowl, cover it in woop cream and sprinkle Nestlé’s Quick (sp?) chocolate power (chocolate milk mix you know but it's still also full of good vitamins and calcium). Or making a berry banana bowl- blueberries, black berries, strawberries, raspberries, any kind of berries and banana slices (whip cream can be mixed in too). That also means that making a simple smoothie is easy, healthy and a real treat. Get a simply recipe online how to make a Orange Julius or just mix a cup (non-sweetened) yogurt, ice, and all of your favorite fruits along with POWDERED sugar if needed. Yoplay (sp?) Yogurt itself is always good. Oatmeal is yucky without flavoring. That's why I get the kid's stuff. Strawberry and Cream flavor? What's not to like! p.s. also healthier and quick to make. Cereal can be a big part of a kid's life. That's why it's important to pay attention to what's on the labels. Honey Nut Cheerios is good and healthy but not that exciting. (adding fruit helps but who has time?) So check into Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Oat and try to stay away from Sugar, Sugar, Sugar cereal. No marshmallows, sorry. NO POPTARTS! They may be easy and (sometimes good tasting) but they're horrible for you. 200+ cal for each single pop tart. Gross. Don't buy Mac and Cheese. It's very high in fat and butter. Homemade is much better anyways. Try velveta cheese. No Bacon. No excuses. Same for breakfast sausage. Pass on the 2% milk. Only skim or even take the leap to try RICE MILK or SOY MILK. A billions times healthier (chemicals& nutrients). Eat Wheat Bread. We're not in 4th grade anymore. White bread is basically cake. Honestly, you'll get used to wheat. Use Jelly (which also check to make sure is low in sugar). Special jam like black cherry is a treat when on warm toast. Rice is easy to make and very good for you. Many things can be added for more flavor. Cut down on meat. That's my dad's problem and it makes a HUGE difference. Eat more pasta. Teach him how to boil noodles. Buy Rague sauce and THERE YA GO! easy meal that's really good. Warm spaghetti. Sandwich meat is essential. Good deli turkey or ham. Easy yum. Glasses of Chocolate milk fill you up real quick. Drinking it with a meal with add extra fillage. VERY IMPORTANT. WATER WATER WATER. Stop the pop. Pop is addictive but once you stop drinking pop for a while, it's not that tempting anymore. If he doesn't like the refreshing taste of cool, (filtered) water, buy small flavoring packets (NOT KOOLAID) that mix in a strong raspberry flavoring. Added vitamins. Citrus Green Tea is great for cleaning our your system. Well that's all I can think of now. Hope this helps some! :)
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Alex Alex
okay this is the simplest,easiest question to answer i would say do what we do is take most of the junk food out accept a little portion so then he can still enjoy healthy and yummy foods..while still have some bads foods which keeps your blood and body running! also you need to keep a bit of dairies as well you need that in your body as well and all if you want him to stay healthy maybe working out is good as well not a stupig diet that cost 1 thousand dollars just exercise make him play cricket or something with his friends in the back yard energetic things but also healthy things this should help!
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Tamia Tamia
yo crunch yogurt is really good. its yogurt with m&m's, oreo pieces, etc. that you mix in. you can also get granola yo crunch which is healthy and not too bad. yo crunch is next to all the other yogurt at the grocery store
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