My kitten is Constipated, help.?

My kitten is Constipated, help.? Topic: My kitten is Constipated, help.?
May 22, 2019 / By Dyson
Question: I got a new kitten and my dad said that we had to get the cheapest kind and so we got "Whiskas'' and it has been making him constipated. What should I do?
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Butch Butch | 5 days ago
Whiskas is TERRIBLE cat food. Changing the food might help with the constipation and will certainly be better for your cat. I recommend Felidae brand cat food. My kitty won't eat wet food (which is typically more nutritious) so we feed her Felidae dry food. It is a little more expensive, but if you cannot afford to feed your cat healthy food, perhaps you shouldn't have a cat. Does your dad also feed you T.V. dinners every night?
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Butch Originally Answered: How do you help a kitten who is constipated?
Your kitten definitely needs kitten replacement milk. One thing that a mother cat does to keep a kittens poops moving along is to lick their bottom. Don't panic! I'm not suggesting you do that!! LOL! Take a warm (not hot) wash rag and gently run it across his bottom like a mother would lick. Also, it sounds like your kitten should see a vet, anyway. They would be able to check his condition and give you some pointers. Good luck!!

Aldred Aldred
hi. het him off the wiskas and try and give him some normal milk about once a day c if that helps bear in mind that i only owned a kitten for a few months and we never had any problems with her so i would consult a professional or search google or yahoo for answers befor tr.ying anything u think might be of some harm hope this helps :)
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Tajuana Tajuana
Take it to the vet.. and normally if you give a kitten milk it will make it go poop. But i wouldn't do that because it could kill it and if you did give it milk and it pooped alot it would not be a pretty sight or smell around your house lol.. So i would just take it to the vet to make sure
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Regan Regan
Go to the pharmacy and get a laxative liquid.. Put like two drops of it in the water to drink... And that will make that little Pussy all better! She'll be OK!!
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Regan Originally Answered: How to help a constipated kitten?
No wonder the poor thing is constipated, kittens should not be taken away from their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. It's your fault and don't try to stimulate him, you're only hurting him. Leave him alone until you go to the vets, you are only irritating him and making him worse. Ask the vet when you can have him neutered too.

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