Diet Pills.Please Help?

Diet Pills.Please Help? Topic: Diet Pills.Please Help?
December 15, 2019 / By Dell
Question: Has anyone tried any diet pills that suppress your appetite, and make you lose weight? I KNOW diet pills can be dangerous, but I don't care, I simply need to know if anyone has tried any that work. Thanks in advance! I am starting a diet on Sunday (tomorrow), and I am gonna start exercising then to, but I want to take these so I dont eat as much, and I have alot of weight to loose, so I need all the help I can get.
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Bassett Bassett | 9 days ago
My wife and I use Zylene to lose weight and we are pleased. We have both lost weight. It is all natural and works very well. Go to http://www.zylenebody.com for information. Zylene is all natural is the best that we have ever used!
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Bassett Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Not really. There are some that have ingredients that can act like appetite suppressants, but in my experience, I start to tolerate them after a while and they lose any effect. Frankly, I think all the pills on the market are a waste of money. You will always find somebody who had success with a diet or diet product, but anecdotes don't equal facts. The key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more. Your body needs to use more calories than you are taking in. Track your food and your exercise to see how you are doing.

Zibiah Zibiah
there are many credible solutions, but what you should look for in a diet solution to get the most of your money is - is the diet solution medically backed? - does it come with a nutrition guide to learn more about credible diet pills check out http://weightlossamp.com/products/diet-pills-reviewed.html there are some diet pills that do work, and have no side effects, i would read the review on the website i gave you before you start taking anything. best of luck kristin
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Sheree Sheree
diet pills are very dangrous and the companys are usaly scaming u by saying if u take these pills u will be as skinny as the girls on magazines. U should try working out and not eating so much junk food because diet pills can efect your health. I was in the same boat just 3 onths ago and i my docter told me i should start work out and i just lost 20 pounds so try it but try not to starve your self.
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Peggie Peggie
I raw feed both of my dogs. I'm fairly new to raw feeding, but have been researching it for a while. When you're talking about by-products in pet food, those are not feet, organs, etc. They are talking about hair (which Patient Paws mentioned), feathers (pressure-cooked with steam until forming a gel), and even blood-soaked sawdust from a meatpacking floor. Some commercial pet foods also contain the same ingredient found in clay kitty litter! There is nothing wrong with a dog eating feet or organs, or even chicken backs and neckbones! My dogs happen to LOVE pigs feet. Organs are extremely rich in nutrients and are actually very good for your pets.
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Marinda Marinda
I have not tried any. My advice would be to look into each one and read the small print. Just because one says natural does not mean it is healthy for you. No diet pill is perfect, or healthy, But some are healthier than others. I am not going to tell you not to take them, because I am also interested in using them.
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Kristen Kristen
LOL, if there was a pill that actually worked, dont you think every person in the world would be taking them? but they dont cause if there was a pill for weight loss, everyone would be skinny. All those do is make you lose maybe 5 lbs of water weight, you dont lose fat which is what makes you look fat.
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Jazmine Jazmine
Diet pills are dangerous and speed up your heart and cause all sorts of nasty side effects. A great way to suppress your appetite is to drink lots of water.
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Faith Faith
I personally have not tried but my friend did and it has worked in his case. He lost weight. I had regular check ups with homeopethic but he wasn't reported to have been affected by side affects either. He's doing fine these days and is happy with a desired outlook. You may find some on the source listed below. have a look a testimonials on the left. I am talking about the 1st testominal. That's written by my friend :) see if it works in your case too. I hope it does...
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Faith Originally Answered: Anyone tried Slim Quick diet pills and how big are the pills?
Taking pills was a huge turn off but looking at slimquick they actually had some alternatives. - they have packets that mix into water- try these you can get mixed berry or lemonade flavor. You are also hydrating and don't need to swallow horse pills! I have lost about 20lbs in just over 2 months and feel awesome. you can look them up online-they also have some pretty neat tools. good luck,cheers

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