What if my calorie deficit is too high?

What if my calorie deficit is too high? Topic: What if my calorie deficit is too high?
November 13, 2019 / By Darren
Question: For e.g. if my body burns 1200 calories a day, i hop on my exercise bike twice a day, 30mins in the morning and 30mins in the afternoon, it says i have burnt 500 calories which = 1000 calories burnt from exercises and sayi burn another 200 from everyday activity. that is 1200 all up, if i was to eat only 1200 calories my calorie deficit will be -1200, is that too much, if so what could that do would it be bad for me or will i just burn off a hell of alot of fat. Thank you sorry for the big question.
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Babe Babe | 10 days ago
CALORIE DEFICIT You're in control. You can create a calorie deficit by burning more, and/or eating less than your recommended calorie requirement. All of this depend on your lifestyle. IF YOU STOP EATING COMPLETELY If you stop eating completely, then there is a two to 3 day transition period, after which your body DOES GO into starvation mode. Then, even though your calorie intake is 1000 kcal per day, or even 700 kcal per day,.in starvation mode, your body starts healing itself, retains your weight, and doesn't let go of any fat. You can get out of starvation mode by eating something, anything. The latter can be intentional or unintentional. IF YOU'RE OVERWEIGHT If you're overweight, and if you keep yourself on a calorie deficit, then you will have energy, because your body burns fat and breaks down muscle fiber in order to have energy. You CAN eat 1,200 calories per day. For example you CAN exercise twice a day, and burn 2 x 500 = 1,000 calories per day from exercise alone. Yes, you CAN burn another 200 calories from everyday activities. This is 1,200 calories so far. If you eat only 1,200 calories per day, your calorie deficit will be more than -1,200. It will be more like (-1200 - 2240 =) - 3,440 calories per day, because your body needs approx. 14 calories x 160 lbs = 2,240 calories for sedentary lifestyle alone (assuming your body weight is 160 lbs). A calorie deficit of -1,200 calories per day would be not too much. However, if you try to lose too much weight too fast, there is a danger that you lose weight quickly, and gain that weight back just as quickly. Yes, you CAN burn off a hell of a lot of fat, but it's better if you do it a bit slower, more sustainable pace.
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Babe Originally Answered: i'm eating a calorie deficit, eating healthily every few hours, working out, why am i not losing weight?
5 Am to 6 Am-1hour walk at a pace of 4km/hour 9 Am-breakfast(100-150 gm lentils) Take a good natural appetite suppressant 2 Pm-lunch(100-150 gm lentils) 6 Pm to 7 Pm-1hour walk at a pace of 4km/hour 7:30 Pm-dinner(100-150 gm lentils) Take a good natural appetite suppressant 9:30 Pm-Take a laxative and go to sleep you have to do this strictly for 2 weeks after which u will start seeing results.NEED A LOT OF WILLPOWER..... PROOF-lost 1.5 kg in first 2 weeks.....from 3rd week on losing weight at the rate of 700gm a day 2 thing may increase your metabolism(referred from internet)-GREEN TEA,NICOTINE(Cigarettes)

Winifred Winifred
If your body has the fat to burn, there shouldn't be anything wrong with having a 1200 Calorie deficit. But the thing to remember is you body needs other nutrients (vitamins & minerals) besides just the Calories. If you're not eating properly (and possibly even taking supplements), your body won't have everything it needs to function properly.
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Sharron Sharron
how much do you weigh? and how tall are you? if you are overweight your body will burn ~ 1 pound every 3 days. if you are at a 'normal' weight or 'underweight' your body might go into starvation mode. even though your calorie intake is 1200. you can go into starvation mode at any calorie intake basically. and when your body is in starvation mode it retains weight and doesnt let go of any fat.
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Paisley Paisley
chew gum. now and returned in simple terms chewing some thing with negligible energy in that is all it takes. once you're waiting to safeguard it, chew fairly gum for one hour besides to drop 11 energy. you're able to need to pick the sugar-loose form.
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Paisley Originally Answered: What are healthy high calorie foods to eat?
make sure your eating protein 6 times a day every two hours that may also be a reason your staying at the same weight. Be careful as to how much you consume how to know how much to consume ? divide your weight by 6 that's how much your body needs every two hours if you dont get enough your body will take it from the richest source your muscles

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