How to reduce your cholesterol, while on a low carb diet?

How to reduce your cholesterol, while on a low carb diet? Topic: How to reduce your cholesterol, while on a low carb diet?
December 15, 2019 / By Cush
Question: I am currently in a low carb diet but my cholesterol results where high, do I need to change anything in my diet? Or is there any suggestion on what I can eat to reduce my cholesterol.
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Best Answers: How to reduce your cholesterol, while on a low carb diet?

Astrophel Astrophel | 7 days ago
Your cholesterol level is an important parameter to know health of your heart. there are two types of cholesterol - Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) which is also known as “bad cholesterol “ and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), also known as “good cholesterol”. Here are natural ways to reduce your cholesterol: http://www.knowabouthealth.com/4-most-effective-ways-to-beat-cholesterol-naturally/
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Astrophel Originally Answered: How can I reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?
I too have PCOS, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. I followed the atkins plan and in 12 months lost 125 pounds, came off all meds and my cycle has been normal ever since. My triglycerides and cholesterol and LDL were normal for the first time in my adult life! While I tend to be aware of the fat sources in my diet, it really isn't necessary to go low fat if you low carb....I've kept the weight off for three years now. But if you still want to lower your fats, choose lean protein sources and use oil/fat free cooking methods. make egg white omelettes and use less cheese. Good luck with your low carbing...it works!

Veronica Veronica
It could be familial. If you have it in your family, you may need medication. Just being on a low carb diet will not do it. The best example is pork rinds. No carbs, but it's fried pig skin. It's not going to help your cholesterol. Your best bet is the advice from above, pay attention to the cholesterol in foods you eat, and EXERCISE!!! It's great for lowering your cholesterol. Veggies, garlic and plenty of other things can be found that will help. Depending on your age and again family history, you may need medication.
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Serena Serena
Missy, Please do not eat any more eggs, and eat as little chicken as you can and never fried, and eat no more than 4 ounces a day of kosher mutton, beef, or once a week salmon to satisfy the current B12 and niacin 'recommendations' with food and not with toxic synthetic supplements. Choose a regimen of low-carb low fat and <>high-nutrition<> and your belly fat will burn up shortly and your cholesterol will soon drop to normal levels as your liver heals and processes meat cholesterol better. You will be in my prayers for you to do better soon. My best to you, A1
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Olyvia Olyvia
not sure. I really would try and eat more grains and maybe try drinking some metamucil. I have noticed people with sluggish bowels tend to have problems with high cholesterol. also make sure you are drinking enough water to get rid of toxins in your body. Can you please help me with question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091005141801AAg91mP
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Olyvia Originally Answered: Cholesterol - Lowering Diet?
You don't have to completely give up meat, although I would suggest it for the best results. Take baby steps, and cut things out of your diet that you don't need. If you need to lower your cholesterol, a vegan diet is one of the few ways that guarantees a positive outcome. Sitting healthily at 134 myself. I like to eat junk food, so I leave one day a week where I allow myself to eat whatever I want, and eat as healthy as I can the rest of the week. Seems to work out well for me.

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