Is it normal to have headaches on low carb diet?

Is it normal to have headaches on low carb diet? Topic: Is it normal to have headaches on low carb diet?
December 15, 2019 / By Balthazar
Question: I've just started a low carb diet. Its only the 2nd day and I've had headaches all day. I've been drinking loads of water so I know I'm not dehydrated. Is it the change to my diet? Also mini- question- is halloumi cheese ok to have on a low carb diet? Thanks :) Women are suppose to drink 2.2 litres of water per day. I drink this amount throughout the day plus extra while I'm exercising - this is what I meant by I know my headaches aren't caused by dehydration. Halloumi cheese is cheese made from sheeps milk and that's the cheese I mean. I don't eat a lot of cheese even though I love it! I try not to over eat it. This would be considered my cheat every now and then, if its ok to have on low carb diet. I wouldn't eat it on a daily basis. I exercise 6 days a week a mixture of weight training and cardio and I make sure I eat enough calories. You can get all the carbs you need from vegetables. You don't need whole grains. And I eat carbs most of the year - goods carbs - brown rice, sweet potato, oats, quinoa, nuts, seeds.... But I am cutting carbs for a few weeks/months. Thanks for everyones answers :)
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Xara Xara | 10 days ago
It takes time to get used to your new lifestyle. Make sure you get enough fat and get some rest. You'll be fine again in a few days. Yes, you can have some cheese. Low carb isn't fad. It just takes you time to get over the carb flu... Low fat cheese is no good for you and you cannot do low carb and low fat. You will then fail and blame low carb. You need to be low carb high fat. The real fad diets are those who tell you to consume lots of grains, low fat products and "good" carbs. Anyone who tells you that you need 60% carbs is clueless. You need most of your calories to come from fat. That is how we evolved to eat. Carbs you do not need to heavily consume. In fact if you ate none at all, your body would convert them from protein... carb junkies will always find ways to justify their habits and they are the ones who will always have to count calories to lose and maintain.
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Xara Originally Answered: After having to use a laxative I became dehydrated. Is it normal to get headaches from dehydration?
instead of water take gatorade or pedialyte. its not just water its electrolytes that are lost. try orange juice too

Shaye Shaye
At 40 grams of carbs a day you will lose weight. Try eating healthy carbs. Fruit, whole grains. Lots of salad, low fat cheeses, I know beef doesn't have carbs but it's best to fit chicken or fish in as much as possible. Limit diet soda's to 1 a day. Raw veggies are great.
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Pat Pat
Drink water and have your B vitamins which you miss from not having whole grains. It isn't normal to have headaches, and one fad diet isn't for everyone. Rethink your plan in order to feel well. My diet is the opposite. I eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds and have no headaches. If you want cheese, have low fat, low salt variety or as you wish. If you still feel ill, speak to a doctor.
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Marge Marge
You’ve “been drinking loads of water so you know you’re not dehydrated”!!?!! Drinking too much water will surely flush out your sodium (that would help you retain water) so you dehydrate “Vitesse grand-V” (high speed). Drinking too much water will also flush out your electrolytes so you risk water poisoning, or at least get headaches as the first sign of water intoxication. I don’t know about halloumi cheese as I’m neither Greek nor grill my cheese. Plus outside Greece, you cannot call it halloumi cheese (for proprietary reasons) so you get grillable cheeses (I’ll pass, thank you). I don’t get low carbs diets as you need 60% of your total caloric intake in carbs to just get enough energy to exercise easily and efficiently to be physically active and get back in shape or built up muscle mass and get a higher metabolism so you can use your extra fat reserves and get thinner, stronger, toner… Edit: Cheese is not a “cheat”. You’re not cheating if you answer your body’s craving for missing nutrients like calcium, protein and dietary fats. It’s better to be in tune with your body than to deny yourself and end up with food obsessions (leading to messed up hunger signals, binging and ED). Sheep cheese contains more calories but still only 120 calories per oz. most of it (75%) coming from fats, the rest from protein (plus you get calcium and cholesterol). If you don’t eat cheese daily, you can eat other dairies (yogurts, milk, butter, ice cream…) from cows, sheep, goats…or get your protein, calcium and dietary fats from other sources. Good high protein food are dairies (milk, cheese, yogurts...Greek yogurts have 14 to 16 grams of protein), eggs (whites and no more than one yolk a day), meat, fish and poultry (do not eat the skin), legumes (beans, peas, lentils, including soy milk and tofu that comes from soybeans which are legumes), grains (rice, maize...called corn in the US, whole-wheat pasta and bread, rye, buckwheat, oats, millet...) and nuts/seeds (peanut butter included, even if peanuts are not nuts but are from the pea family, so they’re legumes). Combine legumes and grains and you’ll get complete protein. Like eating a slice of bread with beans, or adding rice to lentils, or peas to pasta, or eating peanut butter with bread…add jelly/jam and you get a PB&J sandwich. Food with both calcium (for the bones) and protein (for the muscle) is the best like legumes and grains. You need calcium for your bones…if you don’t eat much dairies, you can still get calcium from fish (sardines and salmon with bones), greens, peas, beans (kidney beans, black beans...), almonds and veggies (especially the cabbage family like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, radishes, turnip greens, collard greens). Just one serving of collard greens has 100mg of calcium (growing teenagers and pregnant women need the most calcium, like 1,300mg/day). Good fats are olive, olive oils, avocado, nuts, fish… Women are not “supposed” to drink 2.2 litres of water per day. Your water need is based more on your weight, fitness level, temperature, diet and countless other parameters, not just being a woman. 2.2 litres = +74oz = +9 x 8oz glass fluid need for a 148lbs person. The “8 glasses/day = 64oz = an average 128lbs person and is not about 8 glasses but the water equivalent of 64oz, most of it coming from food. Your fluid requirement INCLUDES the water content of food. Like tomatoes contain 94% of water. Meat like chicken contains 60% (after cooking). Of course, the less you eat, the less water you get so the more you have to drink water but you’d still be better off eating half a grapefruit (= a glass of water) and getting the nutrients like the vitamins/minerals/fiber/carbs to boost so you can control hunger. Again, if you drink too much water, you’ll get headaches as you’re flushing out your sodium and electrolytes and dehydrate because you need sodium to retain water and electrolytes imbalance directly affects the brain. Drink Gatorade or other sports drinks (not the one with caffeine) that contain both sodium and electrolytes. There are no “good carbs/bad carbs”, notwithstanding that carbs can become bad if you don’t rinse, brush, floss, waterpik and get regular dental cleanings as sugars cause cavities…any sugars, like fructose (from fruits/veggies), lactose (from dairies), sucrose (processed table white sugar usually coming from sugar beet or sugar cane = glucose + fructose), brown/raw sugar (which is just crystallized white sugar + molasses for color so it’s not white but brown and fool people who eat brown bread/pasta/rice to think that this sugar is healthier when it’s just no more healthier than white sugar). Sugar = energy. It’s good if you need energy to be physically active. Do not tell a firefighter climbing stairs while carrying heavy gear that s/he should not suck on sugar cubes for instant energy boost.
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Marge Originally Answered: what does diet coke have to do with getting constant headaches?
Diet cokes have caffeine in it..........to other answerers: this is not a question about caffeine........... Any diet drinks, and other diet products/foods, contain Aspartame, a sugar substitute, with very high toxicity levels. It has been proven that it causes cancers, birth defects, among many others. The U.S.A. has the largest consumption of Aspartame, and it also has the highest rate of mental disorders. There is one thing only that reproduce brain cells, and maintains a healthy brain, it's sugar! Pure, plain Sugar! Yes, your headaches are cause by the consumption of diet drinks. The sooner you'll get off of it, the better!

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