Do I weigh too much? Any weight loss tips?

Do I weigh too much? Any weight loss tips? Topic: Do I weigh too much? Any weight loss tips?
November 14, 2019 / By Baalzebub
Question: Hi, I think i need to lose 15 pounds, tell me if I need to lose more... I'm 5"6 and weigh 160 pounds. I'm a teenager. The only bad part about my body is (according to friends and family) is my stomach and legs....so how do I get those places smaller?? What weight should I be at? I need tips to lose weight.....anyone out there have a good website or some tricks to lose weight quickly? I want to lose as much weight as possible before school starts (a month) So please help......thanks.. Sorry, I didn't intend on my question being so long...
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Wilma Wilma | 9 days ago
If you only have a month you must use the technique the movie stars use with a method I call "selectively starving." If you try anorexia your metabolism will slow. By eating something small every couple of hours you will keep your metabolism alive. The key to extreme and extremely fast weight loss is to use this method on a low calorie scale. For example, eat 150 calories, every three hours, five or six times a day. By the end of the day you will only have consumed 750-900 calories. But you must only eat foods high in protein and with absolutely no sugar or refined carbs. Basically, take a bite out of a low carb protein bar or eat some cottage cheese, every couple of hours and don't exceed 900 calories. Throw in some weight lifting and you'll be a rail by the time first bell rings.
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Wilma Originally Answered: i weigh 219 lbs and im 17. i am doing weigh watchers and its helping but is there a exercise program i can do?
If you've gained a considerable amount of weight i would suggest talking to a doctor or a dietician about the best options. Weight Watchers may not be your best diet option if you're trying to lose so much weight. I'm not sure what weight you're trying to get down to, but i wouldn't suggest a casual diet plan like Weight Watchers, I'd deffinitely research some other diet plans as well. Exercise plan wise, there are so many DVD's you can buy to work out at home. I personally use Carmon Electras Striptease aerobic video which i adore. BUT again if you are trying to rapidly lose a lot of weight, then perhaps it would be best to join a gym or Curves. Curves is set up so each individual has their own work out plan and a schedule for their machines. You get personal consultations with the employees there who can custom fit a workout routine to your needs. Same thing goes with a lot of membership gyms, and they sometimes offer discounts to students. The last option is to consult a doctor about surgery. That's an extreme measure of course, but there is really no other way to rapidly lose a ton of weight. Believe me, i've tried everything almost, and I find the best thing is to pace yourself. Nothing is less healthy for your body than dropping 50 pounds in less than a month or so. Be careful, but research all the options before you decide on something, and consider the risks of such a rapid weight loss.

Sharon Sharon
The best way to lose fat, is to burn fat. You will need to do a full on workout,(stretch for 20 minutes) ( hopefully use weights that you can handle with reps of minimum of 15 each ,adding 5 every time) (then cardio) (then swimming). Do so to the farthest of your abilities. (if the fire in your heart aint burning you aint cooking) You will feel sore for a day, then your body builds muscle that if you workout again, burns more fat. Fat is but excess fuel that if not burned properly gets stored. (from our caveman days) try to keep to 3 good meals with regular snacks of fruits veggies and nuts/oats and grain. Do this for 2 weeks straight and you got yourself a great habit that can lead you to the MOST healthy attractive body that you could get. heres how big portioned your meals should be BREAKFAST, lunch, Dinner. heres my schedule weekly. day 1 :Work out. day 2: swim, relax day 3: cardio day 4: relax day 5: work out day 6: relax day 7: relax an hour a day goes a really long way. YMCA has great benifits. There are NO SHORTCUTS even liposucktion does nothing to the fatcells, which reacts to the signifcant lose of fat by producing MORE fat. Our society is becoming lazy. Just reach down inside yourself and find that primal adrenalin feeling that made our species survive.
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Paige Paige
i weigh that much and i'm three inches shorter than you. also a teenager. i'm just trying to eat healthier foods, drink a lot of water and exercise more. i use an elliptical machine--it sucks, but no pain, no gain, right?--but you can easily find a gym and get a membership.
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Mandy Mandy
just exercise and eat healthy. watch ur portion sizes, cut down on fatty/sugar filled foods. eat lots of fruits and veges. exercise twice a day...once in the morning, and once in the afternoon/evening. i usually go jogging before work for like 30 minutes. and in the afternoon i either run on a treadmill or eliptical machine, or i do an exercise tape. just something to get ur heart rate up. good luck!!
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Kimmy Kimmy
ur weight really doesnt matter! muscle weighs more than fat. i am 5'4" and a little under 110 lbs. but i have no fat nor muscle. i think mayb u could try cardio. but then again i love eliptical machines. just eat a healthy diet and excercise regularly. as long as ur healthy the rest doesnt matter
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Janetta Janetta
Go on a watermelon diet When all you eat is watermelon. It is high in water And other helpfull vitamins that you need to consume everyday But low in calories And it works amazingly And fast!!
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Janetta Originally Answered: i weigh 200lbs, how much weight can i loose by october 1st?
every little bit helps, you may start out only riding for 30 minutes a day, but by october you may be up to an hour or more... just stick with it, you can do it. One thing that works for me is: before I eat, I drink a large glass of water, then if I'm still hungry, I won't eat as much as I would have. also, fyi: 1 pound = 3500 calories. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. ie, if you eat 2000 calories per day and burn 2500, you will lose 1 pound every week. the average person burns 1500-2000 calories per day, just being alive. powerwalking can burn 200-500 calories per hour. exercise bike can burn 200-600 calories per hour. swimming can burn 100-800 calories per hour. jogging/running can burn 300-1200 calories per hour. *********VERY IMPORTANT************ when trying to lose weight, very important to drink lots and lots of water ! ! ! You should drink at least 10 glasses per day, like 1 glass every hour ! This helps your body get rid of the fat when you are burning calories.

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