Is there any way to gain weight on a low carb, sugar-free diet?

Is there any way to gain weight on a low carb, sugar-free diet? Topic: Is there any way to gain weight on a low carb, sugar-free diet?
January 29, 2020 / By Alec
Question: what foods can i eat to healthily put on weight? may i emphasize GAIN weight; not lose it i am on a diabetic diet i cannot eat sugar or much carbs, also cant really over eat fruits oh and i cant have honey for the same reason
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Best Answers: Is there any way to gain weight on a low carb, sugar-free diet?

Talullah Talullah | 3 days ago
Hello, My I state for the millionth time that carbs do not, I repeat, DO NOT make you gain weight!!! They are not a "gaining weight" food group. They are perfectly healthy and extremely low in fat! Sugar is good for you also. So long as you are not recieving your sugar from refined food items (such as cake, chocolate, ice cream, sweets etc) you are fine. Try to get you sugar from health food such as fruits, honey and things that occur naturally rather than added. So, you want to GAIN weight huh? Well... what I would suggest is that you aim to gain muscle rather than fat. Muscle weighs more than fat as you may or may not already know. I have gained weight recently because I was underweight, and I must say, I don't look much different - but am healthy weight now. This was my diet plan for gaining weight: BREAKFAST: 1x fruit (apple) 2x Weetabix Biscuits 200ml serving of semi skimmed milk 2 tsp of honey (o the weetabix - yum) Two slices of brown wholemeal toast 1tsp of peanut butter LUNCH: 90g of wholemeal pasta (fusilli) Chicken/Tuna in Spring water (The chicken is like those chicken packs you can buy in sainsburys) A cereal bar (such as alpen or nature valley) AFTERNOON SNACK: Dried fruit (the ones I have are called "yoyo's made by Bear") 3x dark rye ryvitas 1x activia fat free vanilla yogurt DINNER: 650 calories (including protein, carb, vegetables) example: Chicken breast - grilled with a little bit of olive oil Brown rice - 125g Vegetables - big serving! AFTER DINNER: 1x muller rice serving of fruit BEFORE BED: 200ml semi skimmed milk with 2 tsp of honey I would recomend not exercsiing lots, but do exercise! Don't sit down all day! Do muscular endurance exercises such as crunches (see youtube) and going for walks. I hope all of this helps you out and that you achieve what you are aiming for in terms of your weight. I also hope that my old gaining weight diet helps! It's around 2,500 calories, I am now maintaing and am happy and healthy. Good luck :)
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Talullah Originally Answered: sugar free redbull and weight lose ?
no sorry it won't help you lose weight. sugar or sugar free doesn't matter, red bulls are bad for you. eat healthy drink a gallon of water a day then you'll go to the bathroom even more

Retha Retha
Going low carb is proven to encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially sophisticated carbs like muffins and bagels) including a little fat.
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Mikayla Mikayla
I'm Laurie and I've lost 60 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 6.Since I've lost the weight I feel great. I have lots of energy. I'm willing to do different things. I just love going out, and playing with the kids, and having fun. It's changed everything. My whole life has changed.
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Lexy Lexy
That they are good for health, however if you are asking which is better for diet in cases like this all vegetables would do well
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Julianna Julianna
if you re cooking food in the microwave chances are you re eating unhealthy packaged foods if you must microwave consider soy chicken patties veggie burgers or steamer vegetables and brown rice
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Julianna Originally Answered: Is it safe to take Metformin while on a very low-carb diet?Could it cause low blood sugar?Taking Victoza too.?
The way metformin works, it can never cause low blood sugar, it just helps prevent high blood sugar. I've been using it for about 10 years now and I haven't had any lows (I'm type 2 diabetic). I have no experience with Victoza but the Wikipedia page says it reacts to high blood sugar by making your pancreas squirt out more insulin, so it carries 'negligible risk of hypoglycemia'. If you're taking drugs like this you ought to have a glucometer to see how they're affecting you, along with your diet. The low-carb diet seems to work very well for diabetics and weight-watchers alike, but it -is- possible to eat too few carbs.

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