I have a 16 yr old cat with diarrhea, what might be causing this?

I have a 16 yr old cat with diarrhea, what might be causing this? Topic: I have a 16 yr old cat with diarrhea, what might be causing this?
January 25, 2020 / By Ahiram
Question: My cat drinks a lot of water, is feed dry and wet food, she used to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She now is totally indoors. Is there something I should try?
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Best Answers: I have a 16 yr old cat with diarrhea, what might be causing this?

Susannah Susannah | 4 days ago
At 16, it could be a number of issues -- developing allergies to food (particularly corn, wheat and wheat glutens), parasites/worms that an aging immune system cannot adequately handle, developing IBD, more serious kidney/diabetes issues.... Drinking a lot of water often points to worm, kidney, and diabetes issues. You need to get your cat and get her a senior blood work. Even if you had one not long ago, things can change quickly in a cat that age. In the interim, you can add a little canned pumpkin (no spices) to your cat's food, and/or a pinch of Metamucil (psyllium husks). These non-grain fibers will help to firm up the stool a little at least. Reassess your food, and look for senior foods for sensitive systems, the first ingredients being meats (or water/broth if wet), with low/no grains, avoiding corn, wheat and wheat glutens. My Rusty was diagnosed with severe IBD, and with only one kidney, it has been an issue. We control the condition AND maintain his health by good cat-food (Fancy Feast actually works well for him, Max Cat, Innova wet, and Nutro senior sensitive system dry), and by adding enzymes I get from Dr. Goodpet. The enzymes not only help with stool formation, but help with digestion and nutrient absorption. If your cat is diagnosed with IBD, it can take a while and some experimenting to find the right food formula that works, so don't give up. Rusty just turned 18, by the way, and I fully expect the little scamp will be with me a lot longer. Other issues can be handled with treatments, diets, and care, but you have to know what they are before you can do that. However, the first course of action is to assess your cat's diet, and a visit to the vet to determine any health issue. Take a fecal sample (no matter how sloppy), and at least two urine samples from different times of day. Good luck.
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Susannah Originally Answered: What would be causing the constipation in my newborn?
Awww poor little guy. My son had the constipation bad when he was little too. I swear sometimes it seemed that Zachary would deliberately wait for me to get home from work before he would attempt to poop because he knew I would help him to push it out. There were so many nights and days that he would scream bloody murder and cry through the whole ordeal and I felt bad for the little guy but I had to do what I had to do to make him try to go. The problem that often happens though is that the baby starts to associate pooping with "this hurts" and holds off on going for as long as possible which doesn't help at all but rather makes it dryer as time goes on. The dryer the poop gets the harder it is to pass for the baby so that vicious cycle continues over and over. My son dealt with constipation just about the entire period that he was on formula but once he was on regular whole milk he started going like a champ and that was a great relief to us. Keep doing what you have to do for the time being maybe even see if some prune juice might help to move things along but bear with your child and know that it will eventually clear up.

Ralphina Ralphina
Well I hope your vet know atleast about the hair now since the visit. I have a 10 year old cat who really would only eat friskies and by my switching her food caused he to get Colonitis(swelling of the intestines) and now she poops blood :( she Is nibbling off her fur though. so check to see If he is doing that. She takes it off her tummy and forearms. Good luck, your kitty has eaten that food forever. Set in his hard headed ways. It cold be too much a strain on his little bod to change. It may be best to let him be unless There is real problem. I hope you find a satisfying answer :) Give your kitty a kiss<3 Oh He could have a skin Alergy to fleas from summer and winter. That is a big prob. Check it out. Does he lick the air when you scratch him??
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Melyssa Melyssa
Drinking alot of water is a sign of a lot of different things. Is she losing weight? (If so email me please) diabetes is common You need a blood test. POlease stop with the dry food as it dehydrates Edited to add Do NOT limit water like the thing above me just recommended. That can cause major problems
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Lena Lena
yes, try the vet. cats, like people, lose control of their bodies with age, and a 16 year old cat is very old. also, make sure she isn't sneaking food, and limit her water. the more water in the system, the softer the stool let me rephrase what I said, when I say 'limit her water' what I mean is give her smaller amounts in her dish. and watch how much she gets, keep water out all the time though.
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Lena Originally Answered: I have bloody stools. What could be causing it?
That sounds like a hemorrhoid caused by constipation and straining to get the stool out. If you correct the constipation and stop straining, the hemorrhoid will probably resolve itself. To correct the constipation, increase fiber in your diet, increase exercise, and if the constipation is being caused by a med you can add a stool softener, like Ducolax or Colace.

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