Constipated and a lot of blood on tissue.?

Constipated and a lot of blood on tissue.? Topic: Constipated and a lot of blood on tissue.?
September 23, 2019 / By Sharalyn
Question: This is a embarrassing question to ask but anyways... i have been constipated for quite a while now (two months) it wasn't really that bad until last week. I have had difficulty pooping and i hurts so bad and im only 17. Also there has been a lot of blood on the tissue when i go like i had a bloody nose or something. I haven't gone in three days but i really have to go now but every time i try the only thing i see is blood i can fell it it just wont come out because of the pain. I am drinking a lot of water. Please help!
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Orlenda Orlenda | 3 days ago
I have similar problems, I'm always constipated. Awhile ago I added a lot more fiber in my diet, like, fiber one bars, and chia seeds, it's helped me out a lot. Eating more fiber and not straining when you go to the bathroom will cut down on the hemorrhoids and bleeding too. Also, when you go to the bathroom, instead of pushing, try gently rocking back and forth and coughing.
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Orlenda Originally Answered: Im constipated, I can poop a little although i have to push, and blood comes out in spurts PLEASE HELP! SCARED?
You have a severe case of constipation. Anyone can miss one day without defecating, but it is not the normal. Constipation is cause by many things, including some foods and some medication. Before you go to the doctor and start to take laxatives, try to drink prune juice in the morning, with your breakfast, avoid eating bananas (they constipate some people), drink 64 oz of water per day and have beans soups. If you control the problem with foods, you will not have the side effects of laxatives. For the blood, by cream for hemorrhoid like Preparation H, o Anusol and put it in your rectum after showers and each time you go to the bathroom. I hope this will help you. Good luck.

Malandra Malandra
truthfully i could bypass to a physician if it does not get extra effective after taking a laxative. regrettably at this element you will probable would desire to take the laxative in suppository form. while i replaced into six I had a undesirable nutrition regimen and grew to alter into particularly constipated, to the component of throwing up blood. Had I no longer long gone to the surgeon interior an hour i ought to have died. The blood interior the stool is o.k., you probable only have a hemorrhoid. inner blood will appear as if coffee grounds in stool, dark and reddish in colour. cut back your dairy, if acceptable and attempt to get extra leafy green on your nutrition regimen. wish this facilitates!
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Kilie Kilie
When you're constipated and having a hard time pooping, the artery in your anus breaks and you'll experience that. Yo must be drinking lots of milk or eating dairy foods without eating fuits. Try eating citrus fruits or mixed your diet with fruits. I usually eat fruits before meal.
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Jane Jane
Go to the doctor or the hospital !! My boyfriend's little cousin was like you and the day she told her parents, they immediately brought her to the hospital and they were force to do an enema on her It's really dangerous to not be able to poop for two months and to bleed that much !! This is serious
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Erica Erica
Sometime poop can become hard and actually cut the anus or you could have hemorroids from trying to push the poop out of your body. Search anal fissures in google.
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Well, unfortunately there isn't any way to specifically target cellulite areas or remove them. The term cellulite refers to the orange peel look on the surface of the skin, but that's not where the problem actually is. It's far below the skin surface, in the fat stored beneath. Your genetic directions have placed it too close to the skin, and it presses against the connective tissue holding all those skin cells together. Fat cells are rather uneven, where skin cells are somewhat brick shaped. So the fat cells press unevenly against the skin, which causes the dimples and puckers to appear. While you can reduce the total amount of fat in your body, you don't get to choose where it all comes from. Matter of fact, fat reduction will come from all over the body. Worst of all, liposuction won't work either. The body will simply replace it, and the process will damage skin connective tissue in the process- and you can end up with bigger dimples. About the only thing you can do is tone the muscle underneath it all, and control the overall body weight. I suppose you can also say nasty things about great-great-great Aunt Agatha as well. Unfortunately no matter what you do, some of the cellulite will just be with you. If there truly were a cure, you'd never see movie stars with it, nor plastic surgeons or dermatolgists. Whoever does manage to come up with a cure will be a gazillionaire. But as of yet, it doesn't exist. For what it's worth, really skinny, fit folks can still suffer from it too. Men just get a break because they don't have as much body fat underlying the skin. Then again, that's why we are soft and cuddly, and they aren't. Sorry dear, but you will have to live with some of it. Keep the weight down, exercise to maintain tone, and try to keep a sense of humor about what's left. Save your money on the products, they don't work. The problem isn't the skin, so they can't work. Anything that promises to dissolve it is lying. Anything that was strong enough to actually breakup or dissolve fat would not be healthy to put on your skin. Sorry, but it's the truth.

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