How can I eat healthy if my parents buy junk food?

How can I eat healthy if my parents buy junk food? Topic: How can I eat healthy if my parents buy junk food?
December 9, 2019 / By Ulla
Question: I am not fat, I am tall and 112 lbs and I am 14 my doctor said that was underweight for my age which I was surprised I was not fat because all the food at my house is junk or processed food. I play a lot of sports and get a lot of exercise but I still feel horrible, I have chess pains,stomach pains, and when I sit down my legs go numb and start to change color. So I looked it up online and they said I need a better diet...well how in the heck am I suppose to have a healthy diet when I am not the one who buys groceries??? I started to take multi vitamins and shaklee vitamins because maybe that will help? Oh and every time I bring up healthy food to my mom she just laughs and says " nobody gunna eat that lettuce crap. Have a cookie instead" It really pisses me off.
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Sara Sara | 5 days ago
Your parents should really try to do better for you. I know it's hard to change habits, and I'm not bashing your parents because there is no parent who does everything right all the time, but I would think your parents care about you, so you might just try a different approach when bringing up food. You shouldn't have to be the responsible one, but sometimes life isn't fair and you just have to step up and make it work. I would start by talking to your parents about how sick you feel, and mention your doctor said you are underweight. Being underweight could be caused by many different things, and it's not something you have done wrong, but there are things you could probably do to improve your health. You could talk to a doctor about a plan for healthy eating and get your parents involved. If they realize their diet habits are making you sick, they are more likely to change. There are lots of good books out there and even websites that can help you find foods that are actually pretty normal or comfort food like that your parents would probably like... Maybe not as much as what they eat now.. Maybe more... Who knows until you try, but make sure they don't think lettuce and salads are their only option. Some popular books- maybe not the healthiest foods, but a step in the right direction (and it sounds like your parents aren't ready for a complete drastic change) are Eat This, Not That and Rocco Dispirito's Now Eat This and Now Eat This Diet. Eat This, Not That basically has a bunch of foods people eat and gives nutritional information and shows a very similar item with slightly better nutrition. There is a still a lot of junk food in there, and it gives you options at fast food places, so it is an easy way to make small changes. Rocco's books are more like standard cook books. He takes comfort foods and finds ways to make them healthier... It has Mac n cheese, chicken, cookies, potatoe skins, burgers, quesadillas, etc. It takes some work to prepare a meal, and if you aren't already cooking, then I might start by cooking a couple of nights a week. You can also go with your parents to the store and make suggestions/requests. Once you get your parents on board with small changes you can work toward more true healthy changes, but it sounds like it will either take slow and gradual improvement or something really bad with a wake up call for them to change. Just work with your parents, try nt to make them feel bad, make sure they understand you are just not feeling well and that eying better would help you feel better and have more energy. Good luck, and like I said, don't be afraid to talk to a medical professional about the impirtance of good nutrition. Oh, and at the very least, you can ask your parents to buy a bulk bag of mixed fruits. They don't cost that much, and they make good snacks.
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Sara Originally Answered: How can I fight "junk-food/fast-food" urges?
It's up to you to fight these urges. You have to be dedicated to being healthy. It's not just about how you look... it's about your health and what that crap does to your insides. If you are avoiding taking chemical appetite suppressants... think of what is in fast food products! Go watch Supersize Me. The longer you avoid that stuff, the easier it gets to pass it up. You will find your cravings will come up less often, and subside more quickly.

Nona Nona
Multivitamins is a good start. Also, drink a lot of water, it will flush your system more often to get rid of the "crap" that you eat. Stay active, play sports ect. Last thing really is to try and convince your parents to buy healthy stuff, maybe do some research and show them what can really happen when you eat like "crap" and how unhealthy it is and what it can do to your body. Cheers
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Lyssa Lyssa
I was the same! I ended up going from 162 lbs 6 foot to 218 lbs 6 foot. Stop eating sh*t lol. And if you do eat it, work it off. Eat smaer portions and drink milk as a filler. I have now lost 69 lbs and and jacked lol. But yeah, don't eat that bs man.
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Kelan Kelan
i have the same type of mother..luckily i'm older so i got a job and now i pay for my own food but you might be too young to get a part time job. maybe talk to your doctor about what you need to be healthier and have him or her, talk to your mother about why it's important for you to be healthy. or try to get a part time job if you can...fruits and veggies aren't that expensive so just start asking for those from your mother, because then it won't be too much to ask for, i did the same thing at first. as for staying away from all the junk food in the house, you'll just have to develop good willpower like i had to.
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Kelan Originally Answered: Too young for junk food?
When my kids were that age they were eating very healthy like for example soft rice mixed with smashed veggies and a small piece of fish. My kids also at that age loved fruits any type, bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, etc.. You sister in law needs to stop acting lazy and stop teaching the baby bad eating habits. She needs to put effort into cooking for her child. My son is 3 yrs old and my daughter is 5 yrs old and neither one h as ever had hotdogs ...yuck! That baby should love homemade food, but it's not his/her fault it's the mom's fault. Also my kids love grandmas cooking my mom has always enforced this rule with me to cook healthy food for the kids and get them used to homemade food.

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