I got my puppy when he was barely 4 WEEKS OLD. Will he live a normal and healthy life?

I got my puppy when he was barely 4 WEEKS OLD. Will he live a normal and healthy life? Topic: I got my puppy when he was barely 4 WEEKS OLD. Will he live a normal and healthy life?
November 17, 2019 / By Sharyl
Question: First of all, PLEASE do not judge me because I got such a young puppy. I have my reasons. I KNOW that he was way too young and that he still needed his mother when I got him. This story is long so bare with me... Here's the story... On the last week of December, my neighbor knocked on my door. She was holding a very tiny SHIH TZU puppy. She offered me the puppy, and I said "NO." She said he was almost 4 weeks old. He was too young, and I couldn't take a puppy away from his mom that early. But she told me a story that shocked me. My neighbor "accidentally" bred her shih tzu dogs. When her dog gave birth to her litter, the dam (shih tzu mom) neglected them. My neighbor even said that the dam ate one of her puppies. I felt bad for the litter, and I didn't want another puppy to be eaten (if her story was even true). My neighbor didn't ask me money for the puppy. She just made me promise that I will give the puppy a loving home. I took the puppy. Then the next week, I heard that my neighbor moved away. I was at work and didn't get the chance to say goodbye. I still don't know where they moved to and where the other puppies went. That SAME day I got the puppy, I immediately took him to the vet. He had diarrhea and had a hard time defecating. I spent over $180 for the vet visit and for the anal cleaning and antibiotics. When we got home, I was relieved to see him defecate for the first time, since I got him. Since I never had a pet before, I spent days researching about puppies (shih tzu puppies and in general) and how I can become a responsible pet owner. I took him to the vet for his vaccinations. I bought him all natural/holistic puppy food (Innova Dry puppy food). His treats are also all natural (Wellness Just for Puppy Treats). I also bought him a playpen, a bed, lots of toys, water/food bowls, blankets, puppy pads, etc... He is now around 13 weeks old and is up to date with all his shots and gets regular vet visits. His vet tells me that he's very healthy. He is very playful and energetic. He loves new people and is very friendly to everyone. When he is not inside his pen, he is supervised at all times. He is currently attending a puppy obedience class. :) NOW MY QUESTION IS... Since he left his mother too early and DIDN'T get milk from her or from any puppy formula, will he still have a chance to live a healthy, happy and long life? I got him when he was VERY young, and I'm afraid that this will cause any problems in the future. I really want to be a good owner and want him to be healthy and happy. Any advice or tips? Thanks in advance. :) Sorry for this long story... THANKS YOU SO MUCH to everyone. :) Your answers made me teary. As for his temperament, he is very friendly. He bites us gently, but when we give him his toys, he focuses more on his toys. He barely barks, only when he gets too excited. Only about 1-2 times a week. :)
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Best Answers: I got my puppy when he was barely 4 WEEKS OLD. Will he live a normal and healthy life?

Pam Pam | 4 days ago
Your neighbor sounds like an IDIOT, who was lying just so she could get another puppy out of her hands. He should be just fine. His life span might possibly be shortened a year or two since he didn't get proper nutrition at a very young age, but since he is being properly and very well cared for, I am not quite sure. Sorry that you had to make such a decision, and good luck with your puppy in the future. :) Do you have any pictures of the little booger? Shih Tzus are the cutest little puppies. lol. My uncle has one, and she is a sweet heart. (She was rescued at 2 weeks old whenever her mother died; the puppy mill she came from luckily got shut down the same day.) Needless to say, my uncle's Shih Tzu is now 17 years old. So, your boy should live normal life span! ;)
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Marci Marci
Healthwise he'll be fine. The mother has antibodies in her milk but those only protect the puppy while it's nursing. Since he's now past the most dangerous stage(when he was too young to be vaccinated and not getting his mother's milk) and vaccinated he should be fine. Dogs that are seperated from their mothers too early can have some temperment issues such as being mouthy since he didn't have the experience of playing with his siblings and having them yelp and warn him when he bit too hard. As long as he's socialized well with other dogs he should do fine.
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Kirsteen Kirsteen
Wow.You obviously did an outstanding job, especially for a first time dog owner. I don think that he will have any problems in the future. Basically the nutriants in the mothers milk is to prevent sickness and desease while the puppy is young. If he got shots although it is rare he can still get the desease, but im pretty sure he is good. I think you handeled everything great.
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Janice Janice
Sounds like you got everything covered & your are doing everything right. Since the Vet says he is a happy healthy puppy I think you have gotten past the hard spots. One of the things that is hard to deal with when getting such a young pup is his biting. The learn from their mom & siblings how hard they can bite before another pups turns on him for biting so hard. If you don't have problems with the biting & have him house trained you are doing real good. I think you did a good job, especially on the researching. Most people leave it up to us to do their research for them. I guess they are lazy cause it is so simple. or just ignorant.
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Esta Esta
Well, what a story. I think you are on the right path and you are a great owner..As long as the vet says he's fine, I'd go with that. I hope you are dealing with the biting and whatnot now. You have no questions on that, so that should be fine. Good luck have fun with the puppy..
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