I need to know what to do with a severely constipated dog?

I need to know what to do with a severely constipated dog? Topic: I need to know what to do with a severely constipated dog?
September 23, 2019 / By Deirdre
Question: yesterday, when i took my dog for a walk, i noticed that he was having trouble doing his business. he tried repeatedly to get it done and couldn't. when we got home, he went into a corner and hid (unusual) and seemed depressed. i realized it was the constipation and after searching the web, went to the store and got him some milk of magnesia. he's had a coupla doses (about 1/2 a tsp) over the last 24 hours and to my knowledge he hasn't gone yet. i realize that it's probably been his inactivity over the last weeks and that i am going to have to switch his dogfood to the wet stuff, i also realize that i will probably have to give him something to help with digestion - so i have that covered. what i worry about is the "now" and how to get him "moving" again. i think he might've eaten out at the dumpster at our apt building. does anyone have any tips for helping him along? i'm starting to get worried. he did go a little yesterday morning (this was before the walk) and his urination seems fine. he's not howling in pain or making any noises at all, except for a few farts last night (poor guy.) thanx in advance for your tips and suggestions.
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Bronte Bronte | 9 days ago
If you think he might have eaten out of the dumpster, I would take him over to the vets. Many dogs get poisoned or eat rotten food and really have no way to get it out of their system. He is acting unusual, hiding in a corner, and not behaving the way he normally does. You don't need to change his food up quickly (that could give him the runs) but as others had suggested add pumpkin to his diet (not the pumpkin mix which also adds baking soda to it) but just plain old pumpkin or a banana. You can also change it up to chicken and rice until his digestion gets better. In the meantime, get him looked at - the vet can also recommend food for him for his digestion. Libby Mitchell Fetch Pet Care of NE Dallas www.fetchpetcare.com nedallas@fetchpetcare.com
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Bronte Originally Answered: I am anorexic and am severely constipated! PLEASE HELP!?
first off eat a damn sandwich and second try the activia yogurt its suppose to help. or get a bowl of colon blow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaUogmewRyc you wont have to worry about gaining weight hell youll be lucky to have any bones left after that one

Alissa Alissa
If the things the other posters suggested don't work, talk to the vet and ask if they could do an enema - that will Definitely fix it. After that, I'd suggest, like you're thinking, of switching to the wet food for a week or two. However, he should be fine on kibble, as long as it's a good quality brand. Good ones are Orijen, Acana, wellness, evo, innova, etc. Check out www.dogfoodanalysis.com for a list of them - best are 6 star brands. It also has a lot of really good information about nutrition.
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Urban Urban
My vet told me to keep prune juice on hand for my dogs. It works, milk of magnesia I never heard of giving to a dog. Have you called your vet? If he's getting all the water he needs, dry food shouldn't do that to him. Mine all eat dry, but they have constant access to all the water they want, and free access to the back yard for exercise through a doggy door. None of them are ever constipated. Acidophiles will help get things moving also. Get the kind that is powder in a capsule and sprinkle it on his food. If he ate out of the dumpster, he could have an obstruction in which case his life is in danger and you should take him IMMEDIATELY to a vet. A depressed dog is a sick dog, and it does not take long for an obstruction to kill them.
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Robert Robert
These treatment options are for simple constipation only. If the problem lasts for more than five days, or if the stool contains large amounts or mucous or blood, consult with your veterinarian before beginning any treatment. - Use a stool softener - Lubricate - Change her diet Check these links for more info. http://dogtime.com/constipation-and-megacolon-vin.html http://dogtime.com/constipation.html
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Micajah Micajah
lots of water and high fiber diet by adding psylium fiber, prolonged constipation should be treated by a vet. Talk to your vet about any action you take
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Jotham Jotham
Libby's pumpkin pie filling in the can from the grocery store. give him about a tablespoon and Voila! works like a charm every time regardless of the breed. Lot's of fiber in it. NO milk of magnesia.
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Harlan Harlan
try canned pumpkin not pumpkin pie filling just plain old pumpkin. That sometimes helps if not take to vet
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Harlan Originally Answered: why am I always constipated?
Your body can become addicted to laxatives, you dont want that to happen. Constipation can happen because of many things, are you on any medication? Opiates can cause it.. anxiety can cause it..Not to scare you or anything.. but if you are constipated for a long period of time, you can get a fecal impaction which is easily treatable but can be dangerous.. go to a doctor or a walk in!

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