Detox Diet Ideas, just for a few days?

Detox Diet Ideas, just for a few days? Topic: Detox Diet Ideas, just for a few days?
June 19, 2019 / By Posy
Question: Hoping to get Ideas for a short detox diet. Be it a fruit & vegetable diet, fasting etc. Only for a few days, to cleanse in order to feel better. As in more alert, more energy, lose a little weight or be slimmer.
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Maurene Maurene | 8 days ago
Jaylee is a spamer i think. Though acai is great for you, lot's of antioxidants! A few days might not do the trick. Best thing to do is keep up with it until your breath and tongue clear up. When you detox through diet your toxins are released through your skin, urine, stool and tongue, so you are going to have bad breath and a nasty taste in your mouth for several days. Drink tons of water through out the fast. A good one that I do when I'm feeling lousy is cut out ALL sugars, and starches (flour, rice, pasta, oats etc) eating mostly apples, berries, eggs, homemade popcorn, plain kiefer or yogurt, veggies and drink green tea. Do that for a month and you'll feel awesome and definitely loose weight! If I'm feeling super lousy I eat only apples and drink water for three days. Type "fasting benefits", and "bentonite clay" into google and read about them...
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Maurene Originally Answered: Heavy metal detox, Lupus, MS, Liver, Spleen detox clinic in Georgia?
Are these legitimate doctors you're going to? How do you know the lead and natural gas "sparked your bad health"? Where and how were you exposed to ghiardia and mono? And correct me if I'm wrong but I believe mono is a self limiting condition. There is no such thing as a "detox doctor" These are issues you should address with a physician. EDIT: Anything that is claiming to "detox" you of lupus is a scam. Sorry. And having an M.D after their name can also simply mean they are clever con men. Do research, go on pubmed, check your doctor's credentials. Apparently you just want to yell obscenities and insults at people who don't fall in line with your way of thinking congratulations on being hardheaded and singleminded.

Latoya Latoya
got nuts with nuts eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full try soaking them in water for a different texture
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Jessye Jessye
What you are going to lose if you fall for one of the acai berry spammers suggestions (where did all of those folks come from?) is money. From what I have read reported here, you get a 10 day free trial - hardly time enough to try out the product - and if you fail to cancel within the 10 days they will charge your credit card $88 a month thereafter. I would suggest that you have a one day fast of either watermelon, dark grapes with seeds (eat the seeds and all), juiced vegetables or just water. The first two suggestions will clean you out pretty well and perhaps result in as much as five pounds or more weight loss and all four suggestions should help you shrink your stomach a bit. Here is a 2-3 week diet plan from noted alternative health authority Jon Barron that should also help cleanse as well as help drop a few pounds: Morning: 20 ounce glass of 50% fresh Orange Juice, 25% organic aloe vera juice, 25% filtered or distilled water. With nuts (5 almonds and 4 walnut halves). Midday: Tablespoon of flax oil along with a tablespoon of organic cottage cheese. Or 2 tablespoons flax seeds ground up and mixed with 1 cup diluted juice. 4:30: Large (20 oz shake) 2 tbs Accelerator from Baseline Nutrition 1/2 banana Handful frozen organic strawberries or raspberries or half raspberries and blueberries 1/2 cup pineapple coconut juice 1 cup water 6:00: One tbs psyllium powder in diluted juice. 8:00: one apple, which will actually be quite filling As needed, throughout the day, Warp Speed. Obviously, you can substitute juices and fruit in the above menu as desired -- within reason. Keep in mind, berries work well because they are low glycemic fruits. Do this Monday and Tuesday. Eat normally on Wednesday (good proteins and vegetables -- avoiding refined grains, sugars, and starches). You never want to go more than two days in a row on a low calorie program in order to keep your metabolic rate up (more than 2 days in a row of low calorie and your metabolism begins to drop) and to reward yourself. Repeat shake days on Thursday and Friday. Repeat Wednesday's sensible meals on Saturday and Sunday. You'll lose weight rapidly on this program -- and feel really good in the process. Again, keep in mind this is a short term program for 2-3 weeks at a time. For more intensive weight-loss, you will have to go on a slower, more balanced, and more sustainable program. If you have a problem with overeating and/or losing weight, you may find some useful information in the following article I wrote: Overcome Helpless Over-Eating With These Healthful Tips http://www.naturalnews.com/024299_health...
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Fran Fran
invest in a standing desk like the ergotron workfit s 379 ergotron com or get crafty and raise your monitor and keyboard with books
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Danielle Danielle
tired of eating your salad on a plate fill a whole wheat pita with salad and a splash of lemon for a twist
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Danielle Originally Answered: Detox diet.?
I'm not sure what you mean by a Detox Diet? Have you been eating lead? An enema won't Detox anything, except your wallet for a few dollars. If you are referring to drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc, then just staying away from those will make you feel better soon enough. There is nothing you can take that will speed up the process. Even though you will find lots of people willing to take you money and give you promises in return. If you want to feel better stay away from the bad stuff (I will lump drugs and McDonald's together here) and start eating healthy (as many whole fruits and vegetables as you can) and getting more exercise. You can do this on your own without spending money on frauds.

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