how can i gain more weight quickly?

how can i gain more weight quickly? Topic: how can i gain more weight quickly?
October 14, 2019 / By Saffron
Question: i'm 16 and i'm really really skinny. lol i almost look anorexic to some people but i'm totally not i eat so much lol. how can i gain more weight quickly?
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Nevaeh Nevaeh | 6 days ago
Try to stop worrying for gaining weight when you are 16 only. You are just entering the age when your linear growth will stop and your circumferential growth will start.
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Nevaeh Originally Answered: How can I gain weight quickly?
That's absurd - if you want to gain weight, then do it the right way. Drinking 3 or 4 cokes and eating junk food is not the right way to gain weight. Increase your caloric intake with nutritious calorie-dense foods, such as: Nuts and nut butters Seeds and dried fruit Granola or trail mix Avocados Salmon Quinoa Eggs Whole wheat pasta Dark chocolate *Cook with oil, not wine (olive oil is healthy) *Add seeds and nuts to oatmeal, parfaits, smoothie bowls, and salads *Add nut butters to smoothies

Lyda Lyda
I am sure, at the age of 16, that you are eating all of the 'wrong' foods already (fried foods, high sugar foods, sodas, rice, pasta). Which means that you will only gain weight with age as your metabolism slows. You are what others are striving to be. So use what you have to your advantage, learn to dress like a model and make all of the other girls jealous. Continue Eating all you want and Be Happily, Skinny and Cute!!! Best Wishes!
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Kayley Kayley
Tell your doctor and he'll give you this really really really expensive medicine...It really works because my cousin was like 90 pounds soaking wet witha brick in each hand...lol...you get what I'm trying to say..lol anyway I can't think of the medicine's name but go to this web-site http://www.webmd.com/content/article/73/82001.htm P.S. I am just the oppistie of you because I am 15 and need to LOSE weight QUICKLY but I've been doing reall good with loosing those extra pounds but yeah..Hope I Helped You
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Hulda Hulda
you can't try to gain weight your metabolism is really high and no matter what you are going to be skinny and soon you metabolism will slow down just be glad that you can be skinny while you can. and i would say have a kid that made me fat lol but you are way too young!!
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Edweena Edweena
with a bit of luck you desire to income muscle communities, not fat, suitable? develop your protein and carb intake. attempt to decrease the fat. artwork on weight lifting, and it is beneficial to contain protein shakes - those often have the quickest consequence - yet except you artwork out with them, this is going to easily be fat. as some distance using fact the artwork out - do various gadgets, with few reps in each and each. this helps bulk up the muscle group. a private coach on your community gymnasium could additionally supply you added suggestion. : )
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Edweena Originally Answered: How do I gain weight quickly?
Eat lots of carbs and high calorie foods, but maintain a good exercise routine otherwise you'll wind up with a lot of blubber instead of the good kind of weight, i.e. muscle. Eat pasta, rice, bread, lots of dairy, chicken, fish, and on occasion red meat (cut out processed meats, they're bad for you), along with fruits and vegetables. WORK OUT BY LIFTING WEIGHTS!! After workout, drink a protein shake. They sell good ready-made ones at Walgreens in the health section called Myoplex. The shake must be consumed 30 minutes post workout or else your time in the gym was for naught. Stay off junk food like potato chips, cookies, cakes, sweets, twinkies, chocolate, and definitely stay off soda. these foods have absolutely 0 nutritional value and severly damage your body further down the road. Ignore the idiots who advised you to eat at McDonalds and to eat junk food. They're probably lugging around rolls of belly fat right now. Keep this routine consistent and you will see results in a few short weeks.

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