What do u feed you dog when it's constipated?

What do u feed you dog when it's constipated? Topic: What do u feed you dog when it's constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Sabina
Question: Well my dog is a senior doggy of about 10 years, and has trouble's pooping...and I am taking her to the vet by this thursday. But I would like to know what I could do to help my little chihuahua go #2 so she can be at ease a bit while waiting for the vet appointment. Also, my dog usually loves food time...but she hasn't bothered to eat at all today, and it's starting to really make me worry...anything I could do to get he to munch on some food?
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Nessa Nessa | 10 days ago
Before you start treating your pet you need to know what exactly the problem is. If your pet is not eating well then I doubt it is just constipated. A 10 year old dog may be having a back problem that is causing her to have difficulty having a bowel movement. A small amount of canned pumpkin (not pie filling) can help with constipation or diarrhea. I would call your vet in the morning and let them know she is not eating well and that Thursday is to long to wait. If they will not move your appointment up call someone else. A small dog like a Chihuahua does not need to go 4 days without eating well. They are small and don't have much reserves. You really need expert advise.
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Lucille Lucille
A common cause of constipation especially in middle aged and older dogs is not drinking enough water. When your dog's dehydrated, the colon can overcompensate, resulting in harder feces that are more difficult to pass. Fresh water, exercise, and a bit of fiber in the diet are all important to your dog's digestive health and can help fend off ordinary bouts of constipation. Here's more info: http://lnk.nu/dogtime.com/tve.html
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Kaye Kaye
Canned pumpkin works wonders, but you can also talk to your vet about a dosage of over the counter meds such as metamucil.
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Honor Honor
most of the time when a dog has a problem like that you should take them outside, whenever my dog has a problem i take him outside so that he can eat some grass, because believe it or not grass can actually help a dog sometimes, and some pumpkin helps to.
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Edie Edie
Call the vet and tell her/him that the dog has not been eating and to move up your appointment please. I hope this helps...
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