What food should i eat to gain weight quickly?

What food should i eat to gain weight quickly? Topic: What food should i eat to gain weight quickly?
November 23, 2019 / By Melisa
Question: I have recently started weightlifting and would also like to put on some weight, what foods apart from fish should i be eating?
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Leeann Leeann | 1 day ago
Extra portions of any lean proteins, from soy and tofu to poultry to lean cuts of pork, assist in building muscle bulk. Low-fat dairy products, from milk to yogurt, too. What you don't want is a lot more carbs or fats; they'll add weight, but not in the form of muscle.
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Leeann Originally Answered: How to Gain Weight Quickly?
I have no shortcuts, good response will take you atleast 3 months, which includes nutrition and workout both.. Best is stay active, dance, use only stairs (no lift), walk to nearest shop, get good sleep and stay happy Eat Yogurt, raw paneer, drink hot milk bedtime, drink lots of water, eat fruits and salads, drink green tea morning first thingand eat little salad before lunch and Dinner. Dip handful of whole grains (Black grams, peas, peanuts, pulses) in cup of water overnight and eat in morning. You can follow following diet and fitness tips for better results: - Diet: ---- A good tip is prefer vegetarian food, have 5 time meals rather. Eat yogurt, curd in mrng and evening. You can have seafood also. Drink 1 cup of green tea empty stomach. breakfast of cereals, daliya, oats and egg only, with bread . 2 bananas followed by hot milk Lunch u can have beans on bread, 1 plate dal rice or 2-3 breads with baked/ boiled vegetables Have milk shake/ fruit cake/ banana with hot milk in evening/ sprout mix/ 2 brown breads with cheese have light dinner, eat some salad and u can have 2-3 breads and with gravy, pulses or pasta with not much of cheese. You can use home made salsa Drink plain hot milk with only little sugar or green tea bed time. avoid soda/aerated drinks (mainly diet Soda), chicken, beef, pork, cheese, pizzas and junk food. Avoid rice at night. you can treat yourself on weekend with these food, but keep activity level high on weekend learn some recipes for healthy food. You can look for alternates like fish, crab, prawns, Soya, Mushrooms etc.. . Exercise: Divide muscles in 4 groups Chest / triceps Back/ Biceps legs/ forearms Lower back / Shoulders (lower back: good morning, deadlifts, clean and press) Chest / Triceps: Bench press, dumbell Flies/ Curls (lying on bench), inclined dumbell press, pecdec overhead dumbell tricep curl, narrow grip bench press, narrow hands push ups, dips, bending triceps dumbell curl, overhead barbell tricep curl Shoulders/ Legs: Shoulder press with dumbells, shoulder press with barbell backside, military press, front dumbell raises, side dumbell raises, shoulder shruggs Squats, spot running, lunges, Calve raises, dumbell squats, leg pullies Back / Biceps: Pull ups, Front Pullovers, back pullovers, barbell rowing, dumbell rowing, single dumbell raises, Biceps curl with dumbell, hammer curls, biceps curls with barbell, biceps curl with bend barbell, concentration curl, reverse curls You can combine Abs/ wrists workout each alternatively with above muscle groups, you can do wrist curls with light dumbells, barbells, reverse curls etc. For abs you can do crunches, leg raises etc. Reps: For 1st month make stamina and muscle strength in you. Do sets of 15-20-25 reps with light weights (reducing weights increasing reps) You will become lean and well shaped with above workout Now come to gain muscle size, start with moderate heavy weight now, u will do 12-10-8 reps now (increasing weight reducing reps), if require take someone help to lift heavy weights. We call it spotting. Please let me know if you need personalized workout plan (Please rate my answer if you like.. and please do im me or email me when u see results and suggestions)

Jojo Jojo
brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a day - depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and hair as well.
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Gemma Gemma
eat food with high amounts of calories. also, eat more during the day, but try not to increase the amounts of sugar.
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Dee Dee
peanut butter! pb is the most common food i know of that many athletes and underweight individuals use to gain weight fast.
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Dee Originally Answered: How do I gain weight quickly?
I would suggest getting the protein supplements mentioned above and trying to build muscle rather than fat, not the bulky type. It might be an odd suggestion but fat gain is a hard business for ectomorphs ! Building lean muscle will make you strong and you'll be stared by everyone because you lack much fat. just consider or atleast tryout some exercises at home or gym, you have the perfect conditions to be the lean muscle girl :D Believe me , i have been through it (i'm a male though) and even now i haven't lost much muscle even with less exercise. If you get fat somehow, there's a possibility you may lose the hard gained fat at some point in the future. Good Luck ! Do what you feel is wise enough :)

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