Quick ways to gain weight?

Quick ways to gain weight? Topic: Quick ways to gain weight?
January 18, 2020 / By Marley
Question: What is a good way to gain weight and to keep it on? My doctor told me to eat loads of carbs so I did, then I lost weight and body fat. D:
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Kyrsten Kyrsten | 9 days ago
Try weight gain supplements. Also, you should limit you're cardio (running/ aerobics/ dance/ etc ..) and focus on stretching/ strength exercise to gain muscle instead. I recommend checking out this website below. It has tons of helpful tips. Hope this help. :) http://buildmuscle2.blogspot.com
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Kyrsten Originally Answered: Quick ways to lose weight!?
Hello, Lauren . I would like to share with you what worked very well for me! I found out that the true answer to weight loss in our busy world is to have a high metabolism! This allows people without the time to exercise to eat what they want, when they want. How often you eat, how many calories per meal, what kinds of food, when you eat - these all matter and contribute to how fast your metabolism is. If you want to finally be rid of the weight loss industry once and for all and be free, you can read about the diet plan below (it is quite in depth, not enough room here). It worked great for me and my wife, and I couldn't recommend it more, good luck. Robert.
Kyrsten Originally Answered: Quick ways to lose weight!?
create emergency packs filled with healthy foods such as nuts fruits or sliced vegetables to help you avoid unhealthy temptations

Jemma Jemma
Wow, you sound like me while I was once 15. I might in no way get my weight to move beyond 106 kilos. (And that was once with the per thirty days bloat). My waist was once 24" and I was once very slim. I was once bodily energetic daily, simply having a laugh, swimming, sledding in iciness, you title it, if it was once an out of doors recreation, my peers and I as a rule did it. I needed to be referred to as in to devour foods. I didn't like meat both and might best devour a couple of bites of it. Later on I grew to become a vegetarian - a lacto-ovo vegetarian which supposed I ate dairy merchandise, too. You as a rule might advantage via seeing a nutritionist. I recognize that I was once a terrible eater and didn't devour the entire meals that I must have. When I was once learning well being to be a healthful vegetarian, I located that as a teenager, I was once consuming too many meals with sugar or starch and now not adequate contemporary greens and culmination. Once I took cost of my well being, I felt plenty higher and didn't have colds like I normally obtained in spring time. So see a nutritionist first.
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Felicity Felicity
There is no quick way to gain anything but fat. You have to lift weights and break down muscle tissue so that it rebuilds stronger
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Felicity Originally Answered: What are some quick and easy ways to help me lose weight? ?
Losing weight really just comes down to portion control and the "right" foods and getting active. As for diet, first you should calculate how many calories you need to still lose weight. Usually this is between 1200-1400. (can simply google a calorie calculator) Now, foods high in fiber are GREAT. They keep you feeling fuller longer, so you can curb any unwanted cravings to snack/binge. So eat LOTS of dark green veggies, LOTS of fruit, especially berries (strawberries/raspberries). Oatmeal is another GREAT high fiber food. Steer clear of the pre-packaged flavored ones though considering they contain unnecessary extra sugar that will just turn into fat on your body. Simply get plain oatmeal and flavor it with fruits. My favorite is to cut up a fresh apple and spice it up with cinnamon and some nutmeg. Tastes delicious and I am avoiding extra fattening sugars! Next, protein! Protein is great for dieting, the leanest protein you can eat is ground turkey breast. Protein is also essential when it comes to rebuilding muscle fibers that are broken down during workouts. Almonds are a great snack (24 pieces a day), they keep you feeling fuller longer! Also, drink LOTS of water. Your body doesn't need juices or diet sodas, just simply water. As for workout: to melt fat off do cardio...running, or the elliptical are my 2 favorite forms of cardio. Also, cross train by lifting weights, doing squats and lunges. (be sure to get lots of protein if you're going to lift weights) Building muscle will make your cardio that much more effective. To get a nice tummy, do crunches, plank holds (hold yourself in plank position) and when you're doing your free-weights stand on a stability ball or stand on 1 foot to balance. When you challenge your balance you're challenging your core which builds your stomach muscles. Remember though to do your cardio! You can do as many crunches (etc) as you want but you'll just build the muscle under neath the fat! Hope this helped

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