what is a good amount of weight to lose each month? I am trying to lose weight and i needs tip and stuff?

what is a good amount of weight to lose each month? I am trying to lose weight and i needs tip and stuff? Topic: what is a good amount of weight to lose each month? I am trying to lose weight and i needs tip and stuff?
October 14, 2019 / By Kelley
Question: any good healthy diets?that are cheap, i am still college and don't have alot of money that could lose weight fast but still healthy? i am still planning on going to the gym
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Best Answers: what is a good amount of weight to lose each month? I am trying to lose weight and i needs tip and stuff?

Isabel Isabel | 5 days ago
A good amount of weight to lose each month is the amount you can lose while not fad or crash dieting or beating yourself up. Real, long term weight loss isn't about dieting it's about lifestyle. Losing weight doesn't help you if you don't keep it off and you won't keep it off if you don't make long term changes in what you eat and your physical activity. Some general tips: Don't eat processed foods - which include packaged meals, chips, etc. Be a label reader - if there are more than a handful of ingredients, or ingredients that you don't know what they are or can't pronounce, don't eat it. Pay attention to nutritional content labels, they will help you choose appropriate foods - BUT, remember that the BEST foods don't have nutritional labels, you'll find them in the produce section. Avoid white sugar, white flour and foods that contain them. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils like the poisons that they are. Avoid butter and foods that contain it. Don't drink your calories. Save your calories for food, drink good old plain water. Most sodas and juices are chock full of high fructose corn syrup - which bypasses your metabolim and goes straight to your fat cells - and the others have high amounts of calories. If you must occasionally drink juice, treat it like a dessert and make sure it's plain old juice with no additives. The gym is great, but go for a walk every day too. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water.
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Isabel Originally Answered: How can i lose 25 pounds without diet pills or stuff like that in a month and a half?
25lbs will take 12 1/2 to 25 months. You can't lose 25lbs in 6 weeks. I don't care if you have prom coming up or are going on vacation, you just can't lose that much. Well, I take that back, you can technically, but if you did, it wouldn't be all fat. Most of it would be lost water weight and muscle mass (not good!). To lose fat: 1. DON’T BELIEVE THOSE FAD DIETS! DIET PILLS ARE GIMMICKS! Yes, Acai berries/pills/juice is a fad diet. 2. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! Unless you are tiny as it is, a 1,200 calorie a day diet is DANGEROUS and won't work in the long run. 3. Find the ammount of calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight. Try this link: http://www.exrx.net/Calculators/CalRequi... 4. Eat healthy and eat about 500 calories below that number. Eating too little will result in loss of water weight and muscle mass, not fat (what you actually want to lose). 5. Eat 5-6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism up. Each meal should include fruits, veggies, water, and protein. Oatmeal is great for breakfast. 5. Drink at least 64oz (8 8oz glasses) of water a day. No soda (that includes diet soda). A great FAQ for proper diet (and general fitness): http://www.liamrosen.com/fitness.html 6. Do light/moderate cardio 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Running, bicycling, and swimming are great for this. If you are obese, do low impact stuff like walking or swimming. 7. Do some strength training to make sure you lose fat and not muscle. Don't worry; you won't look like the hulk if you lift weights. 8. You should lose about 1-2lbs (.45-.9kg) per week. If you lose more than that, chances are the rest is stool, water weight, or even muscle mass. Be patient and be smart. If you follow this guideline you will be very happy with your results. Good luck!

Elfrida Elfrida
Hey, You should lose it slowly, aiming for 2lbs per week meaning around 8/9 lbs in one month. From my own experience, whenever I lost weight quickly I ended up gaining it all back again and even more sometimes. Two pounds is realistic if you make small changes like having white bread instead of brown, losing the sugar in your tea etc. This isnt such hard work, I lost a lot of weight this way and it has stayed off 5 years later. It just takes your body time to change your current habits but when you make these changes they will stick with you for life, goodluck
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Cheyenne Cheyenne
Healthy weight loss is about 2 to 3 pounds a week. So your looking at about 8 to 12 pounds a month. Good Luck!
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Aspen Aspen
8-10 pounds per month is okay. don't eat right before you go to bed...seriously makes a big difference. limit yourself to an amount of treats per week and stick to it. i loveeee hula hooping and that helps so much and it's so easy to do while you're watching TV or whatever and doesn't feel like exercise...I hate the gym but if you don't mind it, then go for sure. there's this vegetable soup diet that my mom went on once and i just ate the soup because it was really yummy...certain days you can have veggies and all the soup you want then anther day it's fruit then another day you can have a baked potato, etc. it's a pretty sweet diet but you can only on on if for a certain amount of time because you lose quite a lot..if you like soup and can stand eating it for breakfast pretty much then go for it..i guess you'll have to google it though cuz i don't know the name.
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Aspen Originally Answered: What is a good HEALTHY amount of weight to lose in a week?
One to two pounds is healthy. Sometimes the first week of a new diet and exercise plan you'll lose a bit more. -S

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