Can the low-carb diet (atkins) be a permanent lifestyle change?

Can the low-carb diet (atkins) be a permanent lifestyle change? Topic: Can the low-carb diet (atkins) be a permanent lifestyle change?
September 23, 2019 / By Keara
Question: Some people have said that, at best, it should only be used for 6 months max since it is so high in fat and protein and so low in carbs. I've heard others (not doctors) say that it is perfectly healthy to make low-carb your permanent way of eating for the rest of your life. What's the truth here? If someone spends several years doing low-carb will they eventually have heart trouble or any other medical trouble relating to the diet?
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Idelle Idelle | 5 days ago
The low carb diet is a life style change... the high protein and high fat is a misconception since you body naturally prevents you from eating too much on this diet... I suggest you go to your local library and find the follow-up book, Atkins for Life... this have life examples of how at-risk individuals turned their health issues around with a low carb diet and adopted it in their lives...
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Idelle Originally Answered: lifestyle change instead of diet.?
You're over eating because you're denying yourself. You keep telling yourself "I can't" and you finally crack! It's a lifestyle change, exactly, don't give up something you don't intend to because you want to lose weight! Add in the calories. I burger and a dollar cone from McDonald's is 400 calories! You can EASILY. Add that into your calories.
Idelle Originally Answered: lifestyle change instead of diet.?
I believe your body craves the sugar an enegry quickly sometimes that of a choclate bar etc. I find having one treat day a week gets it out of my system and gives me something to look forward to. I believe this does not add much fat because the boy gets bored of the same food day in day out so when it has bad fats its supposed to speed up the metbo.

Edytha Edytha
I think you can adopt a low carb (or rather, I should say "healthy carb") diet for a permanent lifestyle change. The thing is that you need to stick to lean meats like fish, chicken, turkey and seafood and eat lots of vegetables along with low glycemic index foods for carbs. If you eat like that it will be a healthy eating regimen that you can stick to for a healthy and slim life. If you take the Atkins diet to the extreme and eat only steak and bacon with little vegetables then that would be unhealthy. I believe, the diet actually has phases where you add more and more "healthy carbs" into your eating regimen.
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Charmian Charmian
Atkins is the most retarded diet someone has come up with in my opinion. Carbohydrates are your fuel to exercise with and some "genious" decides to take them out of the diet completely. Yes, you lose weight. no, its not permanant, and no it cant be a permanent life style change. So after those 6 months, say you lose 50 pounds, before 3 months are up after that "diet" you will have put on 60-70+ pounds. My cousin lost like 45 pounds on it. She stopped at around xmas and by march she had gained 65 pounds.
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Charmian Originally Answered: When starting to workout/diet and change your lifestyle how do you stay motivated?
At my heaviest I weighed 355 lbs. It wasn't that I couldn't lose weight, it was I couldn't keep it off. The reason ? Because the moment I would reach my goal, I would go back to the exact same lifestyle that caused me to get obese in the first place. It wasn't until I read a little ebook called, "Lifestyle Changes That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy" that I finally understood this. I didn't need to diet, even at 355 lbs. I needed to find a reasonable way to eat that would allow me to lose weight without much struggle. In other words, after I reached my weight loss goal, I should not have to struggle so much to keep the weight off because I lost the weight due to my lifestyle change. It was my intent to continue with this lifestyle change forever. Well, combine the new eating lifestyle change and the change that focused on incorporating exercise into your daily life so you don't get burned out and I was able to lose 160 lbs in two years. I am very thankful I am no longer morbidly obese. So many bad things come along with being that fat. I strongly recommend you order the ebook. whether you are a little overweight or obese, it can help you because it focuses on the cause of weight gain and not the symptoms. It only cost me $5 and it literally helped save my life. Just send me an email if you want the web address to order it. I could not find it on google so you will need the address.

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