why am i always constipated?

why am i always constipated? Topic: why am i always constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Hillary
Question: i eat tons of fibre (raisin bran cereal with almost every meal, big bowl for breakfast as well) I eat a lot of fruit, at least 2-3 bananas/apples a day. I eat a lot of food as well (meat, chicken, rice, eggs, etc), I workout daily, I take protein shake and creatine. I drink tons and tons of water, at least 2-4 litres/day why am I still always constipated? I poop once every 2-3 days, but when you consider how much I eat (roughly 4000 calories) a day, I should be pooping at least once a day. any ideas/suggestions? is this something serious? should I see my doctor? also, no I will not lower my daily intake, I could change it though. I am in a top notch shape and health. I am a boxer and need to keep my weight and physique. the only logical explanation I could think of is (not so logical really tho, or is it?) my body uses up all the food I eat, and hence there is nothing to go to waste? I am 20 years old if that helps, and weigh 190 LBs.
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Echo Echo | 9 days ago
For constipation olive oil often helps. If a table spoon of olive oil doesn't help perhaps you could keep increasing the amount. For constipation, medication is only a very temporary solution if it works. Often you get side effects. Wheat germ and wheat bran are very high fiber foods that often help for constipation. Constipation can cause anal fissures, hemorrhoids and also some far more serious problems as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22r... . You probably need to improve your diet as you seem to have a constipation problem. For constipation, castor oil is very good for a one-off remedy as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22c... but it is unsuitable for regular use. For constipation, suppositories, laxatives, fiber supplements and enemas are all totally unnecessary if you eat the right foods and avoid the wrong foods. All fruit and vegetables in very large amounts are laxative. You need to permanently change your diet or you are likely to get colon cancer. Constipation can make you extremely unwell and can lead to colon cancer as it causes a build up of carcinogenic toxins in the system. The intake of foods such as milk, cheese, white rice, white flour and red meat should be restricted, because they tend to contribute to constipation. Any food that has had the fiber stripped out, the nutrients processed out or slows down the digestion is a constipation culprit. Here's a list of foods shown to cause constipation problems: •Meats, especially fatty meats, red meat and processed meats, •Dairy Products, such as cheese, ice cream and whole milk, •Fast Foods – burgers, French fries and other fried foods, pizza, etc., •Refined grains, like white rice or any refined white flour products, •Highly starchy foods – white potatoes, corn and all refined grains, •Pastries and other high sugar products, such as cakes, cookies and pies, •Deep-fried foods, chips and other foods that are high in bad fats. You can see lots more in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22n... which tells you "Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation" and the right foods to eat.
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Echo Originally Answered: Is my dog just constipated?
She is probably just constipated. This can happen if they have had a lot of fiber in their diet and not enough water among other reasons but these are most common. I have the same problem with my dog from time to time. Usually a little bit of milk gets things softened up and going. Hope this helps.

Chanelle Chanelle
Last year the same thing happened to me. I are healthy and only drinked water and milk. It turns out I'm lactose and tolerant. I thought something was wrong with me since I was only 16. I just replaced milk with almond milk for cereal. And last thing is metamucil fiber (orange flavor) in the summer at my grandmas I took it every morning and was very regular. I went after i ate breakfast everyday. And metamucil is NOT a laxative. It's natural so there is no way you can get dependent on it. I've been off of it since summer and I still go everyday. Make sure you drink 1 gallon water everyday. And eat one of your favorite fruits every morning. The only fruit I don't eat is banana cause it seems to constipated me. And try to exercise 3 times a week.
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Anora Anora
Eat more fiber (Fiber One cereal). Did you watch Spongebob as a kid? Or even Dragon Ball? You DO know why Goku and Vegeta are always shouting right? Also a lot of Protein constipates you.
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Youkahainen Youkahainen
Drink more water and fruit juices Make sure you get enough exercise - i.e walk more And if that's not enough, use enemas and suppositories as needed If it goes on a long time, or there are any other symptoms, see a doctor - or a gastroenterologist.
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Youkahainen Originally Answered: do u think im constipated?
could have whats called fecal impaction, make sure that your diet is high in fiber and water. Also make sure to eat low fat foods as that can make it harder to pass your bowl movements. Also when you do have a bowel movement , i know this may sound gross but look at it to make sure there is no blood, or foul odor or that it looks off color. If its any of the 3 it could be some type of condition. I would also be very careful when taking a laxative because they can be harmful to your intestinal system I would recommend getting gentle laxative, also try prune juice i know it might sound nasty but it helps to soften the stools. Also it could be medications that you are taking , if you are taking any

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