how can i gain weight extremly fast?

how can i gain weight extremly fast? Topic: how can i gain weight extremly fast?
June 16, 2019 / By Deanna
Question: hi, i am a 5'9 125 16 year old boy i NEED to gain weight im sick of being a skinny twerp, i am motivated from this point on to gain "weight" not nessicarily muscle i just need to fill out im 125 pounds of bone and im sick of it. i need to gain at least 35 pounds by the time i graduate from high school (im in the last month of 11th grade.) PLEASE DO NOT SAY GO TO GYM.. i understand that.. what foods can help me gain. i am aware that there are certain snacks that can help like nuts fruit yogurt and im going to start NOW. but what are some high calorie dinners and lunch (that i can bring to school) . PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I AM VERY INSECURE AND WANT TO END THAT NOW!
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Bridgette Bridgette | 5 days ago
Some good lunch and dinner ideas are: a huge serving of rice or pasta, bread with olive oil, potatoes, large sandwiches with lots of fillers (you may even want to eat two sandwiches), or large portions of animal protein You can pretty much eat whatever you want to gain weight as long as the portion sizes are large and its high in calories. Good ways to add calories would be by adding oils or fats into them. Some other meal suggestions are: protein shakes, protein bars, full fat dairy, and putting peanut butter or nuts onto everything Just make sure to try and eat mostly healthy foods and not junk food so that you're body continues to function well. As you've mentioned it would also be a good idea to go to the gym and lift so that you gain muscle mass and not fat.
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Bridgette Originally Answered: Fast Gain, Fast Loss - Gaining/Losing Weight?
well usually people have a set point.... consistency is the key.... let's say your set poing is 135lbs You usually could lose 5-10lbs then go back to 135lbs in a couple of weeks, then gain 5-10lbs and then go back to 135lbs in a couple of weeks... If you excersie consistently for a long period of time, months-years.... then your set point itself will change... to let's say 110... My father is a nutritionist... He does not believe in "QUICK" weight loss diets... if they are not maintained for years..

Algoma Algoma
Sorry, kid, but alot of teens have a very high metabolism. That means every single calorie is used by your body as fuel. There's nothing left over to store as fat. They can literally eat at Mcdonalds 3 meals a day and they still won't gain weight. It's a fact that alot of people have gone through. As you get into your 20's, your metabolism slows down, you start gaining weight. By 40, you're fat. I'm a woman, I was 6'0 and 120 in 10th grade. Now I'm 180.
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Tyrell Tyrell
First of all, every single girl your age, including myself incidentally, hates you guys for your metabolism. Now that I've got that out of the way... PROTEIN. Protein in the key. not only will it help you build amazing muscle if you do go to the gym, (which is the best way to do it, or go swimming!) but you'll naturally be more muscular. Eat healthily too, that is also vital. try things like turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread (whole wheat actually has more calories than white bread) Greek or whole milk yogurt, pure fruit smoothies, (just cuz they're awesome), lots of eggs and meat. Fish is always awesome but hard to bring to school. You can also make chicken/ bean quesedillas or burritos with whole grain tortillas. Esentially: eat a lot of healthy whole grains and high protein meals, and lift weights once in a while to it doesn't all go to your stomach.
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Riel Riel
Honestly gaining 35 pounds in one month would be extreemly unhealthy for your body any way you do it. And getting fat is alot worse than being skinny, not only are you less likly to be made fun of, but you have somthing to work from this summer. You can focus on gaining weight ( in a healthy way ) and gain some muscle mass too. Trust me that would be a much better option than a getting fat quick. Pluss fat is harder to get rid of than gaining weight. You will regret it later
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Riel Originally Answered: Will loosing weight fast cause fast weight gain?
Hey Tasha, You're losing weight because you're running daily and I assume that you must be careful about your diet also. If you stop running after joining school and don't look at what you eat, you'll start to gain weight again. It's that simple! Don't get overwhelmed. It is a myth that if you lose weight fast, you'll get it back even faster. It happens when someone follows a very rigorous exercise routine and eats a very strict diet to lose a certain amount of weight in say...two weeks time or a month's time. After they've lost weight, they get back to their normal routine which causes them to gain that weight back. Losing and gaining weight is a gradual process. You are going good. Continue exercising and enjoy the run rather than focusing too much on weight loss. Keep a check on what you eat but indulge once in a while and feel happy about it. Do everything in moderation and nothing in extreme...eating and working out. You know your body well. This way you'll never gain extra weight, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, stay away from stress and any health problems.

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