Anyone know of a splash proof cat water bowl?

Anyone know of a splash proof cat water bowl? Topic: Anyone know of a splash proof cat water bowl?
September 19, 2019 / By Day
Question: My cat doesn't tip or move the water bowl. He paws the water out onto the floor. I have tried tall bowl, towels around the water bowl. I even tried a heavy weighted water bowl that just made a bigger mess. I do have a mat underneath, but it's just not enough. Pleae help save my hard wood floors.
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Brianna Brianna | 2 days ago
Use a water bottle. Like uh, the hamster things, you know? That's what I'm getting for my dog, and yes, they come in bigger sizes.
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As answered already Pyrex and plates marked for safe use in oven are fine but don't do like I did. I thought the plate was oven safe but after baking on it I put it on the stove top and the cooler surface of the stove caused the plate to shatter with the food still on it.

Alexis Alexis
You may have to move the water to a room that doesn't have hardwood floors. Your cat may have a problem seeing the water in the bowl and puts his paw in to make it move so he could see how high it is. I think that the idea of a rabbit bottle is a good one to try, too.
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Tylar Tylar
The cat =may= be upset about something. If the floor is not clean the odor may upset the cat or make them thnk the water is not clean. Try bottled or filtered water. Maybe the water has an odor or taste teh cat does not like. Those shallow plastic trays they make for dirty shoes or a sheet cake pan will hold the spills.
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Rickie Rickie
I have the identical trouble! It makes me loopy, and the humorous factor is, he is two and a million/two years-historical and simply began this a couple of months in the past. I placed different water bowls in quite a lot of elements of the apartment, and this has helped. Both of my cats like to play in any and all water. Good success.
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Merlyn Merlyn
i had the same prob with my kitty so i got a self waterer,it is a large jug that sits snugly into a bowl on the bottom and my cats cant knock it over,it holds 4lt of water,you can pick one up at you local pet supply store they are about $10-$15
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Merlyn Originally Answered: My dog keeps tearing up her water bowl?
Get an old cooking pot and use it, if you haven't got one at home you can use you can probably pick one up at a thrift store very cheaply. BTW what kind of dog is it? Just curious. I've had a couple chew up bowls but never break them.

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