is green works safe to use around children?

is green works safe to use around children? Topic: is green works safe to use around children?
December 11, 2019 / By Prudence
Question: i just bought this stuff http://static.huddler.com/imgrepo/thumbs... so i could clean the surfaces that my son can get to, the coffee table and other stuff. i was wondering if its safe to use on his high chair and maybe his toys? it says there is no bleach and its made form natural stuff.
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Best Answers: is green works safe to use around children?

Mayme Mayme | 7 days ago
Yes it's safer than regular chemicals. I've used it around my house with my kids so it's fine.
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She didn't end up with rickets because she was vegan, she ended up with rickets because her parents didn't bother to see to her vitamin D intake. There's a big difference. The American Dietitic Association and the Dietitians of Canada agree that a properly planned vegan diet is appropriate for ALL life stages, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood and adolescence. It's the reponsibility of all parents to make sure that their children are getting the nutrition they need, regardless of the diet they've chosen for their families. A few isolated cases of malnutrition splashed all over the media should not constitute an indictment for a dietary plan that nutrition experts approve of. What the general public never hears about is the thousands of perfectly healthy vegan kids. I know four vegan kids personally ranging from 3-14; their parents are informed and responsible and the kids are happy, healthy and thriving. I don't know all of the details of this particular case so I don't know if there were deficiencies beyond vitamin D, but that's all that was covered in the story. In that case, since she lived in Glasgow, which is too far north to get the necessary sunshine to form vitamin D most of the year, her parents could have added fortified foods or a supplement to her diet. Note that dairy products do NOT naturally have vitamin D. Rickets used to be a common problem. Vitamin D and calcium work best in conjunction and government officials needed a vehicle for getting sufficient vitamin D into children's diet, so they chose milk because it already had the calcium and most children drink it regularly. There's no reason, knowing those facts, that a vegan child drinking fortified plant milk would be any different than an omnivore child drinking fortified animal milk.

Laurencia Laurencia
Are you sure that kills germs? I've read that actually all you need is soap and hot water to clean surfaces, that this anti-bacterial stuff does more harm than good. I'm reading about xenoestrogens and how common they are in products - I have irregular periods and am trying to find out if it's a hormone imbalance. They're putting xenoestrogens in almost everything these days, and it creates an unstable balance in our bodies. I'm unfortunately stuck living with my mom for now and she insists on antibacterial cleaners. I at least told her about the risks. Just because something is natural doesn't make it better. What I'd do is spray, then go over it with water so you don't have the residues on things he puts in his mouth. I use baking soda and hot water to clean almost everything. That's all I'll use if I can ever get my own place! I tell my mom to at least go over surfaces with hot water when she uses spray cleaners like Lysol. Maybe find out if it does kill germs AND if it contains xenoestrogens. You can read a lot online. Chances are if it's anti-bacterial at all it contains toxins just like Lysol. Regardless, I think these things are ok if you use plenty of hot water.
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Jinny Jinny
we could see the style of ill people because of fact of "chemical factors" as against ill people using "eco-friendly" cleaners interior the destiny. here is an occasion, the death value from Cholera interior the U. S. is nil, in areas of Africa its extensive. Why, Chlorine toddler, Chlorine. My prediction is that the death value from H1N1 would be greater amoung those that use in basic terms eco-friendly products to disinfect than people who use the stable stuff.
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Fredda Fredda
I would say yes, i have two kids and i use it, i love the smell as well. better for the environment and everything good choice.
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Hello there! Just want to share how Green Coffee Premium changed my life. I am a diabetic person and every timee my blood sugar rises my blood pressure becomes uncontrollable. Since i started taking this it becomes normal. My target at first is to lose weight but then my doctor noticed that my blood sugar and blood pressure becomes normal. And for me taking this is a miracle. I have not only lost pounds but i became strong and healthy. For those people at my age who think there's no more solutions. Try to take this product there's no more to lose, it worked for me and i hope it will work for you too. And for Green Coffee Premium thank you... And thank you for the big discounts too...

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