Evaluate my eating habits. Am I eating healthy?

Evaluate my eating habits. Am I eating healthy? Topic: Evaluate my eating habits. Am I eating healthy?
September 20, 2019 / By Aeryn
Question: Hi guys :) I'm 5'2 15 years old and I weigh about 120 pounds. I'm a dancer, and I have dance everyday of the week, but I'm trying to tone up and lose weight (like 10 pounds) A calorie counter, told me in order to lose 1lb a week, I have to eat 1064 calories. So heres what I tend to eat, but Im starting to wonder if it's really healthy for me or not? breakfast: vanilla yogurt (light and fit) 80 calories milk, nonfat 80 calories wonderbread whole wheat, 1 slice 90 calories skippy peanut butter 95 calories is this too much for breakfast? i use to eat just the yogurt and water. should i cut back? or replace the milk with water? i still need calcium..so I'm a little confused with what I should eat for breakfast. what i have now gives me dairy, calcium, whole grain, and protein, but its alot of calories. (total: 351 calories) lunch: special k cereal and apple- 200 calories water- 0 calories snack: i usually have a banana 105 calories water 0 calories fiber chewy bar, kellogs chocolate chip 120 calories total:225 calories dinner: whatever my mom makes me, but I try to cut back on portions or I make myself a lunch meat sandwich if i think what shes eating is too bad for me. today I had 2 french toasts. they were on wheat bread, no syrup or butter. and milk total:320 calories so my total calories is more than 1064, but I dance, so i burn off everything extra. what can i do to improve my diet? :)
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Theo Theo | 7 days ago
I wouldn't aim to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week. And you should try to be in a healthy BMI zone. For your height the healthy BMI zone is 101.2-136.6 if you have average muscle mass so that is the range you should aim for. Losing 10 lbs would put you at about 110 and a BMI of 20. Healthy BMI range is 18.5-25 and by the formula you see below, you should be consuming no less than 1800 calories a day. The amount you would lose would depend on a lot of other factors but eating healthy and exercising is a good start. You should cut out croutons on your salad, creamy salad dressings, and high fat cheeses, as well as soda, fruit juice, and high sodium products. Cutting calories but not eating healthy won't do anything and if you cut too many it actually hinders you in your weight loss. Fidgeting throughout the day burns calories. Basically to lose a pound a week you want to try to burn about 500 extra calories than you normally burn a day. To find out how many calories you consume/burn in a typical day to maintain your current weight there is actually a formula. If you want to lose weight figure out your BMR (base metabolic rate) which for women is 655+(4.35*weight in pounds)+(4.7*height in inches)+(4.7*age in years) and for men is BMR=66+(6.23*your weight in pounds)+(12.7*your height in inches)+(6.8*your age in years) then you take that number and you multiply it by 1.2 (sedentary) 1.375 (lightly active) 1.55 (moderately active) 1.725 (very active) 1.9 (extra active) and that final number is how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight. Then since 1lb of fat is approximately 3500 calories, burning 500 calories a day would be 1 pound a week. As you lose weight you'll need to redo the equation, but you need to remember that if you cut a ton of calories then your body will go into starvation mode. You should figure out the caloric intake for sedentary activity at your goal weight and have a caloric intake at or above that. The rest of the loss should be exercise. You can keep up your metabolism by eating small healthy snacks and meals about 6 times a day. Eating every 3-4 hours helps your body, and eating spicy foods helps also, if you can handle them. Just try to remember, being healthy, not losing weight, is the most important thing. If you don't go about it in a healthy way you will do more damage to yourself in the long run. Good Luck :-)
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Theo Originally Answered: Are my eating habits healthy?
You are not screwing up your metabolism at all and as long as you are not skipping meals or starving yourself you are ok. According to your weight and in order to keep it, you should eat on the neighborhood of 1200 and although you are eating less than that, some studies actually suggest that eating between 10 and 15% less than your recommended (as per normal guidelines) calories a day can improve your health and slow the aging rate which translates in longevity. I am also assuming that you do eat a lot of veggies which are filled with nutrients and even with such a low calorie count you are probably consuming more fiber, vitamins, minerals than a lot of other people out there who eat processed foods filled with empty calories so I'd say as long as you are feeling well you are fine. 700 calories does sound like too little for someone with your activity rate but as long as you don't do it most days and you are feeling well it's fine. If you notice you are loosing weight just add a meal replacement shake every once in a while and you'll be covered :)

Price Price
I would cut either the milk or the yogurt from your breakfast. It seems redundant. Everything else seems fine. I think you will lose weight easily eating this way unless you are calorie overloading at dinner, but I bet you are being smart about it.
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Malachi Malachi
Ok- for starters your breakfast should incl. a cereal of some sort - perhaps pop your peanut butter on some wholegrain toast (I use gluten-free multigrain) In place of the peanut butter - maybe look for a almond/cashew/brazil nut spread (ABC spread) it's got much more of the good oils in it. and your lunch? uncool. I'd replace the cereal with some tinned salmon served over either a garden salad or some gluten free rice pasta. dinner: carrots and meat? lets go for steamed mix veggies with some lean meat. You don't need two apples a day ---- maybe make one a banana or an orange
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Jeptha Jeptha
I never knew losing weight could be easy at all until I gave a diet program a trial. I'm so impressed with the outcome that I recommend it will be of help to you.
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Jeptha Originally Answered: Teens: do you have healthy eating habits?
do you have 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day? I do not really count the servings I consume. I am not even sure of how to measure a serving, but I am a vegetarian and all my meals consist of generous portions of vegetables, fruits and grains. I am pretty sure I eat more than enough vegetables and fruits everyday. do you have more then 1 cup of caffine (coffee, pop..etc) a day? I don't drink pop at all. I don't drink coffee very often. Do you eat more junk food then you should? I do not eat junk food. I make my own pizzas, hamburgers and fries etc. with healthy ingredients and vegetarian alternatives to meat or meat by-products. Fast food restaurants do not serve food that appeals to me. are you at a healthy weight? I am. The doctor weighs me and evaluates my growth once every two months because of some health problems, and right now I am doing great. What would you like to change or improve in your eating habits? No, I think my eating habits are pretty good as they are. Most of the food I consume is home-made with fresh ingredients, has a good nutritional value and I eat normal portions of food with every meal.

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