How much money in revenue has Illinois lost since the implementation of the smoking ban?

How much money in revenue has Illinois lost since the implementation of the smoking ban? Topic: How much money in revenue has Illinois lost since the implementation of the smoking ban?
October 18, 2019 / By Chelsie
Question: I know I have heard of quite a few bars and bowling alleys closing down afterwards in ill from my fionce's parents, I was just wondering if anyone knew a number on how much they have lost?
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Best Answers: How much money in revenue has Illinois lost since the implementation of the smoking ban?

Ascelina Ascelina | 4 days ago
I have found your question interesting but when will the nice folks realize that the tax revenue from the sale of tobacco products, far outweigh the cost of keeping the smokers alive? Here in the beautiful south where we make a lot of our annual income from raising tobacco, we know that there are more important things for the government to worry about than keeping the whiners from getting a little sick from somebody smoking a cigarette in PUBLIC. What's next, banning autos from the state because someone got run over by a second hand accident? The cost in lost revenue and lost tourism will outweigh the benefit of such a silly regulation. Now, how many thumbs down will I get for this one?
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Zefania Zefania
Your fiance's parents are wrong. Smoking bans actually help cities. Think for a second about medical costs associated with heavy smokers. It's working great out here in California.
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Siward Siward
You fiance's parents are not right. The smoking ban may hurt one or two bars that relayed on smokers, but is helping the rest of us.
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Opher Opher
Atleast the air is cleaner and people don't have to breathe that crap in! Saves on medical bills and cancer treatment!
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