Help my 5 day old Kitten is constipated!?

Help my 5 day old Kitten is constipated!? Topic: Help my 5 day old Kitten is constipated!?
May 22, 2019 / By Cecily
Question: I have been wiping him just as I do the others in the litter..and they are all going fine. Does anyone know of a way I might be able to get him to go...its been 24 hrs since his last poop. I am bottle feeding all the kittens b/c the mother died during birth. Also the kittens did not get to nurse at all on the mother The kitten in question has been eating fine...actually he eats way more than the others.
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Annice Annice | 10 days ago
at the cat clinic i work at, we massage colons to express them when they're constipated. i'd take him to a good cat vet just to check...it would at least ease your mind. make sure you get him dewormed, too...worms can cause constipation in babies. you might want to take in a fecal sample from one of the other babies to make sure they don't have any less common worms that general dewormers won't get. as far as a laxative, cats are lactose intolerant, so giving him a small amount of cow's milk might help to loosen his stool. be aware that kittens can go from ok to not ok at all in hours, so keep an eye on the little guy!
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Annice Originally Answered: How do you help a kitten who is constipated?
Your kitten definitely needs kitten replacement milk. One thing that a mother cat does to keep a kittens poops moving along is to lick their bottom. Don't panic! I'm not suggesting you do that!! LOL! Take a warm (not hot) wash rag and gently run it across his bottom like a mother would lick. Also, it sounds like your kitten should see a vet, anyway. They would be able to check his condition and give you some pointers. Good luck!!

Xan Xan
YAY well done Sad 4 your loss of mum, I've been through exactly the same thing!, wipe Kitty's bum with warm wet cloth, if its eating well it should be o.k . Is kitty peeing? adding water with honey or glucose(sugar) is a good idea, not to much though 'cos you want him filling up on milk not water really, are you using kitten milk i.e animal lac or similar?(vet or good pet shop) don't use regular milk, but I'm sure you know this, it will most definitely stuff up digestive system. Be very careful of infections both internal and external use boiled water clean cloths without mums milk they are lacking in antibodies (you know this 2 i bet) well done taking them on I know how hard it is when they are 7 days or so you can space the feeds a bit more 4 hourly or so Good luck Susan
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Sheamus Sheamus
Mother cats lick their kitten's bellies to stimulate their bowels and help produce stools. Make sure you are giving him a veterinarian-approved kitten milk every two hours. Also, check with local vets and shelters and explain what has happened. Often times they have a nursing mother (a queen) who will adopt other kittens who no longer have their mother. Your devotion is wonderful, but they have a better chance of surviving if you can find a surrogate mother cat.
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Noah Noah
If your kitten is straining or showing any problems, then I would suggest getting to the vet ASAP. Especially important is how well it has been eating. If not doing very well, then this is an additional reason to see the vet. If the kitten seems happy, active, eating well, and not straining, then I'd not be as worried. You can wait a day or two. But if you notice any ocular/nasal discharge, and the kitten appears sluggish...get to the vet asap.
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Kortney Kortney
What are you feeding them, and how often? Are you sure he's constipated? It could be that he just hasn't eaten enough to eliminate anything. If you're sure that this kitten is getting as much food as the others, and still isn't "going", take them all to your vet and get them checked out. It could be that he is, and the vet can give him something, or suggest something for you to do. As long as he's eating and "thriving", you probably don't have anything to worry about. But, if you're nervous about this, ASK your vet!! Good for you.......taking on those kittens......Good luck with them.
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Innes Innes
Think about this: If you haven't fed them any but the mother cat's milk, there won't be much to come out! :D So you don't need to worry your cat is fine. And maybe the others are doing it more because they have a smaller digestive system so it doesn't take as long...lol your kitten is fine, hon.
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Ewan Ewan
Just keep wiping its belly with a warm wet cloth. I assume you are having to feed it and there is no mama cat?? Good for you, but be patient.
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Coty Coty
Give him some warm water with sugar in it. About 2 table spoon should be enough. To give it to him put it into a ear dropper or something similar.
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Coty Originally Answered: How to help a constipated kitten?
No wonder the poor thing is constipated, kittens should not be taken away from their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. It's your fault and don't try to stimulate him, you're only hurting him. Leave him alone until you go to the vets, you are only irritating him and making him worse. Ask the vet when you can have him neutered too.

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