How can i eat healthy at school?

How can i eat healthy at school? Topic: How can i eat healthy at school?
October 18, 2019 / By Biddy
Question: I am very lazy in the sense that i cant be bothered to make lunch for school and i get lunch money twice a week. Most of the time, i end up buying freddos and caramellos because so many people have chocolate boxes, there fast, easy and cheap. When i have money for the canteen i normally get healthy food but the line is always so big it takes up most of my lunchtime. Also i tried making lunch after school for the next day but i never remember. i take a bus to school so i dont get to buy lunch at a shop and i only get $5 on monday and friday. Btw, i do enough excercise coz i have sport lessons for an hour twice a week and my job is to walk a dog for 2 hours a week and i have a pool so i swim lots
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Ailie Ailie | 4 days ago
Too lazy to make lunh at home. That is a big problem!!! Home cooked meals, made from fresh foods, are the best and healthiest meals to go for, provided you know how to cook healthy. There are some guidelines but the basics are minimal processed ingredients, freshest food, little salt, little sugar, good usage of healthy oils, and good tempurate and cooking time. I always bring my own food. My mum makes vegetable stews, healthy pastas, soups which I bring in a thermis, stirfries, loads of things you can bring.
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Tolbert Tolbert
Look at your question and your reasoning You want to eat healthy but you are lazy lazy lazy Make a packed lunch If you cant remember set a time each day before you go to bed or get up 20 Min's earlier You can only do it for yourself If you have some money and you pass a grocers on the way to school spend the money there instead of at the sweet shop Got to say that Freddos are really yummy and I know it doesn't help but I would have one of those rather than a couple of sticks of carrot any day !!!! Get motivated girl You'll thank yourself one day!!!
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Rashawn Rashawn
Buy a salad sandwich one the way to school at a cafe/coffee lounge! easy! some servo stations/truck stops will sell them too.
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Rashawn Originally Answered: healthy snacks for my kids after school?
Try: a piece of bread with peanut butter and bananas, or fruits (naturally tasty) like grapefruit or pears, apples, oranges. when i am sick and get a sweet tooth i make a smoothie its really good for every day though and its really filling, it's Bananas strawberry's and frozen orange juice try adding your own ideas to it like Cherries, blueberry's, or even apples. you can either use frozen fruits or add ice to make it cold. Hope i Helped! :)

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