Sex isn't worth waiting intill you are 26 29 years old so why is so many people waiting so long to loose there

Sex isn't worth waiting intill you are 26 29 years old so why is so many people waiting so long to loose there Topic: Sex isn't worth waiting intill you are 26 29 years old so why is so many people waiting so long to loose there
September 20, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: virginity, I lost mine at 19 with a wounderful girl which I'm still dating but I've seen up here where people lost there virginity at 26, 29 and a few in there 40's just to regret doing it with the person they did it with, I notice this by other questions that other people have asked, so what is so wounderful about sex that you have to wait 30 years to do it with someone special, its only human to want to have sex at a young age, people need to have fun when they can not wait intill they are to old to do anything to do it. don't bring up God in this I could care less about God he probably pimping all his girls if he even existed I'm not saying people sould loose there virginity as soon as possible I'm just saying that why wait so long for something that after you do it a few times just turn into a normal everyday function
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Breeda Breeda | 8 days ago
You're correct waiting is certainly not a benefit. I think when you're mature enough and your hormones have certainly consumed you get have to consider losing your virginity whether you're a man or woman. Since a lot of marriages end in abortion after really wonder what you're waiting for. Also at lease for Americans most do not necessarily expect there are bride-to-be to be a virgin.... they might be hard-pressed looking at you did. Sexual compatibility in a long-term relationship with it the marriage or boyfriend girlfriend can be quite important. That does not mean it has to be the most important but it's up there. But losing your virginity brings on servers possibilities such as being careful and using condoms for both preventing pregnancy and preventing any unwanted unfriendly bugs. And the guy who brought up Christian wouldn't have sex until you're married the Bible said..... I seem to remember reading about Lot... you remember that guy that had his wife turn in to salt. Remember he headed up in the mountains with his two daughters. Then the two virgin daughters got him drunk and had sex with her father. Now considering the guy just turned his wife and to salt you think you'd fry these three down to the ground. But he didn't have a problem with that. He now if you don't read the Bible at lease read the whole thing. Genesis 19:1-35 if you need a refresher course... also keep in mind the Bible was written by a lot of men... she I guess they'd want the women to be virgins. If you have a follow-up question or one that's a bit more personal and you want to send privately you can e-mail me directly by clicking on my picture and then click on my e-mail link through Yahoo answers in my profile AdviceMan
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Breeda Originally Answered: is he worth waiting for?
It sounds like he's really happy with your friend. If you carry on moping, and hanging on it'll just hurt you even more, and you'll lose him and your friend. Let him be, and move on. You'll probably find someone who suits you better than him. I know its easy for me to say, but it would be so much easier to let him go. There's nothing you can do without being vindictive, and that's how you gain a reputation. X

Alexandra Alexandra
Definately wait. I'm not saying you are too young because I was the same age and have no regrets, however I was in a secure relationship. You may well be emotionally ready for it, but don't just rush out there and grab the first guy who shows an interest because you will more than likely end up feeling used. When it is with someone you really love it makes it so much better because there is an emotional bond between you, and as your first time can be quite painful, someone who loves you will be more likely to take care and be as gentle as necessary. Hope I've helped in some way! x
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Turlough Turlough
They wait because they are not ready or they have beliefs that they stand by. I, myself, never waited for the perfect one and I don't regret not waiting cuz SEX ROCKS. But maybe these people that you are asking about just aren't willing to break their beliefs, or maybe it's such a scary subject (and just because we don't believe in god doesn't mean that others don't, and in that society sex is taboo, especially if your not married, )
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Richie Richie
It is one of the beautiful things about freedom of choice, some just choose to wait, some feel it is more of a religious thing, and some just don't make a big deal out of having sex
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Meredith Meredith
its said u have to do it with someone special coz its just not two bodies seeking pleasure by becoming one , but its also soul becoming one at that moment with your loved one...if u can have sex with everybody see around what else will u be left with to give to your loved one ? there will not be anything special between you and your loved one except the verbal expression of love n sex which you would be used to by then with other partners... feelings/emotions and sex are the two faces of love coin..it will emerge beautiful only when u share it with someone who u love and understand n wana be part of their life for ever
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Jonathon Jonathon
because, it is a personal choice you do not loose your sexual desires as you age. Some people feel that it improves. Just curious are saying that you are going to stop doing it when you reach a certain age
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Hale Hale
God invented sex for married people. Teenage pregnancies and babies without daddies around are the result of premarital sex. So I say get married and then have sex!
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Hale Originally Answered: virginity - what age is appropriate for loosing it? Am i waiting too long?
Yes, boys will dump you if you don't put out, but those are hardly the men you need if you want a serious, caring, commited relationship. Not the difference: boys versus men. In religious terms, it isn't the age but the relationship that determines when to lose your virginity. The standard religious answer is when you get married. And whether the psychology types will admit it or not, there are some darn good reasons to wait until marriage. Unfortunately, we live in a society where waiting that long is often thought "weird," and the psych types seem more concerned with how you feel about yourself than your actual mental and emotional well-being. The World is full of "men" who will tell you that they love and care for you so much that sex is the obvious next level in the relationship. "Friends" will apply peer pressure not because they are right, but getting you to do what they do helps them feel better about themselves. But, sex is powerful and far more intimate than modern society admits. In it there is both great joy and intimacy, but also great danger. If I were you, I would wait at least until I was in a serious, commited relationship, preferably married, at least engaged, before "losing" my virginity. There are lots of years of experience in that opinion, including many years of dealing with young women in particular who have suffered seriously because of the sexual relationships they've had. Many would tell you that no, they didn't suffer, but when you look at them relative to the ones who didn't have sex, the hurt of a broken relationship is deeper once you cross that barrier, because sex is that powerful, that intimate. Society will try to teach you that sex can be casual, that it is a fun thing to do with the odd stranger who turns you on, etc., but beware! Anyone you have sex with you develop a bond with, and denying that bond, treating sex as just another fun exercise, dehumanizes you and them. So, try to wait until marriage. And for both sex and marriage try to wait until you are emotionally mature and stable enough to take disappointments, hardships and such in stride. Yes, you'll get hurt, but being hurt is one of those unfortunate facts of life. Being mature enough to deal with them with relative calm means you can take a relationship through the hard parts and not always have it fall apart just because it is hard.

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