why am i still constipated?

why am i still constipated? Topic: why am i still constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Ami
Question: i was constipated about a month ago, and went to to the doctor. she told me to take a laxative and increase fibre. when i took the laxative it worked, but i didn't want to keep taking them obviously. so i started eating fibre 1 cereal every day, and had wholewheat bread and yogurt, and increased me water intake. i also started drinking prune juice on a daily basis. i found that all of this helped up until this past friday when i got constipated again! i cannot make a bowel movement at all and i don't want to take laxatives again. help? also, it's impossible for me to be pregnant, i have not had sex.
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Warren Warren | 5 days ago
Aloe Vera is a wonder herb that has been around for thousands of years. It has been used for both external and internal problems - skin rashes, burns, ulcers, internal bleeding. It also promotes bowel movements, which helps to relieve constipation. I have found that some people are allergic to Aloe Vera. So if you show a rash or have any other undesirable symptoms, don't use it. Aloe is an astringent, acts to tighten muscles, and has purgative and laxative action - dispels fecal matter that has collected in your colon. There are many aloe vera products to choose from. For best results, choose an aloe that is close to that of fresh organic aloe whole leaf. Using Aloe Vera Gel to Relieve Constipation Take two tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel mixed with apple juice. You can use other types of juices that fit your taste. If you use aloe juice drink, mix 1/3 of aloe juice with 2/3 of a juice you like just before bedtime or just on awakening. Or, if you can handle the taste of the juice, drink a glass of Aloe Vera juice as soon as you wake up and one just before bedtime. This will promote a bowel movement when you wake up. Relieve Constipation with Aloe Vera Capsules Aloe Vera can also be taken in capsules. Because aloe can have a strong griping action, it is best to take this herb with a calmative herb such as turmeric. Aloe can also be mixed with powdered fennel seeds. But, you can take aloe as described above and see how you react to it. I know many people who take it without turmeric and they don't have any side effects The best aloe vera is, of course, fresh aloe gel from a leaf. Look for an aloe that has been hand and not machine pressed. When aloe has been machine pressed, it can be contaminated with the yellow sap that is contained in the outer skin of the aloe leaf. This yellow sap has strong laxative and irritating action in the gastrointestinal tract. A good aloe should not have more than 10 parts per million of yellow sap. Aloe has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics may find a need to lower medication dosages when using aloe for a long time. But monitor this with your blood tester and your doctor. In addition, aloe vera has a cleansing action and restores a healthy balance of the good bacteria in your colon. Here's how to use Aloe Vera to relieve constipation Use aloe for 5 days and then rest 2 days. Using aloe on and off like this can help to reduce allergic reactions from long-term use. Typical recommendations are: · Aloe gel - 2 tablespoon each day · Aloe vera juice - 1 quart each day · Aloe vera concentrate - 5 g up to 3 times each day Remember, if you're pregnant do not use aloe vera. It has not been studied for women during this period. Drinking peppermint tea when taking aloe vera capsules can relieve mild cases constipation. You can also mix aloe gel with peppermint tea to form a constipation drink. Taking aloe vera to relieve constipation can give you good results since aloe vera has a strong action in the colon.
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Warren Originally Answered: my dog is constipated?
I know this may sound a little crazy but if your dog is constipated she can eat a little canned pumpkin. it is kinda like a natural laxative. I do not recommend suppositories at all. How ever you can use a stool softener.they usually come in the form of a gel cap. The active ingredient you are looking for is Ducosate Sodium. We use this all the time at the Vet clinic I work at.

Ryan Ryan
It would be best if he could treat it by diet and exercise, rather than any type of medicine. People can become dependent on laxatives, and that just exacerbates the problem. He should drink his 8 glasses of water a day. I bet if he would drink 4 20 ounce bottles of water a day, that alone would make a huge difference. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And use as many whole grains,and a few white grains, as possible. If he's pretty sedentary, he should start walking on a daily basis. Maybe start with a half hour a day. If he can't get it resolved with diet, water, and exercise, then there's a medical problem that a doctor should take a look at. Hope he feels better soon.
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Murdanie Murdanie
What else are you eating? Whenever I eat french fries I am guaranteed to be constipated a couple days later no matter what else I eat. White bread does the same to a lesser extent.
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Ken Ken
Now that you can move the bowels, it would be important to also make sure the good bacteria gets established like pro-biotics... acidophilus - lactobaccilus, etc. I use the cheapest that works from a local health food store.
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Ken Originally Answered: How often do you get constipated?
Some things such as narcotics, antidepressants and other medications can cause nearly constant constipation. Some women have constipation every month associated with their period. For some people, "normal" may be going once every 2 or 3 days. Once a day isn't normal for everyone.

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