how do u lose overall body fat?

how do u lose overall body fat? Topic: how do u lose overall body fat?
June 19, 2019 / By Darnell
Question: also i want to know how to lose lovehandles and stomach fat? what excersises what do you eat what not to eat? i really need help and to lose this by july 12 ! so could someone help me? email me or something please cuz i need to lose it but icant do it alone i need someone to guide me or something please respond!!!!btw im only 14 so no pills or anything! alyssa
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Breda Breda | 6 days ago
eat healthy get your recommended daily servings of the health guide. And drink AT LEAST 8 Glasses of water you will feel ugh for the first few days but after that you will notice the difference. I lost 80lb in 9 months.
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Breda Originally Answered: does toning your body help you lose weight or is it just a cover up for your body?
It REALLY speeds up weight loss because it causes your body to go into a "building mode" called an "anabolic state" When you tone using resistance training like weights or dumbbells, you are actually creating tiny little rips or tears (tear as in "to tear" a paper, not tears that you cry) in the muscle you are working. Your body detects those tears and goes into overdrive trying to repair (aka build) more new cells over the little tears, thus greatly increasing metabolism. If you're a girl don't worry about getting buff or building large muscles it's much harder for a girl to do that, you are most likely to have a nice toned body minus the big muscles. So definitely incorporate that into any weight loss programs and you will get MUCH quicker results and firm up too!

Alex Alex
hey sweetie. i've found that cutting out breads and starches and loaaaaading up on protein veggies, small amounts of fruits and healthy fats and oils such as peanut butter nuts and olive oil (in small quantities) are the BEST for loooosing overall body fat nutrition wise for exercise. you MUST exercise at the least 60 minutes a day. running...swimming. hiking.rock climbing,walking (quickly) any kind of endurance cardio is best for getting your heart rate up and this increases your metabolism which helps with all that body fat you dislike and want GONE. alsoooooooo you should also do some weight training. which is EXTREMELY good for your your metabolism and strength training. now. muscle weighs more then fat. so you may start to see an increase in your weight but do NOT be discouraged. you should continue with the exercise and nutrition. you will soon notice that the number will go down on the scale and also that you're looking more toned leaner and healllllthy!!! good luck alyssa <33333 leslie christine
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Tucson Tucson
try this Diet and cardio and some form of light weight training to keep you toned. Your diet should consist of dark leafy vegatables. Keep fruit to a minium even tho there good for they contain alot of simple sugars. Try swimming or running as cardio do 30 minutes to and 1 hour every other day. Swimming is the best cardio to do IMO. Keep your protein high with lean meats such as fish and chicken and of course keep fat, salt ,sugar, carbs and calories to all time low . What people fail to realize is exercising is only 20% of the work you have to do to reach your desired physique. Cardio is basically running i mean you can run up and down your stars get a pilates tape and pop it in the vcr or tabeo -Any other questions or advice on weightlifting, supplements, diet, nutrition, fat loss, and etc. come visit and join http://www.cagedanimal.net the webs premier bodybuilding forum
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Rich Rich
Why do you want to be that thin? Your body isn't nearly done growing. Cutting out junk food and snacks is all you would need to stay healthy, if you eat normal sized meals. At that weight and height it's not your body fat that's the issue, you just need to be patient and wait until you're done growing. Not giving yourself enough to develop is only going to prevent you from having a healthy looking body when you're older.
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Menahem Menahem
its pretty easy bruh, you dont need to starve your self or anything. 1. get into a work out routine. (about three times a week)do before you lift. 2. go jogging on those days you are not working out. 3. eat a big HEALTHY breakfast, and eat 4 smaller healthier meals throughout the day. don't drink any soda. ever. 4. water, water, and more water. drink a cup before you eat every meal, it will make you feel fuller and you will eat less. make sure you stay hydrated and you will start to see results. but the stricter you are the better the results will be, the harder you workout the faster you will see the results.
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Menahem Originally Answered: How long does it take for a 15 year old male at 15-14% body fat to lose 3% body fat?
You should continue working out, I'm not you but I've never had and and I have great abs, but I used to weigh 300lbs and it just doesn't show.

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