Need information about a one month old?

Need information about a one month old? Topic: Need information about a one month old?
September 17, 2019 / By Abiah
Question: I have a 1 month old who is having issues going #2....he has gas and i have been using Mylicon for infants and still nothing...I have also been using formula that helps reduce gas and fussiness...Is there anything out there that can help? Yes i was using Similac Advance Early Shield...then about 2 weeks ago i switched to Similac Sensitive R.S and i have been giving him watered down apple juice.
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Stew Stew | 4 days ago
Similac Sensitive RS Has rice starch added...So if hes constipated it is due to the fact that hes pretty much getting rice cereal in his bottle and cannot digest it well with his little tummy since all rice cereal is is rice starch.....Im not suprised hes constipated if hes on that and isnt having reflux issues....Switch to a regular Similac sensitive(I know they have it i used it myself) without the RS and see if it helps with the constipation....As well bicycle his legs into his tummy to help get things moving...Or give him a warm bath while massaging his tummy....But i think the main problem is the rice starch....Good Luck.
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Paisley Paisley
you know what. i was using similac sensitive because my dr thought she was having a milk allergy. well she was constipated and gassy the whole time. i switched back to similac advanced early shield and all is well again. i think that sensitve stuff makes them constipated. i have seen this alot. each baby is different, but i have a feeling it has something to do with that formula..is that what you are using?
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Linford Linford
The pear juice will work great...so will the apple and prune mix also made by Gerber or even Heinz. If you are going to do the tummy massage, make sure you go in clockwise motions, as that will assist in the bowel movement. Counter-clockwise can have the opposite effect.
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Jarred Jarred
Go buy some Gerber Pear Juice. Babies are not supposed to have straight juice until they are 6 months old, but I did this with my daughter. I put 1 ounce pear juice and 3 ounces of water to dilute the juice. Babies poop almost immediately no problem! It'll make your baby feel better. Good luck!
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Fredrik Fredrik
Rub his tummy, and then move his legs as if riding a bicycle. This should help to stimulate his bowels enough to have a BM.
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