Is it healthy not to eat for three days for a diet?

Is it healthy not to eat for three days for a diet? Topic: Is it healthy not to eat for three days for a diet?
September 23, 2019 / By Willis
Question: Well, I'm planning on not to eat for three days. I'll only drink water and I'll work out constantly. If I pray, keep myself busy, and think of my progress, I think I'll be fine. I'm trying to loose 25 pounds by Aug. 5th. So, how many pounds do you think I will loose in those 3 days? And is it the healthiest thing?
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Sefton Sefton | 5 days ago
No! That is not healthy at all! It is good that you are drinking water but you are also exercising and your body need proper nourishment or you will just make matters worst! You need to stick with a healthy diet plan and one that includes eating! Starvation makes no sense at all! Your doctor or a dietitian can help you with both a good exercise program and a healthy diet to lose weight. You have time to still plan a reasonable and sensible diet. Oh sure, you will lose weight but not the healthy way!
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Sefton Originally Answered: If you are chubby and are on a healthy diet, how many days does it take to become skinny or thin?
hiii ^_^ I wouldn't worry too much Worrying too much can cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bullimia..don't take your mothers fright too seriously hun If you would like to get healthy..I suggest you take your time..don't rush things! Don't rush them! I suggest in the morning do a little exercise doesn't matter if it's only 5 minutes. This will speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day. For food..I don't suggest you cut back on everything "naughty" this will lead to cravings and binges which you don't want sweetie. It's alright to have a sweet once a day such as a medium sized chocolate bar or a cupcake. Don't fret too much about it. It would be good idea to never eat untill your full. Eat untill your satisfied and it's alright to leave food on your plate, by the sounds of it your mum might be ok with that. I suggest you eat strawberries if you want an extra sweet thing because they have a low calorie density and are delicious! Avoid fast food..it's full of bad things that can make you sick..wouldn't you rather prefer fresh food anyway? I would much prefer some pasta with napoli sauce over a burger from mac donalds. You may not be into the whole fast food thing..but if your mum seems to take you out to takeaway alot don't feel ashamed if you ask her if you can have something healthy for dinner. Drink loads of water it's good for you and keeps you hydrated. Often people who are actually hydrated mistake it for hunger. Be healthy! Don't worry about it too much... I worried too much about it and now I have an eating disorder..you may not understand what that is at the moment so just enjoy life. As you grow up you will require more energy so you may thin out anyway. And don't think of it as a "diet" this sets you up for disaster..you need to change your lifestyle all together.. this is not temporary.. it's a lifestyle choice. If it becomes something of being temporary, you've already failed. Hope I helped.

Neil Neil
First if you start to starve you must eat ok you must eat or you could get realey sick you don't have to eat a lot jest to not get hunger pain because after 3 days your going to eat a lot then gain all the wight back so small meals to keep you going like fruit and celery because celery has negative cal just rember health comes first
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Kieran Kieran
No, it's not healthy. Not eating for 3 days will slow down your metabolism, and the weight you lose will most likely be more muscle than fat. I think you should cancel this three day fast, and spend the three days just eating healthfully.
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Huet Huet
this is definetly not healthy not eating has your body store the food and fat inside you because its not sure when you will feed again and this also slows your metablolism down... and working out too much without eating could cause you to pass out and feel very weak.
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Huet Originally Answered: How to gain healthy weight quickly in 5 days?
It's going to be really hard, actually pretty much impossible, to gain any noticeable weight in just 5 days. The best advice I can offer you is to just flaunt what you got! I feel you on the whole commenting on weight thing...I don't think it's right either, whether the person is underweight or overweight. But if people make comments, so what? They are probably just jealous anyway ;) However, you are pretty underweight for your height. I'm glad to hear you don't starve yourself or anything, because that's definitely no good. Some people just have really fast metabolisms. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? It wouldn't hurt to bring it up to your Dr next time you go in...you could be hyperthyroid, which would cause you to have a hard time gaining weight. They check it with a simple blood test and if they find that you actually do have hyperthyroidism, it can be regulated with medications, no big deal. It definitely wouldn't hurt you to gain some weight, espcially since it would make you feel better. Even like 5-10lbs. If you want to gain weight, I reccommend spacing your meals out into 5-6 smaller meals instead of a couple larger ones. You don't necessarily have to count calories. It might just drive you nuts lol. Try adding more calorie dense, but healthy, foods to your diet. Here's a list of some healthy weight-gain foods: -peanut butter/nut butters -nuts/seeds -dried fruits -bananas -avocados -olive oil -2% or whole milk/yogurts -natural cheeses -hummus -eggs -more carbs (whole grain pastas, breads, bagels, rice, potatos/sweet potatos, etc) -more protein (chicken breast, ground beef/turkey, fish, salmon, eggs, etc) -dark chocolate (70% or higher) -100% fruit juices or milk to drink instead of water You could also get Ensure or Boost drinks at your grocery or drugstore. They taste kind of like milkshakes. Each 8oz bottle has 250 calories (350 for the Plus varieties), come in different flavors, and contain vitamins. I drank them when I was in the hospital for anorexia recovery and they helped me put on weight. As far as exercise goes, try strength training at least 2-3X per week. Adding a bit of muscle weight is good and will help you fill out. Good luck and remember to always be confident in the body you have!

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