How comes I only poop every 6 days?

How comes I only poop every 6 days? Topic: How comes I only poop every 6 days?
September 17, 2019 / By Paisley
Question: I eat fruit, veg and healthy meals but I also eat sugary foods. I feel bloated and uncomfortable and wish I could poop every day like my boyfriend. I tried eating about 10 portions of fruit/veg a day but that just made me feel worse even more bloated and my belly looked like it was pregnant and im only a skinny size 10 person. I tried colon cleansing tablets which worked but as soon as I came off them it went back to pooping every 6 days. I tried a colon massage and it did nothing.
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Marcelyn Marcelyn | 4 days ago
If you palpate your abdomen (push around the area of your stomach where your intestines are) feel to see if it is hard. If it is, then you have impacted bowels. Your poop has stayed stuck in your intestines and is turning hard because it's drying out. It will become very painful if you dont get seen by a doctor to get help. The bloating is also a result of this. You need a colon cleansing. Maybe if you cant go to a doctor you can buy a colon cleansing product at a drug store. ask the pharmacist which on works the best. for that matter, tell the pharmacist your symptoms, they will give you free advice and help you choose a good product. Mind you, this is not as good as going to a doctor, but its better than nothing. Also, can you ever hear the normal gurgling sounds that can be heard in the belly, like after eating? These are called normal bowel sounds. If they are not there, then you definitely need help.
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Marcelyn Originally Answered: i didnt poop or feel like to poop for almost 3 days. what does it mean?
It means you should go poop, and soon. what happens is your body has lost the habit of regularity -- that's what you need to re-establish. * increase your water intake. * increase your fiber intake. * drink a cup of prune juice before bedtime, and after waking up. You might try warming it up. * drink a cup of strong coffee (not decaffeinated stuff) soon after waking up. to help you go, try: * sticking a piece of soap up into your rectum (the size of your little finger, from the nail to the first joint) * drink a "tea" of brown sugar. * you might even try to give yourself an enema of warm vegetable oil. Had to do that to my daughter a few times, but it did work. * take your place on the throne at a regular time, even if you don't feel like going (like say within the first hour of waking up). (all of these things have a laxative effect, I don't think you really need medication, yet.) What is normal is to poop 2-3 times a day, and it should be soft and easy. Do the above steps to get yourself back into the habit. I had a problem much like yourself some years ago, ended up in the hospital. Twas after that that I worked on re-establishing regularity. Never had a problem since.

Kingsley Kingsley
If this is a constant problem, and it sounds like it may be, I would definitely see a doctor. You may have a bowel obstruction, that is causing the stool build-up, or you may have very slow transit time through your colon, for which he could prescribe medication that would help. Slow transit time can cause fecal impaction which requires that you be disimpacted digitally, and be given several enemas to clear the impaction. An X-ray or scan would show if you had an obstruction and a Sitz-marker test would indicate if you have transit time problems. Good luck. In any case, lots of water and maybe a stool softener, and continue with high fiber diet and see a Doc.
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Janey Janey
I'm afraid Bill's right - this can be a sign of something serious, so you need to get your bowels checked out at hospital. They'll give you an enema or two to start off, which takes care of the immediate problem.
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Essie Essie
my sis breast feeds too n her baby have bowel movement everyday (it stinks so bad!!) well hes 8 months now but before he used to poop every 3 or 4 days n she always breast fed. well u should take ur baby to the pediatrician cause not all babies r the same. dont change him to formula...his defenses r gonna get weak.
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Claretta Claretta
I have the same problem. Those digestive health yogurts, like Activia, work but you have to make sure to keep eating one a day. Coffee also works.
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Claretta Originally Answered: iron tablet makes me nauseaous and my poop is green for days now?
I had iron tabs 3 times a day 45mg after i gave birth by c sec, It turned me poop green too and made me constipated, also sick, but unfortunatley it brought my iron levels back up! During pregnancy yes you will need to take it throughout because if your iron gets too low so does baby's and baby will therefore need iron when they are born :( after pregnancy it's a little diff I took mine for a week then got fed up and stopped which is why now...a year later im pregnant again and my iron is low making me anaemic so I'm on it now and i only 14weeks LOL. You can ask your dr to reduce the dose or change the one you are on sometimes that helps, ALSO in order to get your iron back up quicker caffeine reduces iron being absorbed into the bloodstream so cut down on any tea, coffee and chocolate! xx

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