Any Fruits/Drugs to reduce the symptons of Premenstrual Syndrome?

Any Fruits/Drugs to reduce the symptons of Premenstrual Syndrome? Topic: Any Fruits/Drugs to reduce the symptons of Premenstrual Syndrome?
September 23, 2019 / By Darcey
Question: Hi, anytime its several days to my menstrual period, all my complexion changes especially my face and breasts. my face will not be bright anymore, it will look very dull and dark, I will not be happy, my breast will be big and heavy and my nipples will be aching. I will look gloomy, never be happy at all. When I ask my friends if they feel the same way, they will say no. Or is it because am still a virgin, that is why am having those symptons. What really can reduce those symptons, any fruits/drugs, whatever, am ready to do it. Please help me my dear friends.
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Brande Brande | 8 days ago
Hi, This has nothing to do with your virginity. It sounds as if you may have an imbalance in your hormones and that is causing these symptoms. You need to be eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce the amount of wheat in your diet, so cut out the breads and especially the cakes and biscuits. Use other grains, like rye, corm and oats, snack on nuts and seeds rather than biscuits. Oats are very good as they help you body remove any excess oestrogens in your system. You should also think about some supplements, Efamol's Efamarine is a good oil, it contains evening primrose oil and fish oil, which will help with your skin and the sore breasts. You also need a good yeast free multi vitamin mineral supplement.
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Alea Alea
It has nothing to do with being a virgin. It could be genetic, and sometimes as you get older it isn't so bad. You always want to choose a natural alternative before popping a pill. For some, dark chocolate works, black beans, foods high in zinc, calcium and B vitamins, pineapples. Avoid too much salt, sugar and caffeine.
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Tristen Tristen
I'm still a virgin too. I had the same problems for some years. I tried a lot of things. But when I went to my doc he gave me some pills which are called Belara in austria. I don't have these problems any more. But you should first talk to your doctor if they are allowed inn your country or if that company also delivers them.
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