Safe diet pills while on Paleo diet?

Safe diet pills while on Paleo diet? Topic: Safe diet pills while on Paleo diet?
December 16, 2019 / By Opher
Question: I've been following the paleo diet but i'm not losing much weight. Are there any safe diet pills to take while I'm on Paleo? I want to remain as strict to Paleo as possible. Absolutely no chemicals, needs to be strictly all-natural. Thanks for the suggestion. I did some more research on Google and found this product - http://www.brilandbrands.com has something called PaleoTrim. I already take 2 of these (Acai and Green Tea Extract) seperately but going to give this a try as it seems to be an all in one.
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Best Answers: Safe diet pills while on Paleo diet?

Layton Layton | 8 days ago
Diet pills tend to depend on caffeine (makes you feel alert) and diuretics (make you pee). Drink tea or coffee, same effect and caffeine is also a diuretic. Diuretic herbs like parsley, diuretic foods like oats, cranberries, tomatoes, celery, watercress, melons, fennel, green vegetables and salad stuff also provide other healthy compounds the body needs. Should be something there to go with the Paleo!
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Layton Originally Answered: Diet pills that I can get that are safe, Im only 13?
You are too young for diet pills. Stick with exercise. oh, and for future reference, you have what is called a 'body set point'. This is a natural body weight for you. Don't worry what other people think or do, your most important issue is your health. If you mess up your body set point, you will end up with medical problems that are simply not worth it. Since you are only 13 it's important to know that your body, as it is now, will change over the next 7 - 10 years. Whatever you do, put 'healthy' first... anything else is secondary.
Layton Originally Answered: Diet pills that I can get that are safe, Im only 13?
Dont take any weightloss pills at your age, it could mess with your health. Eating right is easy even not at home, just stop making the bad picks(mcdonalds ex. Buy ceaser salad instead of chicken nuggets with fries)

Jackson Jackson
I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I am four-time father who watched all nursed for a year. Common sense (and probably every pediatrician) would clearly answer NO to this question. Not only are you constantly passing everything through to your child, you are also feeding two people. Trying to lose weight while providing the nourishment for another is foolish. Breast-feeding gradually and naturally facilitates weight loss for the mother. Let nature work. Besides, being at the one year mark for most means being close to the end for nursing, so why not wait? Don't make a decision you and your child might regret. Incidentally, proper nutrition and exercise -not diet pills- is the best way to long term weight loss and control. But that's a whole another discussion.......
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Finlay Finlay
Did you ever tested out Paleo Recipe Book program? Check out at this place : http://Guide.PaleoFoodGuides.com . It could obviously explain everybody!
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Finlay Originally Answered: Is it safe to mix two different kinds of diet pills?
It would help if we knew the names of the pills. In general, thermogenic means nothing and appetite suppressants are useless. Energy booster usually means caffeine. look at the list of ingredients in each product and google them, Or take them to the nearest pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist.

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