Eating too much healthy food?

Eating too much healthy food? Topic: Eating too much healthy food?
September 20, 2019 / By Dara
Question: I have posted about this issue before... I feel like I am just eating way too much. Even though what I eat is healthy, I still feel I am over eating. Perhaps it is because I need to eat more for lunch (I hardly eat anything because of a horrid school schedule). So when I get home I am rather hungry. I tend to eat alot on average, but when I am so hungry it is even more so. Everything I eat, I cook myself. I want a career in nutrition and fitness and workout daily, and am constantly educating myself on proper nutrition. I just want others opinions because I have suffered in the past from disordered eating habits and am technically still trying to fully recover. I never starved myself, I just lacked calories. I got down to like 93lbs. Since then I have gained weight via my doctor making me and have family support. I have had problems with overeating in the past (being able to eat an entire lb of dried beans!!), and recently have gotten better, practicing mindful eating as best I can. I sometimes struggle but work on it. I am a 16 year old female, about 108lbs, 5' 5.5". I workout daily. I lift weights 5-6x a week (60-75min), do HIIT cardio 1-3x a week. I do (60-75min) power yoga as my 1-2 "rest" days. Here is what I had today: Breakfast/post workout: Small apple 2 TBSP homemade almond butter Lunch: Hard boiled egg Snack: small apple 3.5 TBSP almond butter Dinner: 2/3 recipe of lentil stew 3-4 oz lean ground turkey Recipe: About 1 cup sprouted lentils, raw 1/3 cup uncooked quinoa 2.5 yellow squash 1 medium onion 1 cup cabbage 2 medium carrots 1 stalk celery 1 small tomato 3/4 cup mushroom small can tomato paste spices I feel like I shouldn't have eaten all that at dinner/snack. Ugh. I just feel fat and bloated! I go through stages of feeling great, then eat a bit more than I should and it starts another cycle of feeling bloated, fat, and gross. Have I eaten too much? Or is my body and hunger just trying to get normalized after being so underweight previously?
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Brady Brady | 6 days ago
You can't really eat too much healthy food ...that is fat free or low fat foods... as they dont do any harm. Your diet is pretty damn good and I'll bet you don't have a weight problem.
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Brady Originally Answered: Help! How to stop someone from eating junky unhealthy food and start eating any healthy food!?
Tell him it is unhealthy for him and you dont want nothing bad to happen 2 him! hell probably say "its fine" give him a reality check and tell him 5 y ears from now he could have diabetes and fighting with death.... invite him to eat with you and serve delicious healthy food make him feel good about wating healthier that should do the trick!

Albertine Albertine
Hi The best person to know whether you have overeaten or not is yourself. Ideally, you don't eat until you feel bloated and full. Try to aim about 70% full is good enough. You can do that through practice of mindfulness. Consciously try to be aware on whether you are eating enough. once you have reached about 70% mark stop eating. If you are mindful, you might notice the various thoughts going through your mind such as I need to eat more. Take a deep breath and focus on the state of your stomach, then make decision whether you have consumed enough food or can go a bit further. Finally, let go the feeling of guilt once the decision is made. Keep up with the healthy food eating (this is what I have been practising more or less constantly as well) Hope this helps.
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Trevor Trevor
I'm a vegetarian so the egg and turkey wouldn't be part of my diet. but the rest of the days menu, is great. The stew recipe sounds delicious. I don't measure recipes such as that, but simply put in as much of an ingredient as strikes me. It's a great recipe. I'd stir fry some tofu with garlic and would add that. Somebody else might put in ham or beef. I don't think what you describe as a height weight ratio is fat. You exercise and your body needs fuel. You seem to be giving it what it needs and unlike me, you aren't eating a lot of junk.
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Reginold Reginold
You certainly aren't eating too much. Your reaction to eating food is on the eating disorder spectrum. Your diet is woefully limited in its scope. I would highly recommend you get a couple of online books called Diet Recovery and Diet Recovery 2. You can get them on Amazon. The author is Matt Stone. If you really want to learn about metabolism and nutrition, you will learn a lot from these books. Because there's an awful lot of disinformation about nutrition going around, and it's clear from what you write that you've absorbed a lot of it.
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Mead Mead
U don't eat enough and no eating healthy foods and overeating is better than overeating unhealthy foods
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Mead Originally Answered: Whats better eating healthy and sitting on the couch, or eating fast food and being active?
My best guess is the person eating healthy is going to lose weight. Fast food has a LOT of calories and there is no way you are going to burn them all no matter how active you are. Of course, the way we are created is to eat healthy AND be active. Think of the hunter/gatherer days and what we ate and how active we were.

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