How can i lose weight fast and easy?

How can i lose weight fast and easy? Topic: How can i lose weight fast and easy?
January 18, 2020 / By Lon
Question: Im not FAT!! Im 12 yrs old in 7th grade 4"11 and weight like some where near 135 pounds. People say i dont look me weight at all. I no that im not fat but i no that im not skinny. I see all the girls in my grade that weigh 95 pounds and i feel realy fat. I currently take 4 dance clases ballet, tap, jazz and hiphop. Im also in volleyball. I want to be one of those skinny people that look good in baithing suits.I noramally dont have time in the morning 2 eat breakfeast i eat a bagel and like granola bar 4 lunch. When i get home from volleyball i have a sandwitch. I go to dance burn the sandwitch off and then have dinner pasta, meatballs, chicken, soup, salad, etc. Well i wanna be one of those gurls that look good in baithing suits. I am looking foward to loseing weight in my stomach and breasts. I feel my breasts are larger that gurls in my grade. If u have any answers on how i can lose fast weight in my stomach and breast please please give me it anything that you think will help.. Kaitlyn<3
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Best Answers: How can i lose weight fast and easy?

Jason Jason | 2 days ago
Running is definitely the best way to lose weight. Just eat healthy, avoid high calorie foods and only drink water. Working out your abs really helps with slimming down your abdominal area, so do crunches for upper abs and leg raises/bicycles for your lower abs.
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Jason Originally Answered: hi I need a good fast easy and simple way to lose weight fast?
The easiest way and the key to weight loss is to cut the fats and junk food from your diet completely. Eat lean get lean. Also do cardio for an hour 3 times per week to speed up the weight loss. But you must check every food before eating and discard those high in fats. http://www.caloriecountercharts.com/char...

Gabe Gabe
when picking up your kids from school get out of the car and greet them with a hug instead of waiting in the car curbside
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Dene Dene
the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon may dial up your bodys ability to burn fat especially if you add some exercise
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Beavis Beavis
there is no easy or fast way to loose weight. tou want to loose weight get off your butt an work out.
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Zoey Zoey
why dint you drink a lot of water and should look for a place where they serve herablife for dinner its a tea and aloe and a shake you will really loose weight
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Zoey Originally Answered: How can i lose weight fast and easy ?
how about you man up and do it the right way. go hit the gym 4 times a week and the other 3 days go for a 45 min run. if you are fat start slowly so your body gets use to it, do 2 min run 3 min walk for 30 mins and then gradually increase the running. stop eating junk food and go for more organic foods, also instead of putting a whole bunch of food on your plate put a little and cut it up into a lot of pieces that way your tricking your mind to thinking that your eating the same amount of food when really your not. join these guys--> www.reshapethenation.com Chris Powelll will teach you what to eat that is good for you and how to loose weight the easy way and maintain it. once your done with the diet pill you'll gain all that weight back, pills don't work. DIETS DONT WORK. you have to change the way you eat forever if you really want to be healthy and committed to your body

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