How can I gain weight fast?

How can I gain weight fast? Topic: How can I gain weight fast?
June 19, 2019 / By Dandrenor
Question: Okay so i'm 13 turning 14, I can only fit into an A32 cup and me and my best friend want to order RavitaBust It is a all natural pill that stimulates breast growth to make them bigger, she already has nice boobs, but i don't, I probably would If I gained weight, I am 90lbs. and she is 98, and she has a perfect body and she is younger then me! Ive been trying to gain a ton of weight but it isnt working! noww it isnt all about the breast's because I have that covered, but... more about my all around weight. Is there anyway to make me gain weight easier, any diet plans?
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Bonduca Bonduca | 2 days ago
im 14 right niw and im a 32B. and ive beenn trying to gain wait too. im abotu 98 pounds, but my motabolism is exremely fastso whatver i eat burns off really fast and makes it hard to gain wait. you might be the same wway. but seriosuly dont do the pill thing your only 13..yoou still have years to grow..im also really insecure about my boobs. but you just gotta learn to love em.
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Bonduca Originally Answered: Foods to gain weight fast, desperate to gain weight?
You dont want to go just packing on weight, by eating crappy foods, it will have harsh results on your body, especially your heart. If you need to gain weight, you need to build up your muscles, start working out and eat high protein foods!
Bonduca Originally Answered: Foods to gain weight fast, desperate to gain weight?
Eat high-calorie snacks that at least have SOME sort of nutritional value (vitamins, proteins, potassium, etc.) Some examples include bread, pasta, peanut butter, granola bars, cereal, maybe even potato chips (but go for Baked or Organic kinds). If you want to get STRONGER (not just gain weight), of course you should also: 1. get lots of Calcium (hint: milk) 2. lift weights, swim, row, stuff like that I hope this helps

Alanna Alanna
Less activity to slow down your metabolism. You're going to wish one day you didn't have so much weight, but you asked for it, eat ice cream or malt ice cream, daily, and you will surely gain weight. Don't take pills or anything like that, they could be harmful, you're so young you dont need any junk in your body that isn't natural and even if it is, it could damage something in your body like your kidney's or liver, so I suggest you eat your way to gain weight. Also, sour cream, and butter help you gain weight. Good luck and be smart about what goes into your body.
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Trent Trent
eat a lot of fatty food and sit on your *** also i would like a picture of these supposed "big" breasts
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Trent Originally Answered: How to gain weight really fast? Any pills that can make me gain weight?
Good weight gaining combinations are bread, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes combined with meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, nuts or sea food. Peanut butter sandwiches and cheese sandwiches are good combinations. The protein in the above combinations will help to gain extra muscles. If food doesn't work perhaps you could try bodybuilding in the gym.

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