I need to gain weight quickly?

I need to gain weight quickly? Topic: I need to gain weight quickly?
November 23, 2019 / By James
Question: I'm a 22 year old guy, 6ft tall and very skinny. I can't seem to gain weight. What are the best foods for gaining weight quickly?
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Best Answers: I need to gain weight quickly?

Fowke Fowke | 1 day ago
No no no, don't go for McDonald's you will be very sick if you try to put on weight eating only that. Ok, so the calorie intake for men a day is about 2500 calories. So go over that by quite a bit by eating your three meals a day but you could cook using more oils and eat more dairy. For snacks eat lots of nuts and oily fruit and vegetables like avocado and banana. Drink fruit juices because they contain quite a lot of calories. Don't go crisps and soda because you don't want the extra weight to be saturated fat. Good luck
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Fowke Originally Answered: How to gain weight? Quickly?
Don't listen to the bullies!! there are so many people who wish to be skinny like you!!! but.. if you really want to just eat a lot of junk food and no physical activity although i do not reccomend this because is really not healthy for you!!

Daw Daw
it could be in your genes that you arent supposed to weigh much. If you eat a healthy diet, and you are skinny, then thats what you are supposed to be. With age it is likely that your metabolism will slow down, and you will gain weight anyway. thats what happened to me. Enjoy eating what you want without getting fat while you can. there is nothing wrong with it. OR you could eat 2 pints of ice cream a day and do absolutely nothing.
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Baptist Baptist
You need to eat alot of Carbs, Protein and "Good Fats" (Olive Oil, Peanut Butter) Also, try to work on Gaining Muscle Mass, so you'll look bigger- Muscle weighs more than Fat :-)
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Yannic Yannic
High calorie healthy foods like nuts, peanut butter, avacado, cook with oilive oil. Replace water and milk with Ensure and Boost.
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Shayne Shayne
fast food places.mcdonalds burger king wendy's.but try buffets.u can eat as much as u want for less money
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Shayne Originally Answered: How do I gain a lot of weight quickly?
It really depends on your metabolism type. There are three scientific classifications for metabolism. Endomorphism, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. To explain them simply, the endomorph has trouble losing weight, the mesomorph can gain or lose weight at their discretion, and the ectomorph can eat everything in sight and not gain a pound. Assuming your not the endomorph or mesomorph, the ectomorph has to eat complex carbs like starches and red meats, because their metabolic rate is very high. So stick to thing like potatoes and lean red meats like sirloin and take extra protein. And if your trying to gain muscle mass I have found that full body workouts every other day work best. I am an ectomorph as well and put on 25lbs of muscle thanks to this information. Hope this helps.

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