high metabolism kids vs fat kids. your opinions?

high metabolism kids vs fat kids. your opinions? Topic: high metabolism kids vs fat kids. your opinions?
October 14, 2019 / By Moyra
Question: so the government wants to reduce fat and food and says americans need to eat less.. WTF but theres kids with high metabolism who needs to eat alot! i have high metabolism.. stupid fat kids reduced by food supply at school ! URRRRRGGHHH
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Lola Lola | 6 days ago
Even if you have a high metabolism you should eat healthy and if they really reduced it that much just bring your own food
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I don't wish I could trade my kids for anyone else's kids. My kids are very well behaved and have good manors, they are polite....oh well not when they are at home though. I can take my kids anywhere, they know how to act in public, but my goodness get them home and they are little wild animals sometimes LOL. But aren't most kids that way? I have babysat a friend's son a few times and I would never do it again, he's a little terror. I love him dearly, but my goodness he's a terror and you think by 8 yrs old he would understand that being rude isn't acceptable. I love my kids dearly. They are my world. They are both very unique and creative children. I couldn't and wouldn't trade them for the world. But I think that most moms do wish that they could trade their children for someone else's children at least once in their life.

Karrie Karrie
Sorry to hear that, that is unfair. If it makes you feel better there is evidence that eating fewer calories leads to a longer life. Your metabolism will adjust and you will soon not feel as hungry at lunch but feel more hungry after school when you can eat all you want at home. Hopefully they reduced the price of the lunches if they are offering less food though or else that would also be unfair. Anyway welcome to the world of government infringements of your liberties.
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Haven Haven
Lol, what a problem;P, dude relax i have VERY high metabolism, and i mean REALLY high, and in combination with good genes, it litterally took me 1 week to get in good shape(better than average). Anyway americans are scientificly the dumbess nation in the WORLD, when you look at what suplies they have gotten, i mean 50% of all americans dosen't know that the sun is a star xD, like 40% thinks obama is a muslim xD, i mean it is ******* hillarious, anyway it is about time with the fat reducing. But dont worry you americans are so dumb anyway that it is only gonna be VERY small adjustments, cous you dont think 40% overweight people in a nation is much xD, so dont worry at all:D It like most americans dont believe that the "klima" excists xD, i mean cmon xD, same reason you wont sign in with the UN to reduce CO2, and same reason it cannot work because other countries know you wont participate. SAME reason that you are close to bankrupt, you think you are the best, and you think you are almighty, well if you acctually look at the "evil" ideologi called communism, then look at the scandinavien model. Cous how are people in scandinavien doing? Well they are the richests, they have the best health, they live the longest, and it is all for free. They are best educated, it is once again all free. they are scientificly speaking the brightest people in the world, and also the happiest. They might have high taxes at about 50%, but because they are doing so well, even AFTER tax, they have more money than you americans got after tax(ALOT more!, as an example, i found a microwave pizza in norway that costet 100 kr(about 20dollars)(i am danish), but oh it is all free for us. I mean, CMON!! Please! pull yourself together and just ******* look at the rest of the world!! In fact america is as far away as POSSIBLE to be the land of "opportunities", they CANNOT get decent jobs, they cant afford education, if they get sick, it is just bad luck, i mean CMON!! This is just sad!!! ******* pull youself together, look at the rest of the world!! And btw muslims are infact a peacefull people, what you associate with war has 2 meanings. First jihad has the meaning called "holy war", which means that if they are threatend or attack, they must defend themselves. The other jihad, which is the most important, concerns the way of living your life! Living it with respect for other people, and helping others out as much as possible!! You know who acctually started the "war" between muslims and americans? AMERICANS!! With all their imperialism and their "We are the best", there are more than 1 billion muslims, dont you think that they would have attacked america if they really wanted a war?? I mean, howcome american soldiers are in THEIR land, NOT the reverse? Think about it!
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Doreen Doreen
well than obviously that statement doesn't apply to you. not everybody has the same dietary needs. Bring in a lunch
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Doreen Originally Answered: Fiber for kids?
I had to do that for my daughter also! She was about 3. I asked the pharmasist and he said it wouldn't hurt her just to mix a little in her drink or food, and if it seems like she is having too soft of stools to not give as much. It worked well for her. I just used the regular benefiber! I hope this works for you! Good luck!!

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