Is store bought gallon deit green tea healthy?

Is store bought gallon deit green tea healthy? Topic: Is store bought gallon deit green tea healthy?
September 19, 2019 / By Adrie
Question: I bought A gallon of deit green tea and I'm wondering if It's healthy if I just heat it up in the morning to replace my coffee or just by the green tea packets that you just put in hot water.
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Thady Thady | 5 days ago
Green Tea is really healthy for you. The best varieties are Japanese Green Tea like Gyokuro and Sencha. I usually use loose leaf and drink Green Tea 3 times a day with my meals. It is a powerful antioxidant and can provide you with many health benefits. Read about the health benefits here http://japan-australia.blogspot.com/2010...
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Thady Originally Answered: Planting Store-Bought Produce?
Precious little. Potatoes would be okay. But then, you're not growing them from seed. Unless it's a certified organic food, any that have seeds are almost certainly going to be F1 hybrids. The seed will produce an F2 hybrid, which tend to be weak, and often don't even produce fruit. Kind of like horses and donkeys cross breeding to make mules, but mules are sterile, and unable to have babies themselves. Just but a package of heirloom seeds. You can keep the unused seeds and plant them in future years. The cost is extremely small per plant.

Premyslas Premyslas
You lost me on the "diet:" part. Green tea is a healthy high antioxidant beverage. Add sugar to it and you lower the benefit substantially. Diet green tea must contain some sugar supplement which are usually chemical based. I prefer natural sugars. Try adding a shot of fresh orange juice to your tea for flavor and more antioxidants. Isn't it awfully expensive that way? Good luck.
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Malach Malach
No, bottled tea is not healthy. Although freshly brewed tea is quite healthy, bottled tea can be very bad for your health for a number of reasons. The main answer is that it often contains tons of sugar, which is bad for you, and also the antioxidants in it break down, so you get few of the normal health benefits of drinking tea. I have a page explaining more about why this is true: http://ratetea.net/topic/bottled-tea/4/ I recommend buying high-quality loose-leaf tea, if you want to drink tea. The next best approach is buying tea bags. Brewing your own tea gives you access to more of the health benefits of tea. I also have a page about that: http://ratetea.net/topic/health-benefits... I hope you find this helpful!
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Jephtha Jephtha
Always purchase free tea( now not bagged) that is the satisfactory. My selection in "Gunpowder" inexperienced tea( hand rolled leaves). If you are not able to uncover it, purchase any complete leaf inexperienced free( foremost) inexperienced tea.
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Jephtha Originally Answered: Lemonade Diet. store bought lemon juice?
Hi, NO, you must use fresh lemons! The lemon juice has other stuff added. If you want the VERY best results, I would use actual lemons. As far as pointers are concerned, DRINK TONS OF WATER! It makes a big difference. 3 days is ok, but its suggested that you do at least 10 days. You might not see any results in 3 days. You normally start seeing some results after the 4th day. Also, the toxins that are in your body are just beginning to be stirred up around the 3rd day. So you may want to consider going longer. Hope this helps

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