What is a healthy dog food?

What is a healthy dog food? Topic: What is a healthy dog food?
November 23, 2019 / By Hashub
Question: I've heard a lot lately about how terrible normal dog food can be for your pet and I'm worried about what effect it might be having on my dog. Any ideas on what is a healthy dog food? Where can I find legit information on this? PS- He is a 5 year old golden retriever/lab mix that has weight gain problems. Also, any alternatives to brushing a dog's teeth?
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Elhanan Elhanan | 1 day ago
I always recommend Orijen dog food. It's a meat based dog food which is what dogs were meant to eat. It also has a small amount of fruits and vegitables. Another plus is that it is grain free. Dogs don't need grains (although certain grains aren't bad) and a lot of dogs have grain allergies. I feed this to my dog and she loves it. Her coat is very shiney, her breath doesn't stink, and her teeth are pearly white. Occasionaly I give her 95% meat wet food from the brand EVO and Nature's Variety Instinct. These foods are the best available in my opinion. Other decent dry foods are Blue Wilderness, EVO, Taste of the Wild: High Prairie formula, Acana, and Wellness CORE. Stay away from brands sold in grocery stores like Purina, Beneful, Kibbles N Bits, Iams, Pedigree, Alpo, Ol Roy, etc. These cheap foods are full of grains and no meat. Most have corn, wheat, soy, by products, animal digest, and artificial flavors and preservatives and dyes. None of that crap should be in dog food.
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Elhanan Originally Answered: Why is healthy food at fast food restaurants more expensive than regular food?
Because the ingredients in the unhealthy food are so cheap they're actually cheaper than the healthy stuff. In the past fruit & vegetables always used to be cheaper than animal products, but thanks to some modern inhumane intensive farming methods and new methods of carcass processing (for example "mechanically recovered/separated meat" etc) its very cheap to get a bit of animal on your plate these days. What part of that animal though is another question (its not even technically meat most of the time), but when its all processed into a nice nondescript paste which is then cooked up in a shape with some flavourings & additives etc people don't seem to really care! But yeah. I know farming, i know food factory work. I've lived/worked in both and i've done a lot of research on these matters too, and long story short my advice is: Save your pennies up for the better quality healthier food and avoid such processed foods (chicken nuggets, cheap sausage meat, burgers etc) like the plague! You'll be doing your health a big favour- its not just gross & fattening a lot of what they put in junk/fast food, there are major concerns over the long term health implications over a lot of the other things they add to food.

Cedric Cedric
Good High Quality Dog Foods Innova Evo Wellness CORE Orijen Canidae All Life Stages Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lovers Soul Taste of The Wild Merrick
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Allystair Allystair
So called "normal" dog food is NOT good for your dog. Here is a great link for you! http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ We read a lot about this when our 14 yr. old yorkie was diagnosed with Renal Failure. We have since added a new puppy to our home and his diet consists of fresh foods (cooked, and only rarely) like chicken rice eggs, and Blue Buffalo or Wellness.These are both a bit more expensive however we know he will be healthy for a long time. The main thing is these companies use human grade ingredients.
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Terrie Terrie
''legit information'' on dog food? Hardly any the scientific studies are available for free online. Mostly what is available is what somebody selling dog food has chosen to pay to make available. While Nestle, P&G, and Mars can afford TV commercials and slick magazine ads, the smaller companies set up what looks like informative sites filled with ''facts'' favorable to their brand. I have dug and dug and never found any evidence that there is anything wrong with the common brands. My dogs have always done very well on them. Likely very few people see as many dogs as I do that I know are eating Iams or Pro Plan. They look great. If dogs do so much better on Orijen, why do I never run into one that is noticeably better looking than the dogs I am feeding Pro Plan? Go to www.dogfoodanalysis.com Try to find any evidence the ingredients they like are better for dogs. Yes, they do sound better. Now, about the nutrients available to the dogs?
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Rosalin Rosalin
I use Blue dog food. It is much better then the well known brand name foods. It does not include as much junk in it but more things like real chicken and whole grains. You can find it at most pet stores in your area. Also for teeth brushing, I've heard that denta sticks work well to clean their teeth. Hope I helped :)
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Rosalin Originally Answered: how much food is healthy for me i have high metabolism my friends think i am anorexic i eat tons of food?
Eat healthful foods (and occasional treats) when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eating tons of junk is unhealthy for everyone, regardless of your weight.

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