How much will I lose on this low-carb diet in 16 days?

How much will I lose on this low-carb diet in 16 days? Topic: How much will I lose on this low-carb diet in 16 days?
November 17, 2019 / By Elger
Question: Hi I'm a 5'7'' 160 ish lb 23 year old male....basically I have followed the below plan the past two days and will continue to for the next two weeks. How much around will I lose? (16 days total) Also I know it is not the healthiest and about starvation mode, losing muscle, etc. I just need to get to a lower number in 2 weeks. Breakfast- 1 cup Egg WHITES (135 calories) Lunch- 1 can of tuna in water (140 calories) Dinner: salad with 2 grilled chicken breasts AND (6 lettuce leaves, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 cup mushrooms, 3 hard boiled egg whites and low-fat blue cheese dressing measured Exercise: 8 miles jogging/walking combination outdoors will vote for best answer
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Cecil Cecil | 1 day ago
7.86lbs...(exercise expenditure and BMR shortage...not taking into account water/food/waste fluctuations). Sports weigh-in? In a bind, go with diuretic food and lose heavy water weight. Diuretics are tea (anything with caffeine like coffee or sodas), cranberry juice, and food like cucumbers, watermelons, fresh tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, beets, carrots, lettuce, raw onions, oats, melon, celery, parsley and any veggie from the cabbage family...cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kale, collard greens, mustard , radish, horseradish, and 25 others... At your weight, you’d burn 90 calories per mile walking/jogging, using walking as a warm up, a cool down and to go back down in your THR zone, if you’re going too fast. You want to stay in the Aerobic Zone, not get up in the Anaerobic Threshold Zone where fat burning shuts down and then you deplete your blood sugar pretty fast (oh, I forgot, you don’t eat carbs!). 16 days x 8 miles = 128 miles x 90 calories = 11,520 calories expenditure divided by 3,500 (each pound of body fat is 3,500 calories of exercising) = 3.29lbs. So you should lose about 3 pounds of body fat with exercising but you’d have a hard time working out for 2 hours while eating under your BMR (1,760 calories...male, 23yo, 5’7 and 160lbs), especially if it’s a low-carbs diet. Carbs are what you need to get a high blood sugar level, to get enough energy to exercise easily and efficiently. Your body will tire easily if it has to use protein for energy because you don’t eat enough carbs. Your body likes to use carbs for exercising, and then uses a percentage of fat reserves after about 20 minutes at low intensity fat burning aerobics. Using protein is the last resort when carbs are not available but somewhat taxing so your workout is neither as easy nor as efficient. What’s up with all the protein? You’re not doing weight training and trying to build up muscle mass...Eating a dozen egg whites, tuna and chicken = not enough carbs and not enough good fats (for your organs, including your brain, spine and skin). Men need 2tbsp of olive oil a day, using the extra virgin one for salad dressings and the extra light olive oil for cooking (same calories content but lighter in color and refined to withstand high temperatures). “Low-fat blue cheese dressing”? Have a healthy vinaigrette instead (never pass up a chance to use olive oil). I like blue cheese, but not the low-fat kind. I’m French so still in the process of tasting the hundreds different kinds of cheeses and none of those are “low-fat” kinds. Then your BMR is 1,760 calories but you only eat like 760 = 1,000/day x 16 days = 16,000 divided by 3,500 = another 4.57lbs weight loss. You won’t eat hit the starvation mode in 16 days. You would have to fast and only drink water to achieve that. But you’d hit the starvation mode in a couple of months if you eat under your BMR and then get a lower adjusted BMR. You won’t lose muscle mass if you’re working out. Muscle mass is a “use it or lose it” system as well as a “you need more, you’ll get more” system (like when doing weight training). People lose muscle mass, not because they don’t eat enough, but because they don’t have the energy to keep exercising so they stop using their muscle mass so their body recycle it to save them the trouble of having to eat more to maintain it (muscle mass is high maintenance...35 to 50 calories a day to maintain it). You’re a young male, so you have that amazing ability (because you’re young and you have male hormones) to build up a lot of muscle mass and make your body a fat burning mean machine on a 24/7 basis. Why would you spend hours doing aerobics and not doing weight training? Of course, if you need a “lower number in 2 weeks” for some reason, don’t go and gain 2 pounds of muscle mass. Each pound of added muscle mass needs 35/50 (women/men) calories a day to maintain (not even counting the calories for the exercise). It’s 12 to 18 thousand calories a year…it’s 3 to 5 pounds of body fat a year that you would either lose or at least not gain (if you eat too much). And that is just for one pound of extra added muscle mass. A fit and healthy guy (a young adult, and weighing like 140lbs) can gain 5 pounds of mmm (muscle mass a month), using gym weight machines and getting some “look at my strong biceps now” muscles (with the right diet...lots of carbs...lots of protein). After 3 months and weighing 155lbs, that guy will need to eat about 750 calories more just to maintain his extra 15 pounds of muscle mass. Let’s say you’re 160lbs and want to lose some body fat. You could hit the gym, gain 15lbs of muscle mass in 3 months...or 3lbs of mmm in 5 months (getting to 175lbs) and rev up your metabolism by 750 calories multiplied by 365 days = 273,750 more calories a year divided by 3,500 = 78 pounds of body fat loss/year so you would still have to eat more to feed your fat burning mean machine of a body!
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Cecil Originally Answered: Should I drink grapefruit juice that has sugar in it on the slow carb diet cheat days?
I suggest that you find a diet that is based on long-term results rather than short-term success. Permanent weight loss requires a permanent change in food choices. Refined sugars and oils and excess animal proteins are unnecessary and in fact harmful to human health. I tried diets with cheat days and over a period of time I actually gained weight as I grew more ravenous for calories. This is due to a complex body mechanism that involves leptin. There is more snake oil being sold today as "diets" than ever in the past. If you want to make a quick buck, sell a pill or a diet program that you claim will allow people to lose weight without ever changing their food choices. I permanently lost 90 pounds by eating a "whole plant based diet." I never felt hungry or deprived. Telling any kind of addict that he/she can cheat one day a week is guaranteed to fail in the long-term.

Allysdare Allysdare
Walk your lunch outside or to another location in the office instead of sitting and eating pictures desk.
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Terri Terri
Drink juice with pulp – the fibre in the bits of fruit is processed well so you feel satiated intended for longer.
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Rosaleen Rosaleen
Sip calorie-free mineral water, seltzer, or green tea with all your meal instead of soda, sweetened hot tea, or juice.
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Mora Mora
take every opportunity to move around even in small ways studies show fidgety people tend to be skinnier
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Mora Originally Answered: I want to lose 20 pounds in 19 days is that possible? What diet plan should I follow?
To lose weight successfully,you should know: Low Fat Foods DON'T WORK......... You cannot lose weight using Low Fat Diets. Low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but yet our society is getting more overweight as each year passes. This fact alone should tell you that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight. Low Calorie Diets DON'T WORK........ You won't lose weight using a Low Calorie Dieting Plan either. In fact, eating low calories is the worst thing that you can do to your body, since that will only slow down your body's fat burning engine and ruin all chances of losing weight (low calorie diets may allow a few pounds of weight loss for the first few days, but then after that all weight loss comes to a halt --- known as a dieting plateau). You can never get slim by starving yourself. Low Carb Plans DON'T WORK....... You'll probably find it extremely difficult to get slim using a Low Carb Dieting Plan. Low carb diets have recently become popular over the last couple years, but the problem with low carb menus is that they are too strict and TOO HARD TO FOLLOW for average people. Low carb menus tend to rob your body of too much energy (carbohydrates) and make it nearly impossible to remain on the program for very long. This is why so many dieters find it difficult to follow a strict low carbohydrate menu. In fact,the food that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT!!! GO to the source below,, http://www.yesloseweight.com It will tell you the whole secret of weight loss and tell you how to lose weight by eating Chicken,Fish Filet,Cottage Cheese,sandwich and so on.You can find weight loss is so easy and so happy!!!!!

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