Get rid of stomach fat.?

Get rid of stomach fat.? Topic: Get rid of stomach fat.?
September 19, 2019 / By Derek
Question: I'm pretty thin but I feel like I have a really fat stomach,what's the fastest way to cut down on stomach fat? No dieting just exercising .
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Benji Benji | 6 days ago
The best way to get rid of stomach fat is to reduce your total body fat. If you try to spot reduce by doing "ab" exercises only, you will just develop the muscles underneath your fat which will make your stomach actually bulge out further. Usually the greatest majority of any fat loss will be a clean diet of real foods, cutting out refined, processed foods and cutting sugar intake. I know you said no dieting, but maybe you could just clean up your diet and choose better, more wholesome foods.(Most experts do say that 80% of your results will come from your diet) That being said, the most effective exercises for fat loss will be full body strength training combined with cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). By full body exercises I mean exercises that work your major muscle groups and require stabilization by your core as opposed to isolation exercises that work only one muscle. An example of a full body exercise would be deadlifts or free standing barbell squats (you use your back and core for stabilization and as such burn a lot more calories). An example of an isolation exercise would be bicep curls. Another note: I said combined, but I would not combine them in the same session. In other words, I would do strength or resistance training one day and cardio/HIIT the next or later that day to avoid sending mixed signals to your body about whether to go into an anabolic or catabolic state. A lot also depends on your age. I had to do a lot less exercise to knock out the fat when I was younger than today. I also have to be much more careful with my diet now. Anyway, best of luck to you. To Your Health and Fitness, Mike Edminster
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Benji Originally Answered: Detox my stomach and get a flat stomach?
The key to getting a flat stomach is to get ride of the fat that is covering your abs. Detox may help if the reason you have too much body fat is because your body has been exposed to too many toxin that your liver has become overwhelmed. In which case your body will store the toxins in fat to protect itself until your liver has time to process the toxins. This however is unlikely the case. The best way to get ride of the body fat is to eat a low fat balanced diet divided into 5 or 6 small meals a day and to exercise at least twice a week using weights and another three times a week doing cardio. There are many programs you can use to meet your goal. My favorite is Body for Life. You should also check out bodybuilding.com for alot of information. Don't worry the site isn't just for bodybuilders but has a lot of great information about nutrition and exercise. Hope that helps and good luck.
Benji Originally Answered: Detox my stomach and get a flat stomach?
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Abe Abe
It's more about the diet than the exercise. Mike had a good answer. You don't get rid of fat in whatever area you want to, you lower your body fat percentage. And the areas that have the most fat will show more significant changes as your bfp lowers. Any full body exercise is good, not just weightlifting. It could be dancing, boxing or kickboxing, swimming, walking, jogging, etc. The important thing when exercising to burn fat is that you keep moving, and of course that you move safely. Keep good posture at all times.
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Shona Shona
You can stop fat from accumulating around the abdomen by eliminating or strictly limiting refined processed carbohydrates. Replace these foods with nutritious 'fat burning' foods.
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Shona Originally Answered: Why is it that only my stomach gets fat?
Hi I'm a personal trainer so here's the answer why... If you are consuming more calories than you are burning then your body converts the extra into fat. In guys fat is first deposited on the belly (in girls it's first deposited on the thighs and butt) - the reason for this is human biology, put simply your body stores fat as far away from the vital organs in the body as possible (ie away from the heart, lungs etc - the reason it goes onto girls' thighs first is because the body needs to keep it away from the ovaries and uterus etc). If you keep getting fatter then you will find that other parts of your body start fattening up because your body deposits fat in a particular order... Anyway that answers your first question. Reading some of the other posts about getting rid off fat from your stomach by doing sit ups etc that's rubbish (sorry people...) The reason for this is you can't do 'spot reduction' as we trainers call it - in short you can't get rid of fat in a particular place on your body by excersisng that spot. To get rid of your belly you have to be in a state of calorie defecit - you can do this through excersicing more or changing your diet and you will then find that the fat disappears in the reverse order to which it was laid down (ie your belly is the first to get fatter and the last to loose it... :( ) As for not being able to excersice because you aren't a member of a gym that doesn't matter - running, cycling, walking etc are all free - you just need to work more cardio style/ weights etc into your normal daily outine - ie: take the stairs not the lift, walk to the shops, don't drive etc etc - there are so many things you can do hope that answers your question matt

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