My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant today (Paxil) that makes you gain weight, if I don't eat will I?

My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant today (Paxil) that makes you gain weight, if I don't eat will I? Topic: My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant today (Paxil) that makes you gain weight, if I don't eat will I?
June 18, 2019 / By Adrianne
Question: I never told her I suffered from bulimia in the past, and she didn't tell me that the side effects of this medication includes extreme weight gain. I was wondering if I just didn't eat or ate less, lets say fewer than 500 calories a day would I still gain weight? All the websites and stories of people who have been on this never explain what triggers the weight gain, they just say you do. Don't tell me to eat, that's not the advice I asked for. If you don't have an answer to what triggers weight gain from this medicine (ex. it makes you more hungry, it slows your metabolism...etc) then "don't be an idiot" and answer the question.
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Best Answers: My doctor prescribed me an antidepressant today (Paxil) that makes you gain weight, if I don't eat will I?

Thadeus Thadeus | 4 days ago
I've taken Paxil. I didn't experience extreme weight gain. I think the weight gain comes from not being depressed and you start doing things and going places that you didn't do before. Things like going to the movies and eating popcorn and having soda. Going out to eat with friends. I did gain about 10 lbs. but, I changed my eating habits. I ate a big breakfast, a smaller lunch and a tiny dinner. I also made sure to walk more and did a little bit of exercise almost everyday.
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Thadeus Originally Answered: doctor prescribed 800-1000 calorie diet?
800 calories? Are they out of their freaking mind!? You definitely need more food than that, you're going to starve yourself! It's fine if you're overweight, and it's great that you are very active..but if you really burn that much a day you won't have any energy left if you eat only 800 calories a day. The answer is to eat normally, ESPECIALLY since you are already eating healthy enough. Eat what you want, but I need to know one thing. How long have you been working out, eating healthy? When exactly was your gall bladder taken out>? This should definitely take time. Are you at least feeling the burn when weight training--feeling sore after the first day? If you are, then your body is responding. If not, then I'd say you're used to the weight and walking. And what do you mean by eating raw? Like raw food? Sorry if my answer didn't help since I haven't been prescribed by this "diet" D: But that is just wack. An 800 calories diet isn't the way to go, no matter what your doctor says. Think about it. That's insanely unhealthy! Talk to him/her about it. Even if you were told by two different doctors. It's illogical enough to disbelieve. I think you should stick with your current lifestyle--it's very healthy as it is! Don't worry if your body isn't so responsive yet--you will definitely see change if you keep it up! :)

Premislas Premislas
Hi taking Paxil its not very good for your health, there are other medicines which you can try, and people are prescribing that drug and it's not pretty nice. I have taken paxil and zoloft for 1 month, and i felt really bad, i stopped taking it because i got an email saying it was not legal, and that i could get compensated, so i got some money and stop taking them, they gave me some other type of drug, which its working for me. If you are interested i can give you more info from who i contact and where i went online to request a compensation and get some other medicine, if you want. my email is [email protected] Have a nice day
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Major Major
Drug companies make billions of dollars in profits & people who take Paxil want to stop but can't. I recommend you use chocalate. I drink an chocolate low carb drink every morning. I sometimes exericise but not to an extreme & that helps. I also do a lot to learn how to look at life differently. There is so much you can do naturally. So I suggest you try it naturally first.
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Jep Jep
Your brain alone needs at least 500 calories a day to function properly. Don't be an idiot, health is far more important than superficial looks
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Geoffrey Geoffrey
You really need to eat normally. Just exercise more if you don't want to gain weight and don't eat a ton of unhealthy things.
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Geoffrey Originally Answered: My doctor prescribed me an iron supplement for anemia.?
Standard iron supplements such as ferrous sulphate (FeSO4) need to bind elemental iron to something else to make it easier for you to absorb. 300 mg of FeSO4 gives about 60-80 mg of elemental iron. Your body can only absorb so much. Have you had your ferritin (storage iron) or TIBC (total iron binding capacity) checked as well? A Hg of 9.6 is low...the normal range is 13-16 or so. The CAUSE of your iron deficiency needs to be identified...it is either excess blood loss (in women, heavy periods can be the cause) or your marrow isn't making enough. Follow your doctors advice. You may also want to look at your diet. Natural sources of iron are red meat and leafy green vegetables. Another answer implied that doctors get "no training in nutrition" which is false. We do get some along with everything else we study, but I will concede that most of us were kind of bored in nutrition classes...it wasn't why we went to medical school. A certified nutritionist has much better training..in nutrition only...than us MD's, and obviously is interested in it. I routinely refer people to nutritionists for this reason once I have identified a dietary/nutritional problem. A nutritionist would need to work with your doctor.

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