How to Gain Weight (for a ferret)?

How to Gain Weight (for a ferret)? Topic: How to Gain Weight (for a ferret)?
September 20, 2019 / By Daisy
Question: Ok, I have two ferrets. One is chunky, but weighs what she;s supposed to, but the other is SOO skinny. How do I make her gain weight without both of them putting on the pounds (or ounces I guess)? they are both female. And Ferret (yes that is her name and she has always been skinny) but the other one does eat a lot! We have to food bowls, but she still is very skinny. And they dont like treats. So anything thats isnt something like that I will be very willing to try! thanks =]
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Bithiah Bithiah | 9 days ago
Your second ferret might not be supposed to be chunky. Did you ever hear of what is called a WHIPPET type ferret? I have four ferrets now, but my first two were females, Vicky and Socks. They are both not very large, weigh almost the exact same but Socks looks downright anorexic compared to Vicky. Socks is a whippet. She's long and skinny, with a long pointy face and delicate limbs while Vicky is a bit stouter with a rounder face and a shorter body and short stubby legs. Both of them weigh around 1 1/2 pounds (+ - depending on season). So, as long as your ferret is healthy don't worry about putting weight on it. Have you had them both at the vets for their shots? He can tell you if your ferret is within normal range when you're there. PS: Too cool, I have a ferret named Ferret too, but he's a he and his last name is Bueller(he had the name when I adopted him from the Human Society). Is yours Ferret Fawcett?
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Bithiah Originally Answered: Rapid ferret weight loss?
Take them to the Vet. It has nothing to do with you eating while watching TV. Just a little confused by the other answer.

Aimey Aimey
I have four of my own ferrte and right now two rescues. my Male ferrets weigh 3 pounds each. my girls are tiny and barley weigh over a pound. The rescues i have the boy is 2 1/2 pounds and the girl is 2 pounds. So ferrets come in all shapes and sizes. If you have seen her eat and had her to the vet. She poops and pees and is energetic. Then it probebly is not a problem and i wouldn't worry to much, though i know this is easier said than done. Do your Ferrets get some kind of 'Duck soup'? If so you could add about a teaspoon of heavy whipping cream to it. or even just let her have a teaspoon a day or heavy whipping cream. Only give it to her. I am not talking about whip cream like you put on a desert. Ypu get it in the store where the milk is and it will say heavy whipping cream. PLease do not give them whip cream as there is far too much sugar in that. If they are not getting 'soup' regularly maybe you should think about working on getting them on one. They may not need it now but if one gets sick and won't eat it may be very helpful. I have a rescue right now that will not eat so i am having to feed him 'Duck soup' with a syringe. It would be harder if He did not like 'soup' 'Duck soup' dosen't really have Duck in it and can be very easy or very complicated. It depends on you time and dedication to your ferrets. There are people who make a soup from scratch but boiling down a chicken or turkey. There is also a couple "duck soups' you can buy. I go between. I use beechnut sage 1 chicken or turkey baby food. I mix it with some ferretvite or furrovite and some heavy whipping cream and a bit of oliv oil. I only give it to my carpet sharks about once a week or so. Just my two cents
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Tommy Tommy
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Raymund Raymund
Do you have your ferrets for yearly exams? What does your vet say about your ferrets weight? This could be normal for her. Just as there are small, medium, and large people...the same applies for ferrets. My only advice is, instead of trying to get the ferret to gain weight find out what is CAUSING the ferret to be so thin in the first place! ;) Its quite possible that your ferret is sick.
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Mathias Mathias
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Jiphtah Jiphtah
Give the skinny one lots of treats, and the fat little to no treats. But still keep them on a balanced diet.
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Gord Gord
i had this same problem with my 2 brother ferrs, at feeding time i separated skinny and gave him wellbeloved ferret mix with olive oil on it, and raw minced chicken. if you can get chicks to feed him, eggs and anyythin with a lot of protein really is best, and let him eat as much as he will each sitting.
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Dud Dud
separate them while feeding more then likely the chunkier one is hogging most of the food ferret put on weight quickly you'll notice a deference within a week or so of this you my also feed then nutra cal a high cal. supplement , raisins and some can kitten food too
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Dud Originally Answered: Ferret Weight Loss during seasonal shed?
Ferrets lose weight during their summer shed, but they should be gaining weight now. Since he's 2, hes already lost his baby weight... he's an adult now. I'm not sure why he's losing weight if hes behaving normally. To get a little weight on him, throw about a tablespoon of heavy (whipping) cream into your soup mix. Ferrets are lactose intolerant, but heavy cream seems to do okay with them because its so high in fat. You could also give him a tablespoon of it a day on its own - but no more or he'll give it back to you! Ick. This will pick his weight up and improve his coat. Also, be careful with using a whole egg - egg whites can eventually cause a disorder of sorts that results in hair loss that resembles adrenal. Cut back on the amount of whites you're giving. The shell is also good for them! Calcium. Just grind it up and throw it in. As far as the rat tail, try washing it with acne pads for sensitive skin. Scrub his tail from base to tip really well - sing happy birthday while you do it, so you scrub long enough. Make sure to get all the way to the skin. Rinse well with cool (for them) water. That should help. Is he orange all over? From nose to tail? Or is it just his tail/hind end thats orange? The oil on the ferret's skin usually results in a yellow color... orange is usually caused by ear mites.... EDIT: Yay! An owner who knows their stuff. That makes me so happy! I'm not sure what else to offer, since hes acting normal. Just add a lil more fat to his diet and see if that helps. Good luck!

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