What are the best quickest ways to lose weight. ?

What are the best quickest ways to lose weight. ? Topic: What are the best quickest ways to lose weight. ?
November 13, 2019 / By Vena
Question: I know I sound desperate bt I need to lose weight quickly. I just cnt loose my bf and everything was great until Ive punt on weight. Help please I really cnt afford to lose him nw !!!
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Best Answers: What are the best quickest ways to lose weight. ?

Seona Seona | 6 days ago
I’ve never ever been able to control my excessive fat and keeping it under control. I’ve long been yo-yo dieting for years now - as a result of stress, my feelings and all types of setbacks in my entire life. Undesirable break ups would certainly equal excess weight on my body, losing my employment contributed to gaining weight - it seemed that ice cream and as well , french fries were really the only things that helped me feel great. I looked to foodstuff to get comfort, when I became stressed, anxious, dissatisfied, turned down or even bored. There were situations in which I would lose weight, and keep it off for only a little bit. I looked wonderful, though the outcome was certainly not permanent. I am so aggrieved with my appearance, and believed I would not ever find balance in my weight. When my own cousin told me about a amazing weight loss regime, I knew I had nothing to lose and went for it. Most definitely I'll say that I am suspicious surrounding weightloss program however the deal featured a refund policy, which inturn provided the opportunity to try this while not fear about losing my money. It had been a product I had never tried out, and I was by the end of my rope. It had a number of ways of assisting its’ clients, and seemed completely new in comparison to all else I’d tried I knew. I was actually becoming successful in my weight loss quest after i had lost 30 pounds in a month - I was nearly at my ultimate target weight. I’ve never before been happier. If you're interested about the program and want additional info, don't hesitate to browse at http://www.weightlossinfo.tk/best/22-713
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Seona Originally Answered: Quickest way to lose weight?
lots of water and water only!!!, lots of veggies, no sweets!!! period, eat dry meat such as turkey breast and fish. walk for 1 hour every day. do anything that makes you sweat. instead of 2 or 3 big meals a day, eat 4 or 5 small meals to boost your metabolism, take fish and krill oil vitamins

Olive Olive
wrap up any extra food you ve cooked before you sit down to a meal so you re not tempted to get seconds
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Madlyn Madlyn
a pedometer can help keep track of your steps if you re not getting 10 000 steps a day you re not moving enough
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Keren Keren
if you have a seperate room keep small useful exercise equipment use those equipment while reading and listening songs
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Jacinda Jacinda
At a restaurant split your meal and eat only half meal and take the rest home if the quality is more
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Jacinda Originally Answered: What would be the quickest way to lose weight?!?!?
I am not an expert or a medical person but this is my advice. You should always check with a doctor, especially if you have conditions or are on any medication. Tips: -Drink around 8 glasses of water (it will help you feel full and flush out toxins and stuff) -If you don't like plain water, try sparkling or seltzer water or add a tiny splash of lemon juice or orange juice -Limit salt in foods you eat or put on foods and eat less sugar unless you need it for medical reasons -Start taking short walks and increase every few days if you feel like you can (maybe 15-20 minutes a day) -Eat as much fruit and vegetables as wanted -Don't skip meals and go grocery shopping when hungry -Try not to eat lots of food with high fructose corn syrup -Don't drink soda -If you live alone, don't keep junk food in the house -Try to only weigh yourself once a week and 1st thing in the morning -Make smaller portions so you don't overeat and if you still feel hungry, wait 15-20 minutes because sometimes it takes a while to feel full -If you have a craving, wait 15 minutes and drink water. If you still have it, have a small amount of it Ideas for breakfast (eat in the morning-don't skip): 1. A bowl of oatmeal with berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc.) and a piece of whole grain toast 2. Scrambled eggs with skim milk and low fat cheese if wanted (2-3 maybe) 3. Hard Boiled Eggs (2-3 maybe) 4. A fruit smoothie and yogurt or toast 5. Yogurt (1 of my favorite brands is Stony Field) and fruit (any type is good-apple, banana, grapefruit, etc.) 6. Cut up Grapefruit and a low-fat muffin 7. Half a bagel with peanut butter spread on it (the protein in the peanut butter is good for you) If you are still hungry, try adding a piece of fruit) 8. A bowl of healthy, not sugary cereal with skim milk 9. Drink skim milk, orange juice, or apple juice with your breakfast Eat snack 2-3 hours after breakfast if hungry and 2-3 hours after lunch if hungry. Lunches: 1. Grilled chicken salad with lettuce, spinach, tomato, carrots, broccoli, chickpeas, or whatever vegetables you have or want in it (Limit salad dressing, use something like a small amount of olive oil, lemon juice, or vinaigrette) 2. Try wrapping a sandwich in lettuce instead of bread 3. A sandwich-pack with vegetables like lettuce, tomato, spinach If you want bread, try whole grain For the meat, use chicken or low-fat turkey 4. Buy low sodium soup from the grocery store and take fruit, carrots, and maybe a few whole grain crackers with it 5. Tuna salad is healthy to eat for lunch If you like chips, pretzels or popcorn is a nice substitute 6. Take whole grain pasta or spinach pasta and mix vegetables in it and put a dressing like vinaigrette on it 7. Half a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread and fruit or vegetables, pretzels, or popcorn 8. Hard boiled eggs are also good for lunch and dinner 9. Buy pita bread and stuff it with turkey and cheese or chicken and vegetables 10. Try taking a Boca Burger (vegetarian version of a hamburger) or Boca Spicy Chicken and cut it up and add to a salad or wrap it in lettuce to make a sandwich 11. Low sodium Tomato Soup and half of a grilled cheese sandwich is healthy (use cheese made from skim milk) and pair it with fruit or vegetables 12. Chill made from ground up turkey instead of beef is healthy since it has so many vegetables in it 13. Yogurt, fruit, and mixed nuts (almonds and walnuts are very healthy) 14. Drink lots of water Healthy Snacks: 1. A handful of pretzels 2. A handful of popcorn (no butter) 3. A handful of mixed nuts (walnuts and almonds I think are the healthiest) 4. Fruit Smoothie 5. Cup of yogurt 6. Half a piece of whole grain toast 7. Edamame Soybeans (sometimes just called soybeans) in the pod or out of it are very healthy and high in protein 8. A mini chocolate bar if you have a sweet tooth or craving 9. Fruit and Vegetables 10. Cut up apple with a spoonful of peanut butter 11. Carrots and low fat ranch dip 12. A handful of trail mix or make your own (raisons, almonds, m and m's, peanuts, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whatever you like add) 13. A handful of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds 14. Box of raisins 15. Find healthy hummus or guacamole at the store that don't contain tons of ingredients and preservatives and dip baked chips, pita bread, pretzels, etc. in it 16. A handful of baked chips and salsa is healthy 17. Cottage cheese 18. Nature Valley Granola Bars 19. Melt chocolate chips and dip a banana in it and freeze it 20. Fruit cups with natural syrup 21. Applesauce 22. Frozen grapes 23. Rice cakes Dinner: 1. A half of cup of brown rice with steamed vegetables and grilled or boiled chicken 2. Brown rice with 2-4 slices of turkey with vegetables 3. Chili and a small piece of cornbread 4. Try taking a Boca Burger (vegetarian version of a hamburger) or Boca Spicy Chicken and cut it up and add to a salad or wrap it in lettuce to make a sandwich

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